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Announcements / Re: Book
« Last post by MrPlow on 2019-Nov-11 »
It's out a while already - but this the first proper xmas season for it :)
GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D in GLBasic?
« Last post by Schranz0r on 2019-Nov-11 »

read down the topic here :)
You need the Headerfiles for GLBasic!
Announcements / Re: Book
« Last post by bigsofty on 2019-Nov-11 »
Amazon call me impressed! Good luck with the release Mr Plow.  :good:
GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D in GLBasic?
« Last post by Bluepixel on 2019-Nov-11 »
Ah thanks a lot, tell me when you found something! :)
GLBasic - en / Re: Making a 64bit compiling platform
« Last post by spacefractal on 2019-Nov-11 »
im cant give steam away. The steam version have 32/64 bit Windows. But we dont really need the 64bit on Windows yet or forced right now (This is on the Mac and iOS), but nice to have for sure for the future! Also you also get Android Studio version of Android platform.

You can ask Gernot, but glbasic on steam is cheaper.
GLBasic - en / Re: Android - has anyone tried yet?
« Last post by spacefractal on 2019-Nov-11 »
You are under risk to get your admob account disabled by using ads this way. do newer ever use ads on a app exit (people can report it, and then you might get its disable if that happens):

Also when a ads show, the previous activty (your game) is got paused and then resumed.

For  the javacall from glbasic, its is sent to public static String glb_JAVACALL(String url) in SLDGlbasic.Java. The Android Extras Java calls should still works. Its hasent changed at all here.

Howover long time ago im checked this last time really.
Im auto remapped few controllers which works out of box with the JOY commands (also routed to KEY() as well), but you can also require to add the remapping feature using KEY(), if you want to support most different controllers out here.

Im must admist: Im HATE that shitty system on Android and was newer designed with gamecontrollers in mind and no where to tell how a android controller should remap to. Its a Area IOS was much much better on.

The major issue is the right stick and triggers often conflict with various controllers and there is no defaults how they mappen. Yes, Google have choosen one, but you cant garantee they follow it at all.

btw howover, If you only uses the face 4 buttons and one stick (using both dpad and stick as same control), then most major controllers do should works out of the box. but make sure to also checking the hat as well. But im can not even garantee it at all, but this is most default im do have seen.

This is why, remapping is VERY important on android! People that does negative review due this, you cant do anything with it. This is just how game controllers works on Android: They are threated as a KEYBOARD!

For remapping, just use the KEY() command, but howover you can not do that for multiple players yet. Also some gamecontrollers might return two values, use the lowerst based one (or both).

PS. A PS4 controller do fellows the Google Standard, so you can use that as the default mapping. Im do cant remember all KEY() values, but you can see on the source code.
GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D in GLBasic?
« Last post by MrPlow on 2019-Nov-10 »

I will try out the box2d library and see if I can spot the problem...I used it briefly before for an older project.
GLBasic - en / Box2D in GLBasic?
« Last post by Bluepixel on 2019-Nov-10 »
Hi there, I am working on a small physics based game and would love to add in Box2D physics, since that's the only physics library for GLBasic I could find, so I found a Box2D library in the showroom, downloaded it, and ran the example project. The example project ran fine, but after compiling it within the editor it simply stated; *1 FAILED*. I created a hello world project, took the Box2D library and included it into my project, I ran it and the project failed, which leads me to believe that it's probably outdated, which is unfortunate since I was really hoping I could get some physics working :blink:

Anyone that can help me with this?

 :offtopic: PS. I am very sorry about my frequent posts, I am rather new to GLBasic, so I am very curious as to of how things work. I will try to do as much research as I can on my own before posting anything. :offtopic:
Off Topic / Re: Voxels are the future!
« Last post by Schranz0r on 2019-Nov-10 »
Yeah, OpenGL use VBO's and is GPU accelerated.
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