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thanks for the direction

I need to record sound, but cant see anything that does it, Yes I know there's a small piece of code which uses a dll, but that doesn't work on android phone, only windows.  see

I am amazed that GLBasic has no option to do this, or there's no code on here, If i'm wrong, sorry. It would be nice to have it as standard.

Can any one help, I need to write a app that records sounds.

Best regards John.

Keep up the good work.

all its says is this.


:: install Android SDK, Android NDK
:: install JDK

set HERE=%~dp0

set ANDROIDSDK=%HERE%..\android-sdk-windows
set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_24


"%ANDROIDSDK%\platform-tools\adb.exe" shell logcat glbasic:I SDL:I *:S


stupid question what output file.

got 4 gig on internal memory.

if I force quit, and then run, its works, goes straint in, but the graphics dont get loaded, or at least some do and some dont.

I have been having this problem for a while, My apps has 143 mb of graphic and data, the data is copied from media to the assets directory as it should on compile.

but it hangs when I run the app, if I delete the media dirtectory or rename it. so it doesnt get copied, it work fine.

I have tried it with a simple loop, with and without the media directory and its always hangs if the the media directory in place..

I have coded the routine just to start and then come out, its like its got stuck loading something. is there some thing im doing wrong.

GLBasic - en / Android Blanks screen
« on: 2011-Nov-21 »
I have a samsung Galaxy 1, When I run my app, It hangs, When I force stop and try again it works but displays a white screen, No graphics, all my paths are correct 100%,

I know its working because I can click on blank icons to go to sub menus.  if I mess around with the res in options and change the screen size it works. but it seems to be hit and miss,  but I still have to force stop and try again, then it works  its like it cant find the graphics

I have changed my AndroidManifest.xml settings as directed in this forum,  all my graphics are 320,480, but my samsung is 480,900, should this matter.

any pointers would be a help.


GLBasic - en / Re: Simple adroid app.
« on: 2011-Nov-03 »
no idea then

GLBasic - en / Simple adroid app.
« on: 2011-Nov-01 »
I have a problem, I needed to reformat my phone and pc, I have a Samsung Galaxy 1 and Windows 7 Pro. I have setep up my phone and pc to the correct settings Android , SDK, Java paths in system varibles.

My program Compiles normally with out errors, but when I run the app on my phone the screen is blank and then it goes back to the main screen, I have even tried a very simple print command but with out any luck.

No idea why it isnt working, I had my project working fine with out problem before the format.  Help.

SETSCREEN 800,480,1

PRINT "john",100,100


I found the error I was getting was due to the emulator wasnt started or my HTC Desire wasnt plug in.

Every thing is working fine and I would like to thanks everyone for their input, 

best regrards John.

I have done I believe everything right, but When I compile now I get this. Im I missing something.


*** Configuration: ANDROID ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.7.917 SN:72be2326 - 2D, NET
Wordcount:2180 commands

T:\Compiler\platform\android\android-sdk-windows\tools\ant\main_rules.xml:639: The following error occurred while executing this line:
T:\Compiler\platform\android\android-sdk-windows\tools\ant\main_rules.xml:271: exec returned: 1

Total time: 22 seconds
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 110.7 sec. Time: 10:59
Build: 1 succeeded.

thanks Kitty, always very helpful.

Many thanks for the long info,

If I develop software for in-house apps would the signing be any different, with all use Android desire here, and we need some software for our solicitors  to use.

I have been using GLbasic with my Iphone for some time, I would like to use Glbasic with my new android desire S (Gingerbread).

Can anyone tell me, What I need to develop Android software with my GLbasic, I see lots of talk but no guild /  examples what I need to download to get working.

Can anyone help.

Best regards John.

I've seen this one, its far two slow,

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