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Title: Newton 2.0
Post by: Moru on 2008-Sep-28

Is implementation of Newton 2.0 planned or do I just have an old version of the samples as usual?

Another question: Is it possible to simulate hovering for a primitive? I can't realy get a good emulation of force by using NewtonBodyAddForce or NewtonBodySetForce, since it just starts floating anywhere. I want to be able to make the body float a certain distance from the ground.

Third question: Will the Vehicle constraint interface be implemented?
Title: Re: Newton 2.0
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2008-Sep-29
I'm working on Newton 2.0, but the interface chaged a lot, and the documentation is about zero so far.

For hovering, maybe you want to emulate it, but setting buyoancy and water level  to the z-position of the point below the hovercraft? Ask in a newton forum for better results.

The vehicle is not too good, and has totally changed in Newton 2.0. I think I'll wait for that. In the meantim you can do what all others do: Create your own vehicle using joints.

Title: Re: Newton 2.0
Post by: PeekPoke on 2012-Apr-16
Hi to all members,  :)

Sorry for digging this old thread ...

But does the current version of GLBasic includes a physics engine ?
I plan to purchase GLBasic next week when I get my Pandora.   =D

Title: Re: Newton 2.0
Post by: MrTAToad on 2012-Apr-16
Not as default, but you can use a physics library.