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Thank you for your response and my code.  I wish I had an answer as to why there was an issue or why it was blocked.  My sbcglobal e-mail address is obviously a Yahoo e-mail address which I've had for many years now, and I don't ordinarily have this problem.  As far as settings for the server, the setup is fairly plug-and-play with the OS I'm using, Windows 10, because all I had to do was just type in my e-mail address when I set up the mail client and it did all the setup for me.  I did a few searches just now on possible issues with Yahoo blocking e-mail, but found no real answers.  If it helps any, my incoming e-mail server as it's displayed in the Win10 e-mail client is, and the options for requiring SSL are checked and turned on.  And additionally, I did not see any e-mails from in my spam folder.

Okay, thanks.  I'll give it a little more time and send another message if I don't hear anything soon.

Hi everyone.  New user here.  I purchased GLBasic yesterday afternoon via PayPal but I have not received my license key yet.  I have sent a private message to Kitty Hello and also via the Contact form on the GLBasic website.  Should I simply exercise a little bit more patience and assume the key will be sent soon?  Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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