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Off Topic / Re: Interesting sponsorship idea
« on: 2012-Mar-27 »
Some time ago I was making a poker clock. I contacted dozens of online casinos to ask if they would like to sponsor it, with either publicity or even naming the full app (as some iOS clocks do). I got only a few answers, and they were really "we are not the department, use this email instead".


Tutorials / Re: How to sign Android apps
« on: 2012-Mar-26 »


GLBasic - en / Re: Android Accelerator
« on: 2012-Mar-23 »
It is working for me...

Bug Reports / NETWEBEND not work on Pre2
« on: 2012-Mar-22 »

PRE2: The app is closed and the browser is not opened.

TP: The app is closed and the browser opens.


PRE2: The app ignores the netwebend command.

TP: The app is sent back and browser opens.

Notice that I installed always the very same ipk file.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Data
« on: 2012-Mar-22 »
If you set in Android market as "protected", the app will only be installable on main memory.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
will install in external if more memory is available.

To save data in external disk, you have to find available ones in /mnt folder or something similar.

Anyway, saving to platforminfo(documents) and (appdata) will save in app filepath.

I started in 1984 with a 2nd hand C= Vic-20. It had no books, so I have to learn with a Spectrum manual. Later we bought a C64 for work: we are photographers, so I made a titler program and a videoclub database (the 1541 was sooo slow!). Later we upgraded to an C128. And then to A500+ with genlock and ¡hard drive!.

In the Amiga a bought Amos Pro. I did my shop's Point-Of-Sale program for the Amiga, and a few more games, one of them a Lord of the Rings game ( in 1991.

I translated from english to spanish the manual of Scenary Animator 3D, and as payment I got 10.000 pts (60€) and a 2400 baud modem. At work, we have an A4000 with 2x2gb SCSI drives, VLabMotion and Tocatta for NonLinear Video Edition (I did some code in that pipe-language the Amiga had...). I spent most of my time (and my father money!) exploring BBS and FidoNet. I even got a real email then!

My home A500 broke due a ray-storm (it lost the yellow color!) and contacted Dave Hayne (one of the amiga makers!) to fix it. A dude from Germany bought me a (lisa?) chip to fix it. This was amazing for us, internet comunications in days!

At home I got an A1200 that was later expanded with a PowerPPC 603e+060/50 with Cybervision (or the hell was called) and some other expansions (a multysinc monitor). My father was amazed when I show him that I could change the eye-color of a photo using Amiga's ImageFX!

I don-t known when, but our first PC at work was a AMD K6-II at 350mhz (I was an Amiga boy!). At work, I re-did my PoS program to PC using TurboBasic, but the Amiga one was soooo nice... I had also Blitz Basic on the Amiga. There is some programs in AmigaNet.

In 2001 I sold my home's A1200, and with the money I bought a full-high-end PC, and even I some money was left!

I discovered Blitz3D for the PC, so I get it and start using it. I did a few more proyects (and updated my PoS program!).

2 Years ago I discovered GLBasic, and I love so much that I can program for my iPhone! Dude, I can even turn millionaire!

I work all my day as photographer, mainly in fron of the PC with Photoshop. My programs are done at home in my spare time.

Or an Android or WebOS version... I want it on my TouchPad!  :'(

Announcements / Re: GLOWING SKY
« on: 2012-Mar-21 »
I am really tired... and after reading comments like "I hate the 10 secs start-screen delay", "I want more images to play with",... do they realize that it is a demo? Buy the full thing, you stupid!

Also in Dots-N-Lines there are comments like "It is cool, but only a few images to play!" (there is a button that says "buy the full version with 50 or 200 images")

Oh, and the best of all are the ones that says "it doesn't work, just crash after start". Do they thing I can read their minds? Why the hell dont they email me asking?

Announcements / Re: GLOWING SKY
« on: 2012-Mar-20 »

Ok, a lot of thanks a lot, I thinked C++ it´s always the most faster languaje...   :x :x

Thanks to all replies

No, machine code is (Yoda said)

Off Topic / Re: 26,000 apps per week
« on: 2012-Mar-20 »
Can anyone imagine the amount of reviewers they have? HUUUUGE.

26000 per week is 2.58 apps per minute, or 115.000 per month.

Apple numbers are so huge...

Off Topic / Re: Samsung App Store
« on: 2012-Mar-20 »
where do you "join" this store?

Off Topic / 26,000 apps per week
« on: 2012-Mar-20 »
According to an article in L.A. Times, Apple / Appstore receives around 26,000 new apps per week.  :noggin: Although around a 30% are rejected, most of them are fixed and resent to Apple.,0,4704640.story

who wants to be millionare? Apple, for sure, is.

GLBasic - en / Re: NOOB Help
« on: 2012-Mar-18 »
No, it is not DDGUI. It is a "library" I made called "filelists", as it was originally used for the "select a file window" you can see in photo-manager in the same app.

In the end I have 3 types of dilelist library: the original, the one you see in the settings menu and the one used in Navigator, called "iconlist" as it display lists of icons.

Inline / 3rd party / Re: iOS Camera Lib
« on: 2012-Mar-18 »
I will love also a way to read images from camera roll...

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