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GLBasic - en / IDE and auto-complete?
« Last post by JohnnyB on 2019-Mar-29 »
I saw that once in the IDE. Can I do it by pressing a button or something?
Competitions / Re: Hello World - Contest
« Last post by dreamerman on 2019-Mar-29 »
hm.. nice ideas, read from DATA, webpage, encoded string, RND numbers, what more can be done? Curious what You will do Schranz0r to beat them ;)
GLBasic - en / Re: Smooth scroll
« Last post by dreamerman on 2019-Mar-29 »
hm.. I think that it depends on game, for what resolution it's designed, how other movement is done, what special effects/filters are used on final buffer, one workaround is to keep floats as 'real' layer position/translation, and have another integer based value for drawing, and as spacefractal mentioned keep scaling/zoom to integers. Generally usage of integer per-pixel translation for layers is ok, if it helps avoid some problems.
Competitions / Re: Hello World - Contest
« Last post by Schranz0r on 2019-Mar-29 »
Still working on my version of Hello World.... it's to complicated, so i win?  :-[ :-[ :-[
Off Topic / Re: Article
« Last post by Moru on 2019-Mar-29 »
Nice, seems you are on a roll :-)

I'm one of those that can't understand why touch games are so popular, you can directly see what has been converted from mobile to PC.
GLBasic - en / Re: Fullscreen mode
« Last post by dreamerman on 2019-Mar-29 »
hm.. I didn't noticed such issues with virtual screens, with SmoothShading False, and each sprite in atlas separated with 1px border it looks ok. In my puzzle pack I'm scaling whole gui either from lower res or by scaling each button individually, and on game screens the game area itself is rendered normally (on backbuffer) with each object scaled properly to resolution/zoom. Depending on the game, may be suitable to add some additional stylized borders to preserve aspect ratio.
Hey Erico thanks (Sorry for the late reply)... yes another user told me the same like you, but I can't get working the Profiler (I'm under VMWare and I think using virtualization GLBasic some times do extrange Things).

Another way is using some function measuring the time of each function, in C or C++ is easy to do.

Thanks for your help  :booze: :booze:
GLBasic - en / Re: Vulkan?
« Last post by dreamerman on 2019-Mar-29 »
In near future I really doubt it, as this would require to rewrite whole graphic part of engine for new API. Beside supporting newer iOS there isn't really to much sense in this, as true performance gain You get in multitasking app with plenty of rendering, not small games that probably You will make here. One of strength (in some cases weakness) of GLBasic is that it's using older OpenGL thats why project made with it can run on older hardware or some low powered devices with nice speed, for example Vulkan isn't supported on earlier generations than Intel Skylake, and there is so many laptop users with older gpu like HD 4000.
On other hand as second render / compile target along with OpenGL it could be interesting, and would allow to future-proof working on iOS and so on...
Off Topic / Article
« Last post by MrPlow on 2019-Mar-29 »
Hey guys - I wrote another article yesterday about "my first steam project" on Medium and it's been put on front page of Design and Gaming categories...
Looks good, and would fit nicely game with similar style, yet it would benefit from additional hand made shading or some tweaks in exporting to 2d to get more colors.
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