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GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-27 »
I send a mail from my registered address to the mailbox Gernot sent me my regcode to ask if I can request my steam key, but no response yet.

Should I use the contact form on this site or use other method to contact him?

When Apple removes OpenGL, I hope there're some wrapper available as a SDK or Library available.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Crashes reduced!
« on: 2018-Mar-15 »
I'd pay for a Unicode version/addon for GLBasic, it's essential for modern applications.

Off Topic / Re: Sequencer Software
« on: 2017-Nov-07 »
Mario Paint .............. well, it actually works.

Try DefleMask Tracker( and/or ModPlug Tracker(, I'm using both for a long while and  still satisfied.

Link to Sprytile:

A free blender plugin for making models using tilesets as textures.
I didn't use Blender for a long while tho, however I'm interested to try it.

Demo Video:

GLBasic - en / Re: GLB V14.497 Internet update
« on: 2017-Mar-27 »
I'm using GLBasic  in a locked down desktop which I don't have the access to install updates.
After update GLB stop working due to the new required runtime.

The method I use to deal with it is to download all required files from other sites and put them into GLB folder, includes:
api-ms-win-*.dll (check the error message)

Otherwise, the compiled game doesn't need the runtime tho.

GLBasic - en / Re: Glbasic on Steam? :-)
« on: 2016-Jun-07 »
Maybe Gernot can follow the mode like Godot Engine, free to play for desktop platforms.

Atom is good, and can be easily configured.
I can configured it to work with Love2D with a few clicks, relly nice.

BTW, On my SSD VS Code opens faster, and VS Code is recently open-sourced(, you can give VS Code a try.

Off Topic / Re: More handhelds...
« on: 2016-Apr-19 »
Good concept, even only the case worths it.

I like the design that computer in a keyboard.

Better IDE

Off Topic / Re: Nice Clone DS Nintendo
« on: 2016-Mar-09 »
Recently the Chinese console clones are getting better, I can finally buy one to subsitute my Xperia Play...

Off Topic / Re: 2000 Marbles
« on: 2016-Mar-09 »
It remimds me the "Pipe Dreams" on Animusic album.
I bought the album for this music.

I wonder how many songs the mable machine can play.

As I know OpenGL should still be valid and supported as a existing API for a long while, if OpenGL cease to work, there'll be a proxy library like GL translator DLL or something made by community, we don't have to worry.

However, GLB need to add some new abilities like OOP and UTF-8 etc to catch up the current standards.

Off Topic / Re: Modernize GLBasic?
« on: 2015-Oct-02 »
For example, if you use GBK(simplified chinese) range of double-byte text, it's about 5MB for a 24x24 per character within the character code range, which is not very heavy for  a text sprite, but if you want to utilize big font size (like 96x96) or use multiple fonts, that'll be wasting many memory.

If using a TTF(FreeType for example) to display GBK, it typically took 8~10MB per font but he character is not limited in size and if you want change the font it much easier.

The free unicode fonts like Droid Sans Fallback or MS Hei is very small and suitable for displaying multiple country texts, however they have some license limitation if you want to bundle wit your binary.

Off Topic / Re: Modernize GLBasic?
« on: 2015-Sep-30 »
I'm still using V12, I think I missed the V14 release as I'm diving into Godot Engine for a while.

Checking V14 now.

In my experience it's still posible to make double-byte language support without Unicode core, like GBK or Extended Hangual, literally it's easy to display Chinese etc on screen but somehow hard to take input properly.

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