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mygod! that looks wonderful!

can't really think well as I bable but...

-you can have multiples of those right? so to have a fog of war?
-can it be directional? like character facing each of the 8 directions or any direction (more analogic).
-you work with either see or don't see, can it have a degree as it falls off (half height objects, trees)?
-angle of sight, shorter angle sees further, wide angle sees less?

now I guess someone can do a proper xcom...
I once thought of a haunted house game...but could not come out with such a line of sight code...

congrats! :good:

GLBasic - en / Re: selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-11 »
But if those 400 web sites are just a list of reviews sites he downloaded from somewhere, the only value we be that it saves you from submitting to them yourself.  (But still might be worth it if you have more money than  time!).

I agree and am not too found of this type of company.
If an average success is to be found there, I think they would hire or buy the programs in the first place.
This is all too new market for someone to come up with this "advertise" stuff.
Only my opinion though, I would send my games to reviews and sites myself...

or someone on the forum could put up a site for apps review? and we could benefit from a straight channel.
Something similar to the thread people release their app,,, just a thought.

Bug Reports / Re: Licht/Schatten in 3d/ES
« on: 2010-Dec-11 »
My hint is that your model is not "closed" or some faces are flipped, it's a common error that 3d converting tools make. The flipped normals/surfaces are probably responsible for that shadow hole on number 3.

GLBasic - en / Re: selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-11 »
Wow...all these finance figures are making my head spin.  :sick: Do we have enough to chip in for an Airbus A380?  :whistle:

You won't believe! I had an idea for an i-pad game and told a few companies about... of them bought it for several thousand millions so I just though I would by an a320 and have it go all over the world picking up all of us forum users for a first GLBASIC party/convention!

Unfortunantly, like, as you can see on the pic, they forgot to remove the a320 logo off the plane, it really pissed me off I told them to go back to factory and report when they get the painting job done correctly...

you can't really trust these a320 factories!   :P

[attachment deleted by admin]

Off Topic / Re: Intel's AppUp
« on: 2010-Dec-08 »
I can send the sdk, there is an sdk for windows and an sdk for moblin(what is that?).
How can I send it?

Off Topic / Re: Intel's AppUp
« on: 2010-Dec-08 »
metoo, soucelifter is a nice take on choplifter, used to play it a lot when it was free a couple years ago...

GLBasic - en / Re: selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-08 »
Erico & Djtoon-
Congratulations! You look like you are both doing well.

oops, those are Kitty's numbers not mine, but I hope I do that good too!

@Djtoon, what about time spam?
ipuppeteer is a nice app, you surely will sell more copies.

GLBasic - en / Re: selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-08 »
Here it goes, Kittie's numbers:

well, I'm maybe not the best one to ask about app sales, because my apps usally are quick drawing with some easy programs that I put together within a few days.
But here's my sales for this whole year (divide by 11 to get average per month) so you can get the picture:
Wumbo's Adventure: 198,- EUR
Acrobastics: 50,- EUR
Dr.Shiver: 4003,- EUR
Dr.Shiver HD (iPad): 328,-
Fridge Game: 51,-
GooseBumpsters: 105,-
Spy's Kit: 1122,- (whoops! Didn't expect that much)

Here's a link to them:

GLBasic - en / Re: selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
will see to add more articles about sales whenever I come by any that looks interesting, it should give a good read for those thinking about starting something up.

you best take a closer look here too

AS you can see from the second post down there, before the game became a hit, he sold something like 3.200$ within 4 months, 2338 copies. Those figures are really motivating, my guess is that if you can keep 4 apps on those figures it should be enough to get things well started (at least in my case, not married, no kids, dollar is high currency in brazil).

GLBasic - en / Re: selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
I am also interesested in hearing about tax with regard to selling apps. Does anyone have info? Obviously any additional income has to be declared, or does Apple sort out that side of things? How are payments made to you? etc. etc.

Payments, from what I heard, are made when sales hit 150$ from a single country, then apple writes a check. Exactly how they pay I will still look into it when I open an apple account, probably the guys here that already have something going will now more.

Tax will sure vary from country. Here (brazil) my guess is that if I open an app account in my name, then I will pay for this additional income normally, if I open a company account then I will pay less taxes, something around  5% if my income is around 40k/year.

Off Topic / Re: web design
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
Looking at erico's portfolio, That image he did for the Darkbasic competition is brilliant.
Something like that in the header would really spice things up

My god, that was a long hand draw I did I never though would make anywhere!
Now it gets posted here, brings tears :'(

Yes. Erico's work is really stunning. I never thought I'd met such an artist in my life.
But I guess he's pretty busy. ... or expensive :P

Neither of both, well, actually busy is sometimes correct, since I do work for publicity, sometimes I get full weeks of 14-16h day work (and still get home and work on my own stuff after such), but sometimes I get months off, It's quite unpredictable.

I can help with anything needed for this,
will try to come up with something soon to show up,
can't promise though, it's close to Christmas...

GLBasic - en / Re: selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
thanks ampos,

I guess what is important is selling a little everyday, at least for my plans.
I'm thinking of putting up a game every 2 months, simple atari 2600 type games at first,
pretty they will be...

I'm quite interested in how many simple little apps can sell.
And also how they go being sold straight from a site for mac/pc/linux.

I should put this plan up early january, have some money to upgrade my machines and buy a mini-mac/ipad for such... hope it works out, if it pays the least I need to switch work area and do it full time it would be nice... I actually don't need much for that so I'm shooting for simplicity in quantities, pretty simplicity though.

thanks for sharing

GLBasic - en / Re: win 7 mobile
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
gaaah! :'(
hope they do so,

thanks MrTAToad

GLBasic - en / selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
Hello everyone,

most people are not comfortable sharing such private things but I thought to ask anyway.
Of the ones selling apps on the apple store or pc apps of personal sites,
how is sale going in general?
Could you guys keep a steady sale throughout the year?

I have read that normal/simple games tend to sell 10-50 copies a day, does that hold true?
What about in a time schedule how does it go through 6 months?

I have come around a few articles on these, the most common ones:

I found others too, will post if interests anyone.

But back on point, I'm not considering franchise games or hit games, but am interested on casual games sales.
I'm thinking about moving to this side of entertainment quite soon and anything related to these would help. I think if I could get some 4 apps selling within 6 months and they sell around 20-50 a day (.99 to 1.99 price maybe) I may be able to pull this off, any hints? thanks.

GLBasic - en / win 7 mobile
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
Does glbasic currently support the win7 mobile environment?
What about their app store? does anyone have any experience on that to share?

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