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Hmm, I think you didn't understand the problem, but perhaps I'm poorly explained.
While you were answering me I wrote a modification in my first message, maybe it's clearer no?

If you exceed the number of 4096 objects in your program, your program crashes completely.
actually its 4224=4096+128 objects, but whos counting anyways? lol

i realize this defeats the purpose of having no extra files to load, yet...
u can reuse object ID numbers, and can save infinite amounts of objects to drive.

Code: GLBasic [Select]
INC num, 1 ////etc etc etc
CreateCube(num, sz)

// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
// -=#  CREATECUBE_NO_TEXTURE: Fast but without texture  #=-
// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
FUNCTION CreateCube_no_texture:  num, sz
        // Diese Variablen sind als LOCAL definiert:
        // num, sz,

        // 2-4-3-1
        // | | | |
        // 6-8-7-5
        //   | |
        //   6-5
        //   | |
        //   2-1
        //   | |
        //   4-3 Strip: 4 3 8 7 5 3 1 4 2 8 6 5 2 1

        // Normals + culling is wrong!!

LOCAL s[], n, m, x,y,z
        DIM s[14]
        s[0]=4; s[1]=3; s[2]=8; s[3]=7; s[4]=5
        s[5]=3; s[6]=1; s[7]=4; s[8]=2; s[9]=8
        X_OBJSTART 0
                FOR m=0 TO 13
                        x = MOD(n, 2)
                        y = 1-INTEGER(n/4)
                        z = 1-MOD(INTEGER(n/2), 2)
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX  x-.5, y-.5, z-.5, 0, 0, RGB(255,255,255)
        X_SAVEOBJ "Filename" + num + ".png", 0

GLBasic - de / Steam Version 16
« Last post by Worebu on 2019-Feb-19 »
Moin Moin. Kommt man irgendwie als Lizenzinhaber an die Steam Version heran?

Beta Tests / Re: Test 3D software
« Last post by Snoopy on 2019-Feb-18 »
My engine is really optimized for software, but if it interests you (and maybe others), I would make an opengl version of my 3DS loader / renderer.
But not now because I have a problem with one of my projects (see the bugs section).
A problem that could also affect this future 3DS loader ;)

Thank you for moving the topic.
Bug Reports / Problem with the maximum number of 3D objects.
« Last post by Snoopy on 2019-Feb-18 »
Normally, GENX_OBJ() only returns -1 if there is not enough memory but that is not the case.
It seems that GLBASIC don't allow more than 4096 3d object.

In fact, the GENX_OBJ()  function gives 4095 at the beginning and decreases with each call, it has nothing to do with the memory, this function is probably just in relation to a memory array of 4096.
It is very restrictive that the maximum number of objects is not related to the available memory (as the help says), but only with a precalculated memory array, because a 3D world can often contain more than 4096 objects  :(
FAQ / Re: Forum Access Password
« Last post by dreamerman on 2019-Feb-16 »
Thanks, yet I doubt that I'll need to use this as other forum mods are doing great job and with those restrictions for new users there is really no spam or other problems here.
But ending offtop and back to topic. It's great that this 'issue' was resolved, hopefully it will get some new active users and more interesting game projects in long-term.
FAQ / Re: Forum Access Password
« Last post by Schranz0r on 2019-Feb-16 »
Hi Dreamerman,

i post on the Steam-thread how to do it.
Also i think you do a great job here, to answer all the questions (Steam and Forum).
So i decided to give you the Global Moderator status! :)
Keep up the good work!
Off Topic / Re: Very interesting 3d Tool
« Last post by bigsofty on 2019-Feb-15 »
I saw this too. Looks nice, I need to design my models at a vertex level, which I can’t figure out to do(only primitive) in R3F?  :blink:
FAQ / Re: Forum Access Password
« Last post by dreamerman on 2019-Feb-15 »
It could be good option to give Steam buyers (at least those who wont) chance to use this forum. Steam community discussion forum (or whatever it's called) is good, but let me say it, this forum will be more active and users would get answered faster, specially as not everyone is looking at Steam so often.
Ah my bad, forgot about Your project, it's excellent example of what you can achieve from such kind of tools with as You said additional work like cleaning and so on. In previous post I should rather say that such tools wont give perfect pixel-art out-of-box, but with additional work, still both those great examples shows 3d software that's exporting to pixel sprite, pixatool takes only 2d images so have limited abilities. I saw what it can do in some pixel detective game, but those two examples from 3d modeling apps looks much better in my opinion.
My conclusion is that even such tool as pixatool won't help me as I just can't draw or make nice 3d models :D
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