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Off Topic / Re: 3d Modeler OpenSource Dust 3D
« on: 2018-May-19 »
Yes Erico, I think is a bit extrange.. (similar another tool, but this uses Pixols, like Zbrush).

Off Topic / 3d Modeler OpenSource Dust 3D
« on: 2018-May-15 »
Hey guys, if you need a 3d modeler easy?¿, I only see a couple of videos but seems easy to use.

Perhaps for do something with GLbasic comes well.

Off Topic / Oculus GO?¿
« on: 2018-May-02 »
What do you think about this device?¿, will be finally the VR for all people or is another device for launch to the trash,,,

Thanks BigSofty, just I test under WInAPE, but for now seems is in alpha version, but really is nice to see this quality of graphics in an Amstrad device.
SpaceFractal, thanks for this version, I don't know about it... Commodore always seems an arcade hyper fast and smooth.

Hi guys, new game from EspSoft for CPC... Really awesome graphics and music...

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-11 »
Yep very very nice and funny... is done with CPCtelera (Is comming CPCtelera 2.0, seems will be awesome).
Take a look to the Scene of Amstrad, is comming a couple of games this April awesome, done for ESP Soft. (Lady Phoenix song)

And Malasobra images.

Thanks dreamerman and hardyx, I think I will wait to Leadwerks new version, they will be about VR but the API in C++ is really easy and powerfull.

Or perhaps is time to code for arduino with STL and C++ Standard... (I'm confused  O_O :S , I don't know what to do  :noggin: )

SpaceFractal only give you thanks for all the work you did for GLbasic.

HI thanks to both...  :good: :good:

Hey guys I don't want say I leave 100% GLbasic (I continue using...), but for learn another languaje I like to know what your use, or waht you think is interesting to learn...

For now I understand more or less good C++, and Python , I'm not sure if learn C# or JS... I read in a lot of webs JavaScript is really the king in work demand...

Thanks for yours councils... ;)

Off Topic / Mecanography for programmers
« on: 2018-Jan-06 »
Hi guys I'm sure about you pick veery faster code, but if you want improve your skills with some popular languajes take a look to this page.

Off Topic / Re: Whats Santa bringing you?
« on: 2017-Dec-20 »
Try Grid and Grid 2, are really really fun, a lot of speed more arcade than simulator.

Hey guys happy next 2018 year, and happy Christmas.

Off Topic / Re: Gamebuino Meta
« on: 2017-Dec-16 »
But you can do one for yourself ?¿, I see where you can download the Libs, and I think it's only an Arduino with Nokia 5110 Screen...
Is really nice, and I see you have compiler for Html5 and can use an emulator for test games.

Off Topic / Free nice and cool 3d objects
« on: 2017-Nov-03 »

I think this web is new... I do only a simple search I'm not sure if all models are for free, but I see free and nice quality. Take a look because are in .obj and can be used gith Glbasic.

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