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Yes ran from Android Studio and From Playstore and both failed to run on my J3 phone.

I am gonna try it on another older phone now too - but glad to hear it works for you.

On the pop up:
That app doesn't require write permission - so wondering if there is a way to fetch how 'old' the app install is?
That way I can remove the popups after few days.

I still have to look into TYPEs  :-[

They are sooooo handy and great for entity management.

I even use them for UI elements and buttons - I LOVE TYPES!

Hi SF,

Wasnt the folder thing i think - as my Android.init() was doing that already.

Sent that to you! Good luck! :)

I cleaned the project - still 400 mb maybe i did it wrong?

Update: Sorted - got it to 78mb will send a dropbox link.

Ok - I will try your code first and then if no joy - I will clean and send to you

Bug Reports / Re: Enable Mouse Pointer
« on: 2019-Aug-15 »

Bug Reports / Re: Enable Mouse Pointer
« on: 2019-Aug-14 »
Windows 7 Pro

Debug version Working Now on AS emulator! But not the signed version on my device ...

Does this work on anyones device?

[Update: it works on my nexus tablet but not on my Samsung J3 with android 5.1.1.]

Thanks SF,

I did those package changes - I will try run my app in debug mode now to see if I can get some info on the crash.

My logo app project is quite straightforward and I disabled the AExtras parts but still there is issue.

I wonder if the older java call I'm using is different to the one the new projects use?

Code: GLBasic [Select]
GLOBAL Android AS AndroidExtras

        IMPORT "C" const char* android_JAVACALL(const char* string)

FUNCTION JavaCall$: callStr$
//              IF adService.state=1 THEN RETURN
                STATIC res$
                res$ = android_JAVACALL(callStr$)
                RETURN res$

My logcat from trying to run the built & signed apk

An apk at that size? There must be something going into it that is not necessary.
I will be trying android out again very soon and let you know.

Not the apk itself (about 6mb) - but all the supporting project folder src and libs files - not sure if that's normal or just down to how I installed my Android Studio.

Bug Reports / Enable Mouse Pointer
« on: 2019-Aug-13 »
I get this when I compile:

!!! EnableMouseInPointer() not found in user32.dll. If this is >=Win8, you get no mouse messages.

Is there a simple fix for this?

Another small issue - the build that AStudio creates is 500MB! Quite a size for small apk - is there a way to avoid this?

Excellent! Thanks SF!

Sorry what does the package name apply to?
This is usually the package of the playstore unique app name in the manifest. no?
Okay - I will try this then - where does the unique app package name go now so?

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