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Title: Request for game test (PC)
Post by: Sixth Sense on 2011-Oct-19
Because of work commitments I had not done any serious programming since 1995, but since retiring earlier this year I am now spending my spare time polishing up my rusty programming skills using GLBasic. As an old fan of the Amiga, I thought it might be a good idea to re-write and update some of my old games that went down well in the old days.

I now have 3 of them complete and my request is for someone to test the first one before I pace it in the announcements and showcase sections, I also hope to get a personal website up and running with this as a free featured game.

The game is for PC only and can be downloaded directly from the Google docs link or follow the link to my (first attempt, work in progress) website if you want some info on the history of the game.

Download from Google docs: (

Download and game play info: (

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Title: Re: Request for game test (PC)
Post by: Ian Price on 2011-Oct-19
It plays very well. It's the same concept as Monono's iOS game -

I do actually think his is clearer - Only after selecting a red square accidentally did I realize they were negative numbers (obviously I didn't read the instructions, and I'm sure they would have helped).

But it looks good, sounds good and plays well. I'd prefer to actually select the number with my first mouse press, rather than move to it, then press the other mouse button to select it. But it's not a difficult control scheme.

Nice one.

Oh, and Happy Retirement and welcome BTW. :)
Title: Re: Request for game test (PC)
Post by: okee on 2011-Oct-24
Interesting game, just found 1 small glitch, when the last number is played
the previous number at the top goes off centre of the tile.

Also I think one left mouse click should remove a tile for the player
Leave the highlight box just to show what the computer is doing.
When players become more used to the game they'll find the moving
square, left click and then right click a hindrance and slows the game down too much

P.S. "Worked on the AMOS Professional Dev Team" is a pretty cool thing to have on your CV :)

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Title: Re: Request for game test (PC)
Post by: Sixth Sense on 2011-Oct-24
Thanks for the feedback, I’ll get to work on the glitch ASAP, it looks like it only happens when the last number picked is negative.

I originally programmed the game to use a single click for selection, but my family (my beta testers) found that they kept noticing better moves once the cursor had moved to their chosen position. Their suggestion was an ‘UNDO’ feature, but I thought it made the game even slower (and kind of cheating) so the left/right click and keyboard options were introduced. I myself now play the game using the arrow/enter keys which I find pretty fast with the added bonus of being able to quickly ‘wrap-around’ the edges of the grid. It also gives me the option of moving the cursor one square at a time along the line to allow me to easier work out what the consequences might be before I confirm a move with the enter key.