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Beta Tests / Re: Test 3D software
« on: 2019-Jan-29 »
~225 with my laptop intel hd 5500 chipset

You can still use v14 and v15 long time me thinks, and some of my games still use v14 (but is compiled with v15 now).

And what is now better with v16?

I asked Kitty directly some days ago.No answer till now.

Which kind? We can add more information etc.
A complete Info about all the features.
Parts from the commandset and so on.
Wich Opengl support it....
More about the possibilities we have with glbasic.

And i think here gernot should post abouts whats coming in v16.
Thats advertising!
If you want to sell something, you also have to get out with information.

I wrote SF thats in Casual and he say he change this...
(i know that i can add tags for me, but i was not logged in atm)

Its now in Game Development and not more in Casual...its fixed...
And the other things from Schranz0r: i agree ;)

I understand definatly not why gernot post nothing about that all.Its all a mysteriuos thing...a secret...users don´t buy development software with secrets.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-04 »
Version 16 would been release very soon throught glbasic, but im is not much home today, hopefully Gernot request steam keys for current users so they can get it.
Hopefully he doesn´t send it to the registered mail adresses ;)

Bug Reports / Re: Fail Fast Exception
« on: 2018-Dec-09 »
No i mean a win10 clean install.
Who knows what was installed on your laptop by the manufacturers ;)

Bug Reports / Re: Fail Fast Exception
« on: 2018-Dec-09 »
If win10 was installed.... 1. make a clean install ;)

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-09 »
Okay thank you.
I do that in future.
But on first i will take a look whats new in the steam release.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-09 »
You misunderstood me.
The steam version of steam is sure not cost free.If Gernot send steam keys to the user wich owned glbasic i thought that he  use the mails from the lics to send the keys.You understand.

I have no steam account atm, i have to register me.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-08 »
It happens in reality ;)
I hope in the next days i can find some information about the "update".(compiler/opengl version and so on)

And glb owner get a steam key? Because my registered mail adress no longer exist.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-05 »
In my opinion a working system with not all targets( yes Android i mean) wich is up2date is better because anyone must do the work for bugfixung, updates and so on.
For Android there are so many solutions in the web.
And as you say there are often updates....
And you know that google changed the rules. And so the most projects don´t go into the play store.

Maybe we should make a poll about what compiling targets the users would have.

I dreamin often a glb-like language with dx11/12 comes true...but that are dreams.

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