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GLBasic - en / simple puzzle game WIP
« on: 2012-Jul-22 »
Hi all!
I'm a 3D graphics artist by day but when I get home from work, and after the family goes to sleep, I become a game programmer =)

Have been playing around alot with glbasic lately and now I feel I can tackle a simple puzzle game.

This is the first time I post here and it's also the first game prototype I'm showing off.., so.., feel free to comment and post feedback!

My plan is to implement even more features to the gameplay and when all that is finished (and bug free) start working on refining graphics, probably doing a complete overhaul.

The game itself is fairly simple right now..,
. go from blue cross to red cross
. you can only travel horizontally or vertically and you go until you hit a wall.
. special blocks (right now I only have "arrow" blocks that blocks you from the opposite direction of the arrow)
. all maps are randomly generated

-- deleted link to game files (was adult content on the upload site)


GLBasic - en / Re: Problem with registration
« on: 2011-Apr-25 »
I just read this topic

And that seems to be my problem too.., I've just posted a message through the contact page and hope my problem will be resolved soon.


GLBasic - en / Re: Problem with registration
« on: 2011-Apr-25 »
I tried that.., Didn't work =(

And I've checked that my email is the correct one etc...

GLBasic - en / Problem with registration
« on: 2011-Apr-25 »
Hello all!

I've just bought the premium package after tinkering around with the 2d free version for a while.
After, typing everything into the registration window, I pressed the register button but, alas, it doesn't work.., I'm still using the 2d only version.

so.., Anybody knows how I can get help with that?

my order number is 374856575

Thanks in advance!

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