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Title: box2d 2.2.1
Post by: siatek on 2012-Nov-30
In my project im using wrapper found in this forum, its very old box2d version where many of features are missed ...
I'm not c programmer and my trying to make a new wrapper but without help is like a joke becouse im to dump for that ...
But with little help i can try, or maybe somebody has working version of new box2d lib ???

Title: Re: box2d 2.2.1
Post by: MrTAToad on 2012-Dec-01
Dont think people have managed to get the latest version up and running unfortunately.
Title: Re: box2d 2.2.1
Post by: matchy on 2012-Dec-01
It's an awesome lib and there might be an update around the time the next Star Wars movie comes out.