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Title: Trailblazer level creator
Post by: MrTAToad on 2011-Apr-02
One program I forgot to release ages ago was my Trailblazer-type level editor :


It requires a set of tile blocks to start with (otherwise it comes up with various warning messages), but it should work.

I haven't compiled it in ages, so I dont know if any modifications are needed...

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Title: Re: Trailblazer level creator
Post by: Crivens on 2011-Apr-02
Wow that takes me back! I wrote a splitscreen trailblazer about 10 years ago in Darkbasic. I had a similar looking editor too. Brings a tear to my eye that does. Hmm perhaps time to make a sequel...

Title: Re: Trailblazer level creator
Post by: Ian Price on 2011-Apr-02
Loved TrailBlazer back in the day. There have been loads of remakes, but none have thrilled me like the original.

Even the official sequel never hit that same spot with me.