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Off Topic / EXE to C or Python
« on: 2017-Apr-28 »
Found and tested this website the other day

It converts EXE's to C or Python. The results come in the form of code and visual loop drawings.
I've been using it and ollydbg to reverse work related programs.

Anyone else tried or been looking for something like this?

GLBasic - en / Re: Android screen orientation
« on: 2017-Apr-26 »
Sorted, changed sensorLandscape to sensorPortrait. ( I guess the sensor bit is for the flip in Landscape mode)
It would be nice to have this option in GLB directly, rather then compiling, changing the XML file then recompiling again.

Cant wait till the next update and hope it fixes KEYWAIT
mousewait has slowdown issues on Windows and Keywait just gets ignored.

Is the PLATFORMINFO$(ID) key totally unique, Ive written a lock on my app to restrict parts from running with out a valid key.


GLBasic - en / Android screen orientation
« on: 2017-Apr-24 »
Written a few app for android over the I started a new one from scratch using the latest GLB.
however its upside down, loading old project from older versions and compiling works.

no matter what project/options sizes i try makes no difference in android.

a simple  test

shows sideways

any Ideas, have I forgot something?

Bug Reports / Re: Android Media again
« on: 2016-Dec-24 »
Right Sorted v14 for Android v6 (Well for me any way)

This Works to Play Music

Code: GLBasic [Select]

This works for Fonts

Code: GLBasic [Select]
LOADFONT "lcd.png", 1

This works for Sound

Code: GLBasic [Select]
IF DOESFILEEXIST("atomicnew.wav")
LOADSOUND GETCURRENTDIR$()+"atomicnew.wav", 1,1

and this for Sprites

Code: GLBasic [Select]
IF DOESFILEEXIST("galaxysm.jpg")
LOADSPRITE "galaxysm.jpg",1

Maybe a function similar to the one Spacefractal shown is the way forward.

Bug Reports / Re: Android Media again
« on: 2016-Dec-24 »
Qedo try this it's v12 pre android extras, found it on my old laptop
bouncing sprite and MOD music.

works on my V6 android,


Bug Reports / Re: Android Media again
« on: 2016-Dec-24 »
Paul i have tried also to compile with GL12 but same result.
Playmusic and Loadsound with android 6 don't work.

V12 worked on my v6 Moto G 2nd,playmusic was playing .MOD and .IT tracker music files.
WAVs also worked.I lost my App after I rooted it last week.and cant find my backup.
if I find it or install v12, I'll send you a apk to test.

I cant see that v12 link from the page

Bug Reports / Re: Android Media again
« on: 2016-Dec-24 »
IF DOESFILEEXIST is working for jpg and bmp but not for playmusic or  Loadsound.

I used the stock Android from the main GLBasic, Is this out of date.

I downloaded that androidExtra and unpacked it to the main root of glbasic as per installation instructions, and to the platform folder just in case.
but no change. That's if I was supposed to do that.

Anyone Know the Link to the Glbasic V12

Bug Reports / Re: Android Media again
« on: 2016-Dec-24 »
No its missing on the new web design. Tried to google it but they all say cracked version, which is sad.Probably all Virus files anyway

Bug Reports / Re: Android Media again
« on: 2016-Dec-24 »
Just copied the APK onto my old tablet. 4.4. and 2 and 3 work. So GLB v14 is bugged for Android v5+.
Probably why Android is missing from the main Website Page.
I know v12 had no problems as my app was working until I reloaded my phone.

Any one have a Link for GLBasic v12?

Bug Reports / Android Media again
« on: 2016-Dec-23 »
I've gone back to basic with this.

load a simple sprite and display it.
As expected only 2 and 3 work in windows.
none work in android
I've removed GETCURRENTDIR$()+ as spacefractal says it not needed, this worked every time in v12.

and ideas

Code: GLBasic [Select]

LOADSPRITE "back.bmp",1
DRAWSPRITE 1,100,100
PRINT "1",1,1

LOADSPRITE "Media/back.bmp",2
DRAWSPRITE 2,100,100
PRINT "2",1,1

LOADSPRITE "back.bmp",3
DRAWSPRITE 3,100,100
PRINT "3",1,1

LOADSPRITE "Media/back.bmp",4
DRAWSPRITE 4,100,100
PRINT "4",1,1

GLBasic - en / Keywait not fixed v14.497
« on: 2016-Dec-23 »
   // Core:
   //     SOCK_UDPSEND - bug. Port was internally ill formated.
   //     KEYWAIT - fixed
   // Editor:
   //     Not responding editor in debug session should be fixed.

This is still broken on my system
mousewait still works.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLB V14.497 Internet update
« on: 2016-Dec-23 »
Installed 32bit runtimes version and that's fixed the Update. :)

just need to sort out this media problem again.Ive tried every way i know but still nothing. :(
Is there a link to GLB v12 as I know this works

GLBasic - en / Re: GLB V14.497 Internet update
« on: 2016-Dec-23 »
WPShadow is talking about the faulty web update, Its missing DLL after web update, I only have access to V14.001

GLBasic - en / GLB V14.497 Internet update
« on: 2016-Dec-23 »
Is it me or is this update faulty
EditorE.exe - System Error
missing mfc140.

downloaded v14.01 and tried again, Same thing.
Oh well can't do anything with v14.01

Not been doing much for Android this year, is this type of code still valid
LOADSOUND GETCURRENTDIR$()+"atomicnew.wav", 1,1
as none of my media loads after a compile. the media is in the APK and these are previous working projects, not 100% if they were compiled with v12 or v14

Off Topic / Re: CPC Pinball Dreams
« on: 2016-Oct-31 »
I'm sure Rhino said it works on all 128k machines with any CRTC even 1 , but then again that's what the Preview was for.
Not only is it scrolling it using his special Resolution at the same time, timing must be perfect for the extra colours
this effect cause the graphics flicker under emulation, I've found the new version of caprice forever is better then winape for this type of effect.

Would love to see this and Batman Forever on a real CPC with CRT but sadly my Machine died years ago.

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