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All good now :)

Just used SETCURRENTDIR and new files in


Sorry, just confused here...
Did you say SetCurrentdir or not with the new Admob files??

And is this still used or not

It's not just that - tried multiple variations to load different assets and none worked all assets with or without GETCURRENTDIR$() failed.
I compiled it about 10 times with different loading options.

Very strange I think. I must have a bad version of the maybe?

The older version never gave me any problems loading assets...did other users have problems, is that why it was changed?


I think its the CreateDir command but not sure.
I need to find a quick fix as the project took over 50min to compile (dont know why it is suddenly taking so long) so I dont want to "clean" and have to start again.

If I get nowhere I will give up getting my update out and will send on the cleaned project.

I lost a whole day so far so I need make back the time.

Getting really long looking folders

2020-02-12 14:15:39.360 10267-10442/com.GazzapperGames.retro.invaders.classicarcade I/glbasic: CreateDir() path: /data/user/0/com.GazzapperGames.retro.invaders.classicarcade/files/Media/data/user/0/com.GazzapperGames.retro.invaders.classicarcade File: files
2020-02-12 14:15:39.368 10267-10442/com.GazzapperGames.retro.invaders.classicarcade I/glbasic: in File: Media//data/user/0/com.GazzapperGames.retro.invaders.classicarcade/files/

Thanks - I will try the logcat etc.
If no joy then will send on the project... :)

I'm sure its a simple error by me somewhere...

One of my projects is acting up and not showing assets using the new SDLGLBasic asset code.

Is there a certain way it needs to be used in GLB?

I compared other projects but my brain is a little tired today...

Oops yes, will change that.

Updated the notes above  =D

If I need to re-edit to clarify let me know...

 :booze: Excellent - a lot of new users and users looking to develop for Android will be very happy about this update.

Theoretically,  could also possibly work with Rewarded Video Ads in the same way - return a variable to the javacall() to show that a video was watched and process accordingly...

Anyhow - this has made my year so far!! Thanks for all the work SF!

WORKED!!!  :booze: :D :D

Even when device is kept still!!! So it's perfect!

Can't wait to try it - it's late and I might have to try it out fully tomorrow morning...You got it working in the end!

Also, I was just thinking if checking for Tilt and Keycodes work - what about a standard screen Touch() action :)

That might be even better and more ideal for the app so that suprise Adshows are eliminated :)

Either way, this is fab!!

Yeaaahh! Good WORK!


And I can control the rate of ad displays using my Ad-Frequency-Capping settings in Admob :)

Does the app require the tilt permission? Or it is a standard permission now.


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