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Title: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Aug-31
After checking how to integrate newer version of Google Play Services. That is now impossible, so new featues is impossible without Android Studio and just using the compilers the glbasic use (which is still using the old arm6 code). That mean im will leave the current version of Android and im will no longer update it for now.

The whole Android platform is simply needs to been moved to Android Studio as same way as im did with iOS and the xCode Project.

This is only way to do future Android projects and might take some time. That means you need to compile your Android project manually in Android Studio in the future. Its CANNOT been avoid at all.

Im sometimes hate when big company force thing down on us.... Damn.

Since Android Studio is A 2gb download. its would newer been a glbasic download file. so im need to do same thing as im did with xCode. That it. Howover the glbasic android package would been much less, since the SDK and more is no longer require for that part (since its included in the big download). Just like im did with xCode for iOS. Its would been same here now.

What that could been a possible problem is finding and getting the SLD2 as well the Sound Mixer code to working, because im really want to have source code to been compiled from and not just the third party SO. The reason is Android would sooner and later require us to compile it to 64bit as well native Intel CPU. That is impossible now.

The another reason im want to do that is.... Debugger. YES, Debugger! Which is pretty much none for Android version. Here since im used full source for xCode, its was much easier.
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Aug-31
It's about a 3gb download. But it's seen its should not take so long time as excepted.

I'm also thinks the android studio project will end about 30mb. Much less from the glbasic server.

So when I'm move it to Android Studio. This would been required in future glbasic.

That also means you can compile to various cpu and devices which was impossible before and property more stable too.

That also means you property allways use the newest android api version without I'm require to do that.... And 64bit would also been supported.

The worst part is property get sld working with I'm want with source code and not just as 3party library (even it's possible).
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: bigsofty on 2017-Aug-31
It's been a couple of years since I used Android Studio but couldn't you just create statically linked object (.a) for your code(or Googles) which would then be compatible with GCC linking?

I wouldn't worry too much about 64bit too. Apple was a bit of an asshat with dealing with that(their way or the highway). The Android playing field is much wider and covers a lot of older hardware. Many of the super-low power ARM CPU's need to be 32bit and they are relatively new(just released last year).

I am sorry I can't lend a had with this SF, as I don't have any Android device just now.  :( I hope you get it worked out.
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Aug-31
im want to support so many CPU's as possible. since glbasic 64bit now works, then porting to Android 64bit should been no brainer at all. Its depend how well the sld2 library is. but im cant see really issue.

im using C+11 for xCode (as im remember).

But im will remove all android 2.x and 3.x support as well. Google Play today also require Android 4.0 and up anyway. So no big lost at all, since those very old devices cannot connect any longer. Personally im would also dick Android 4.0 to and move to Android 4.1, but im do still want to support those gaming consoles as well. That is also easier tooo. since you with Android Studios seens you can do more than one project for each kind of platforms. something that is hardly missed in Glbasic.

Here one for Android Mobile, one for Android TV and one for gaming devices (like Ouya and such).

Also.... Apple iOS have been easier really and its does have a excellent debugger, which is totally missing with Android. Hopefully easier with Android Studio. since its very hard to blind fix thing and im being more more annoyed about it. So its time to move on.

Im do thinks Google sooner or later force 64bit as well. 64bit is the future, and since its works for iOS, im cant see issues like that for Android. So its should really to been very easy when first setup.

But im will do think in the end its would been easier to meain steam using Android Studio directly. Then all SDK downloading etc would been in the future from the Google servers, not glbasic. So updates would been pretty small in the future.

There is no deadline when this is finshed, but we should definsive move to Android Studio, extractly same way im did with iOS and xCode....
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: Ian Price on 2017-Sep-01
@SF Good luck; hopefully it's not too complex for you to get working. This could help to strengthen GLB's future a bit more.
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: Paul Smith on 2017-Sep-01
Looks like you have your hands full Spacefractal.
As we still have no Money Pot I am happy to donate if needed, just supply a link.
thing like this keep Glbasic usable for future use.may bring in new users. :good:
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Sep-04
I'm have removed 6.0 thread and off topic posts here.

I'm have dedicated to cease all support of admob, download, and any Google play service features. which will been removed in the next version of Android extras and will go back to standard.

The reasons is I'm have lost a tablet after fighting admob today and it's won't work at all. This property due android 6.0 (me guess). So I'm will choice Stabilty than over extras feature.

This is due Google play service is moved to integrated part of Android instead of a standalone sdk. So I'm can't do anything with Google play services anymore and will remove it completely instead.

They will been property been back again when Android Studio project is done.

So I'm will no longer support older version, admob an what Google service is used. I'm can't use it anymore due changes. So me ploy is now on own hand. I'm not supporting admob anymore until this project is done.

Now I'm so tired and frustrated over android......
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: erico on 2017-Sep-04
I understand the pain, it sucks how companies keep reinventing working stuff for apparently no reason.
Sometimes it feels that is the way they go to obsolete some areas.

Bur if I understood it right, the usual standard android game GLB outputs, and sold as premium with fixed price, will continue to work, right?

Take some time off it to relax, these things can really suck a lot of energy.
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Sep-04
Yes. that part works.. It'd have nothing with Google play services to do about selling stuff as paid app.

It's anything that connect Google play service that don't. Standard android stuff would still works. The  Gps and game input also not using Google play service as well too, so They still works. Rest world got removed.

So the old Google play service is deprecated and unsupported now when api 23 is used, and I'm update android extras with without that crappy sdk.

Nothing I'm can due. That mean I'm will kill genius greedy mouse from android store too.

Later I'm will reinsert both karma Miwa and greedy mouse as paid game. It's also a mega dick you can't revert a free game back to paid.... Unlike Apple Appstore.

But when I'm got such a project running. Google play service will all go back again.

I'm should cheking out other ads service that is not Google really.

Please note: I'm lost a tablet that got bricked due that and got smashed on the way yesterday. So I'm won't support something that is too much a pain about changes.
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Sep-04
So from now on. No Google service support. All code is removed!

Also many/some crash support can been happens when you quit and close it, which im have seen. This is a issue I'm should look on. This kind of crash reports you should not worry about it. But it's still a issue. I'm guess glbasic close it too early and still write to backbuffer.
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: MrPlow on 2017-Sep-04
Hi SF et all,

If I knew some of how you introduced the last version of Admob I could assist with testing. :)
I have Nexus 7 II, Galaxy S3 and couple more android devices.

My Nexus II is Android 6.0.1 but never experienced any crashing with my GLB apps on that.

I have more crashing on Android 6.0 and 7.0 device users but my overall Crashes Per 1000 users is still on the low side.

I will look at side-loading the new GLB setup but will be keeping my old setup to support my Admob driven apps (main revenue).

A big reason why Defold did not get traction early on was due to its lack of support for any Ad Framework - I think GLB will need it sometime in future to keep Android devs.

Happy to help if I can! A Frequent crashing device seems to be Galaxy on5 (budget device).

Part of the reality with Android and Android Development is that Devs may need to Exclude incompatible devices rather than trying to fix issues that may be down to the phone hardware or firmware.

I have started to do just that with the likes of the Galaxy on5 and few others...makes senses and improves my Crash Rate Stats.

GLB crash rate will never be 100% and I think on Pure Java would be close to that stat...sometimes its the Hardware or Battery level thats the culprit! Even games that were not closed and are running the background and then the user switches off the phone completely...etc etc.

Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Sep-04
Please don't post off topic. Thanks. I'm might remove this kind of posts. This post is about android studio on the future.

We need completely move glbasic android apps to use Android Studios a day in future. Hopefully this or a least November month. First then, Google play service can been reimplemented and only for Android Studio in the future (Google Play Service simply require it). By now all Google play service is removed and ceased for none Android Studio users and I'm now want a clean android setup first. Stabilty come first. Not extras.

I'm do still yet to upload. I'm cheking hibernate and such command works as intended.
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Sep-08
see the post in the android 6.0 crashes. im will update Android Extras without Android Studio for the next release this or next week to being using Android 7.0 Api and SDK. But ALL Google Play Service would been REMOVED and DEPREACTED. This due newer version of that require that Android Studio now and im could newer get it to work again in Android 6.0. So that is out.

But im do want a more stability release, which is weighted higher than google play service. As im wrote in the other thread. Im do happy to checkout other ads service (even more than once). Just not Google Play Service.

You can also still pay for the game in Google Play, which have nothing with Google Play Service at all, only if its used inapp.
Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Sep-11
I'm just have some such idea to implementing a web page dialog,which first can been closed after x seconds. Here im thinking it's could launch a page on your own server and then eventually do ads for other games as banner/video ads.

Since it's a web page, then you should could choice whatever service as you want to use. Then any ads service using html code could been used...... Of course using the SDK would been quite better, but this is better than nothing.

Im diddent do any code in this weekend, since im did have some hands full and want to have a break. But im will diffensivt take a look into a webkit dialog thing.

Title: Re: Android Studio.... now soon required....
Post by: Ian Price on 2017-Sep-12
That sounds like a good idea SF. :)