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Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-11 »
Yep very very nice and funny... is done with CPCtelera (Is comming CPCtelera 2.0, seems will be awesome).
Take a look to the Scene of Amstrad, is comming a couple of games this April awesome, done for ESP Soft. (Lady Phoenix song)

And Malasobra images.

Thanks dreamerman and hardyx, I think I will wait to Leadwerks new version, they will be about VR but the API in C++ is really easy and powerfull.

Or perhaps is time to code for arduino with STL and C++ Standard... (I'm confused  O_O :S , I don't know what to do  :noggin: )

SpaceFractal only give you thanks for all the work you did for GLbasic.

HI thanks to both...  :good: :good:

Hey guys I don't want say I leave 100% GLbasic (I continue using...), but for learn another languaje I like to know what your use, or waht you think is interesting to learn...

For now I understand more or less good C++, and Python , I'm not sure if learn C# or JS... I read in a lot of webs JavaScript is really the king in work demand...

Thanks for yours councils... ;)

Off Topic / Mecanography for programmers
« on: 2018-Jan-06 »
Hi guys I'm sure about you pick veery faster code, but if you want improve your skills with some popular languajes take a look to this page.

Off Topic / Re: Whats Santa bringing you?
« on: 2017-Dec-20 »
Try Grid and Grid 2, are really really fun, a lot of speed more arcade than simulator.

Hey guys happy next 2018 year, and happy Christmas.

Off Topic / Re: Gamebuino Meta
« on: 2017-Dec-16 »
But you can do one for yourself ?¿, I see where you can download the Libs, and I think it's only an Arduino with Nokia 5110 Screen...
Is really nice, and I see you have compiler for Html5 and can use an emulator for test games.

Off Topic / Free nice and cool 3d objects
« on: 2017-Nov-03 »

I think this web is new... I do only a simple search I'm not sure if all models are for free, but I see free and nice quality. Take a look because are in .obj and can be used gith Glbasic.

Hey Erico, yes I show a couple of videos in Youtube, and is really interesting can do this soft... I think the future of softs is the Web , you pay each month and you have acces to the soft...
Greetings Erico.  :booze:

Hi guys I found this course in Udemy (I did another courses and always have a good quality).

I don't see to much but if someone don't have any idea to do GFX, let code for a time and put to practice to do GFX.*k&siteID=p4oHS4cJv.k-i3QNqeGDmbpO92nA0UfSkQ&siteID=p4oHS4cJv.k-y8_.TZOsfEjMfPfxBSXPXg

Gracias Hardyx, no recordaba que los constructores son void en C++, tiene tantas cosas esté lenguaje que a veces es un follón.
Por lo de responder tarde no te preocupes, me parece que solo quedamos tú y yo de españoles, y no es que yo entré tanto como antes.



GLBasic - es / Re: #ifdef #endif C++
« on: 2017-Sep-08 »
Ok Hardyx gracias... Bueno estoy en Linux aunque GLBasic funciona muy bien en Wine.
Ya me miraré lo que me comentas del GCC que por aquí tengo un librico.
Gracias por la respuesta.

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