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GLBasic - en / Re: Android - has anyone tried yet?
« on: Today at 11:59 am »
Don't worry about the double media path at all and should not call it anyway. will just skip and have nothing to do at all. It's best practical to use Media, not media. The recursive copy should not been happens anyway.

But as Google play does support multiple apk in same app, I'm will checking if the old Android sdk is still possible to use for platforms 22 and below and then use Android studio for platforms 23 and above. That would been very great!

Im do have reinstalled 3.4.1 in this morning, complete fresh install, so im will recheck again, but still first  checking think later this week. Sometimes its just best that way  ;).

But its does seen Android 6.0 has about 60%+ of Google Play users while Android 5.0+ has about just more than 80% of users. just to info, so if Gernot could fix the file acces issue with Android 5, that would been cool, but im wont do the mill again until then.

We do need to  do a very different grandle strategy so we safely can update in the future (there is about 5 configuration files). but its not important right now.

First at all: Sorry to all (include Gernot), if im have been aggreisve or frustated!

Even im finally uninstalled AS under by rage and frustation, im will try again after some days with a very fresh install. So dont worry.

But first at all im wlll NOT recommened to use Android Studio 3.5 as Google have choosen not to write how to update the grandle files as they would been totally broken and no longer work (why those hard coded version numbers, diddent make sense if they can breaks). But im do seen AS 3.4 does works nicely with the newest SDK, so you would still could release on Google Play at least. This is the  matter anyway.

Here is the place you can manually download Android Studio Version 3.4 (or version 3.4.1):

IM will NO LONGER support Android Version 5 and down:
Android Studio have broken it, that it and im fighted too long time on it, and Android 5 is now really old now. So im will no longer support it (only if Gernot can fix the file access issues). Im will require API 23 or higher (as im did do seen that version worked fine).

What about API 22 and down?
We could actuelly just include the current version we did for Android SDK really. Im do not sure its still allowered and how multiple apks works. No idea actuelly.

Why did im delete threads?
im should not do that, so sorry, was just by frustation (was my own throught). Im do have those issues in mind and will update in the weeked or next week. Dont worry. its was nowhere the jpg issue, which is not present on Android 6+ anyway as well the other issue was also not present too. Im do thinks im did send those to Gernot, so he might have implmeented and updated it. so im have still have the files.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android - has anyone tried yet?
« on: Yesterday at 08:20 pm »
I'm Uninstalled it, but I'm do try again Saturday or Sunday with a complete fresh install and try to get greedy mouse running. But im is totally done with andoid 5. I'm do now only help with api 23 and over. Rest is too old.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android - has anyone tried yet?
« on: Yesterday at 11:34 am »
Android is just so much strange as hell and confucsion some time. Currectly im have absolute no idea what its up and down with android 5 at all why its suddently happens. No files seens read & write to the folder at all.

This even im routed it to a external directory where im actuelly can see the images got copied over to it as its should on the Android 7 device.

So not sure what happens with Android 5 and might have something combatible breaks with AS throught me thinks.

Me thinks its more a Android Studio bug and google some how have broke combatible, but Android 5 is also quite old as well anyway. So im might even leave Android 5 and require Glbasic projects to use a least api 23 (Android 6), as your game works nice on Android 6.

PS. DONT update to AS 3.5 as this version is incombatible with glbasic steam Android projects (hopefully fixing later).

GLBasic - en / Re: Android - has anyone tried yet?
« on: Yesterday at 09:53 am »
There is nothing issue with the jpg as png image load also bork out too! So there must been something with the file system to do why the assets loading not working on Android 5...... So while png diddent crash due that, then jpg do.

Not sure its the case as the game loads very fine with all assets files on a Android 9 phone (api 28), on a Android 7 tablet (api 24), but not on the Android 5.0.1 phone with api 21 (app runs still runs).

About the assest loadaing fail im cannot do anything more, hopefully Gernot have a clue. As least you do might can do a gracefull quit.

Also im have do a better ImageLoadJPG code, so its does now checks jpg and JPG extension when LoadImageJPG is invoked, so its dont breaks combatible (im do should have do a ifdef ANDROID throught).

Like like im cannot fix it at all :-( and im so much hate Android Studio as connection with emulators is so unstable like hell (xCode in this case was so much much better). So im dropped them and only have tested on the phone.

Anyway im could get the assest files to loads as intended as seen in logcat, but even they are loaded, they are still not shown at all. Here im cant do anything more with it currectly as im is not sure what its happens.

dont change the java file with size/copy, howover how should the game title look like?

until im got it fixed, you can just after this function:

bool OPENGL_IMAGE::LoadImageJPG(const char *szFileName)

just do a return false right after the function. then any load reference will not use jpg loader.

Hopefully im can get its to gracefull return its correctly and just dont try to read the file if its not a jpg.

yes, but dont worry about those jpg references. They only used when loading them. im not sure why its happens. Hopefully fixing it later (etc taking a look into that function).

you just dont need to checkassets manually anymore, so remove them from LOADSPRITEz as glbasic calls them automatic by any file access. This was fixed since im got the source code as im integrated that in some glbasic commands. Same with screen orientation.

Im do mean im just checkling you have the permission of not. Its should gracefull skip if not used.

The java calls size and copy is still called, but this is just called internal when you want to access a file, but this is happens automatic rather than manual.

its still required in order to copy the files from the apk to the internal memory.

This was added years ago when im got the source code first time and intergrated the javacalls from some of the official file commands.

you should only need to build once, which is what im have do (but here im also have not touched glbasic when testing your projects). So its should only been the first time that might take anything from 3-10 minuttes to create the build folder.

If you change something, AS should automatic reflect to that. But its mightbeen a good idea to rebuild just before the releaase version.

    if (!image.LoadImageBMP(szFileName, colorkey) && !image.LoadImagePNG(szFileName, colorkey)) {
          g_debug("Image can't be loaded: %s\n", szFileName);
          return false;

do also still works too (bmp and png), so there is something monkey with the JPG loader that might crash for some reasons on some devices.

So until then do NOT use jpg in your android project.

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