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checkassets is taken out of my project (ignored by code)

also, libs_glasic.cpp has many more JPG related if the JPG type is crashing  - are they okay to use?

4.197 4576-4576/? D/hidapi: Initializing Bluetooth
08-20 11:59:54.198 4576-4576/? D/hidapi: Couldn't initialize Bluetooth, missing android.permission.BLUETOOTH
08-20 11:59:54.221 4576-4576/? I/glbasic: SDK: 22
08-20 11:59:54.221 4576-4576/? I/glbasic: dataDir is /data/data/com.gazzappergames.breakerbricksprem/files
08-20 11:59:54.221 4576-4576/? I/glbasic: External data dir is not found or not got permissions. Im using internal data dir instead
08-20 11:59:54.221 4576-4576/? I/glbasic: ext_storage is /data/data/com.gazzappergames.breakerbricksprem/files/
08-20 11:59:54.223 4576-4576/? I/glbasic: Java_org_libsdl_app_SDLGlbasic_setFilesPath
08-20 11:59:54.224 4576-4576/? I/glbasic: Running on a non-TV Device
08-20 11:59:54.225 4576-4576/? I/glbasic: deadzone is: 500
08-20 11:59:54.727 4576-4576/? I/glbasic: OnResume()

Some reason looking for Bluetooth and file directory problems then further down...

08-20 11:59:56.011 4576-4597/com.gazzappergames.breakerbricksprem I/glbasic: =   /data/data/com.gazzappergames.breakerbricksprem/files/Media/Media

Also java call size is still running when I removed the checkasset code from source GLB editor - so not resetting correctly.

What is best way to refresh - reload the GLBASIC editor version to the A Studio - so that I don't run older version?

 - Refresh linked C++ files
- Rebuild Project
- Build app

*takes long time*

Thanks! Yes - I did an immediate "return" within checkassets to ignore it.

Great! I never use jpg or bmp anyways...which file do i replace this in? nevermind: did a search and found in lib_glbasic.cpp

API-22 using Pixel 3 emu - fails
API-27 on Pixel is fine


From the link about user says this

"I had the same issue when I tried to load webview on Dialog. If I load webview on activity, it works well."

Not sure how relevant this is ... but this error show in my studio output

  C++ calling SDL_CreateWindow (fs:1)
E/libEGL: validate_display:255 error 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY)

Emulator still runs but maybe if affects devices differently


Does this app install okay for you - its a release version-works on my emulator but not on my phone device.

I just tried emulator version of an app using key(1) and the back button on the emulator does not fire it correctly?

Am I doing something wrong does key(1) require another change to get it to work on emulator to bind to the "back button"?

pressing esc works on windows version.

Ignore that - back worked just now in emulator. :)

Also, the Showscreen crash message refers the 64bit version of the app

I am looking at trying to adding Admob myself (carefully), into the code.
Is the best route to adding  to lib_glbasic.cpp and fire with java call?

Thanks SF - if it helps - I don't use any 3D commands in my games.

The bit with

Code: GLBasic [Select]
#if !defined(ANDROID))
        for(int i=0; i<5; ++i) {

I could not find around lines 20184 or so but around 18478

Code: GLBasic [Select]
#if defined(WIN32) && !defined(WANT_SDL_MIXER)
for(int i=0; i<5; ++i) {

Is it that you want me to try with the #if !defined(ANDROID) instead?
Is that the change?


Yes ran from Android Studio and From Playstore and both failed to run on my J3 phone.

I am gonna try it on another older phone now too - but glad to hear it works for you.

On the pop up:
That app doesn't require write permission - so wondering if there is a way to fetch how 'old' the app install is?
That way I can remove the popups after few days.

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