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I am not sure at the moment how this "INLINE" stuff really works.

so technically, I save IDs in an array: 7, 14, 9, whatever

so which loop to use to get rid of, let's say 14?

Should I simply use a counter and then use DIMDEL after the loop (I think using it within could cause problems)?

Or DELETE within the loop?!

Great work! GLBasic is great, should have started using it years ago. Much better than AppGameKit (that language is so ugly).

What is the best solution?

i cannot use foreach with non-types, can I?!

GLBasic - en / Re: Passing functions directly
« on: 2019-May-09 »
Yes, that's how you do it, but why not write the function name directly as a parameter?

GLBasic - en / Passing functions directly
« on: 2019-May-01 »

Right now I have to do something like this:

PROTOTYPE prType : a#

FUNCTION test: a#

LOCAL testPr As prType

testPr = test

FUNCTION prPass: testPr As prType


Is it possible to implement direct passing of the function:



GLBasic - en / Re: IDE and auto-complete?
« on: 2019-Mar-29 »

GLBasic - en / IDE and auto-complete?
« on: 2019-Mar-29 »
I saw that once in the IDE. Can I do it by pressing a button or something?

GLBasic - en / Vulkan?
« on: 2019-Mar-09 »
Hi! Cool tool you got there. I like the syntax more than AGK.

Is there any ambition to turn GLBasic into some sort of V(ulkan)Basic in the near future or are such large changes out of the question?


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