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Maybe Gernot can figure out the compiler issue?  :noggin:

I am on holidays soon and wanted to update a bug in an app, looks like android won't be really ready for while yet.

I might try update an app with a small userbase and see how it goes...can't risk this yet on apps with tens of thousands of users.

Let's know when you or Gernot have a fix for this ...
I am keen to fix a bug in one of my Android apps - but need to have the Asset load issues sorted beforehand. :)

Hi SF,

Just to remind that SOUND assets failed to load on Android 5.x too - until I used GETCURRENTDIR() but maybe you fixed that with your update to assets copying etc.

Hey is the libpng library the updated one that Google requested a year or so it possible the old version of the libpng is in the project?

Can't seem to locate the libpng file - maybe in a different place under the Steam version?

Or is it combined in another lib file?

YAY! When for the fix   :booze:

Also, if you need any help or want me to try anything just let me know - I am keen to get this working!

I was weird that sound assets were loading for me, but not graphics.

Hopefully a step further to solving this File Issue for api 22 - 5.x

Updating Studio app settings to API-19

 minSdkVersion 19
 targetSdkVersion 28

 arguments "APP_PLATFORM=android-19"

Then add use function for loading assets similar to old AE methods, like so:

So loadsound is now working but something is preventing the same solution from Loading FONTS and SPRITES

So that leads me to believe the underlying code for LOADSOUND is treating assets different than LOADSPRITE.

SF, does this help you to figure out the difference between LOADSOUND and LOADSPRITE / LOADFONT


Hi SF,

That seems to be very awkward compiling 2 different setups. Maybe Gernot has a fix for the API 21/22 issues?
It can't just be that Android Studio causes this - otherwise the error would be popping up on many other forums.


Noticed this - might be nothing but it looks strange...

I modified the Media folder to media (lowercase) trying to see if that was the cause...

I noticed before on logcat a double mention of the media folder in a path name

08-22 10:03:14.489 4481-4551/com.gazzappergames.breakerbricksprem I/glbasic: attempting to recursiveCopy asset: Media/media

Got my Android Studio running quite fast now.

I have 16GB of RAM so I allocated 8GB in VM mem settings to AS and enabled parallel processing and disabled bloaty Plugins.

Running much better now.

Just thought of something - I only have write permission - perhaps API21-22 requires both read and write :)
Write only implies both as of later versions of APIs - or so I think I read.

I will try later with read and write permissions in manifest - maybe asset load will work then?

No probs - take a break from it :)

I will tinker with my version and see if I can figure anything out...looks to me like a Create "Media" folder is not behaving as it should.

If you just see small text on menu then assets didn't load.

until im got it fixed, you can just after this function:

bool OPENGL_IMAGE::LoadImageJPG(const char *szFileName)

just do a return false right after the function. then any load reference will not use jpg loader.

Hopefully im can get its to gracefull return its correctly and just dont try to read the file if its not a jpg.

Cool - now it runs - but the media directory is not found or in wrong place - no assets loading.

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