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Announcements / Re: Burger Lord Released
« on: 2018-Nov-18 »
Awesome and can't wait to try it out. i really like the artwork too.  =D

Off Topic / Re: BASIC for the Sega Genesis
« on: 2018-Jun-05 »
That's pretty cool.  :good:

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic and RaspberryPi
« on: 2017-Jul-12 »
Great!  8) I haven't tested GLBasic on my second Raspberry Pi Zero W with 2.5"tft yet.

Off Topic / Re: trs-80 color computer video
« on: 2017-Jan-26 »
Semigraphics 24 video on the coco? WOW  :good:

There is a printed version sent by paid subscription that some people may prefer.

Announcements / Re: [GBJam 5] MRU:LV-426
« on: 2016-Oct-27 »
I just watched your demo video and that looks really good.  :good:

Arduboy is a microcontroller you can only control it via serial/BT. The PocketCHIP linux could be something but not sure 'cause it's arm.  :zzz:

Off Topic / Re: GBJam 5
« on: 2016-Oct-03 »
That's really just a technically test, erico, although poor (runtime) textures were used. So you think it passed the rules for the jam?

I'm not sure what it's about as it is really just a vertical mapped maze. Perhaps something like Hero as it's very cavernous and undergroundy? For another idea, maybe a runner, where it's more simplified in controls so that the player moves long automatically but the player selected which way to go.

Off Topic / Re: GBJam 5
« on: 2016-Oct-03 »
I hope you guys can finish the Moon Patrol game.  8)

Right now I am wondering if I should go for the 3D platformer type of game. As I'm not sure about it so I made a test video. Would it be okay or shall I start fresh with 2D pixel?  :-[

Gameboy Size and 4 Color 3D Test

Off Topic / GBJam 5
« on: 2016-Sep-29 »

Kitty Hello, special Eric has only written one 3D program.  :sick:

Okay, for now I'll use SAVESPRITE as it *does* work for a minimized server unlike SAVEBMP.  :good:

maxheadroom, great project. Post some code!

Why aren't graphics be drawn when minimized? Not fair.  :'(

dreamerman has the idea and it's what I was thinking but not sure how with an existing 3d scene.  8)

The current solution for my image creation server is to place it on another OS virtual desktop, out of the way (haven't tried yet).  ::)

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