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Can't wait to try it - it's late and I might have to try it out fully tomorrow morning...You got it working in the end!

Also, I was just thinking if checking for Tilt and Keycodes work - what about a standard screen Touch() action :)

That might be even better and more ideal for the app so that suprise Adshows are eliminated :)

Either way, this is fab!!

Yeaaahh! Good WORK!


And I can control the rate of ad displays using my Ad-Frequency-Capping settings in Admob :)

Does the app require the tilt permission? Or it is a standard permission now.


Yes - that's what I mean - it could be possible to fire on a variable value condition maybe but now we know it can launch in the gameloop process.

I posted on the forum and made a little breakthrough...

from the public static KeyDown function .... I added an Ad show() and its firing when back button is pressed!!  :good:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
        if (keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_BACK && event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_UP && SDLGlbasic.secondbutton == false) {
            Log.i("glbasic", "back button pressed");
            onGlbasicKeyDown(1, 1);
            if (mInterstitialAd.isLoaded()) {
            return -1;

So is this static function like the javacall static function or is it different somehow?...can the javacall affect a variable that we can monitor and fire the Ad on the basis of maybe?

Anyhow, just wanted to let u know - i added a bit at the top back on the bug the admob github has

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
public class SDLGlbasic extends SDLActivity {
    private static final String AD_UNIT_ID = "ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/1033173712";

Not sure if this makes a difference or not.

Anyhow, a little progress...

Hmmm looks promising...from a github sample admob setup

app   Fix bug in interstitial sample with incorrect Ad Unit ID.   4 months ago

No worries - that does sound like a possible fix. But not in any rush.

I will try ask Google developer forum experts if there is a method around it that they can suggest.

I will update with anything i find out.

Sorry SF,

I was just Google-ing and looking a possible *lightbulb* solution :)
I spent a couple of weeks at it myself without any joy - so I know how you feel.

I will keep trying  - if I find a workaround I will post it here...

Cheers SF,

No probs, I spent about a week on it in Decemeber - I couldn't get it to work ,so I know how you feel!
But I think GLB can interrupt the process and fire the Ads.

This example worked for me...and could be a possible way out...

1. Adlistener loads advert (fetches ads to show)

2. Game loop running

3. Netweb call to playstore to rate app (interrupts process similar to jump out of app)

4. Hit Back Button and your are back in App with Advert showing

Now if there was a way to invoke a netweb command without going anywhere or with an immediate return that would launch the Advert.

Anyway - I got your newer version from dropbox project your posted :)

I will try that - it probably has the fixes you're talking about...

I will check the SDLactivity file to see where you put the Ads listener code too.

I noticed you have OnAdsLoaded() as your test!

OnAdsLoaded listener actually worked for me before in the past (I used it before) - and fired on app initial run - I couldn't understand back then why that worked but other ad calls would not.

It was the javacall running that I never got to work yet.


I can fully understand that you don't like Admob and that it is a pain to work with - but they are the market leader the majority use it - so it's a neccessary evil i think...

I used the SDLGlbasic file from the breaker app link you PM'd me - the assets failed to work on API27 but do with my older file.

I will do more testing to try get the ads to appear during SDL process - do not know why it is not working for me - perhaps its my android 6 test device that is not allowing them?!

I really appreciate your efforts so far :)

BTW - Breaker project manifest did not have the manifest change you mentioned - but you said that worked for you too?


Not yet working (ads not showing) on my Test device (API 23) also the API 27 emulator using your SDLGlbasic with new asset code is failing to load the assets...I am reverting and re-testing to check it's not the emulator causing it.

Can you provide your working AndroidManifest.xml file please...I want to make sure I replicating your version?


SF, do you mean it is fixed in that version of the file, and is it also changed in the Steam version?

Does the asset changes fix the Android < API 23 issues or is that still the same?

Sorry, just want to clarify.

Thanks SF

I will use your full file then...just to make sure I used it correctly... :)

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