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Announcements / Food & Cows. Our new game
« on: 2012-Dec-13 »

I want to introduce our new game " Food & Cows. Brain Game "

It's available for Android:



For webos:


I hope you like!



GLBasic - es / Food & Cows. Brain Game
« on: 2012-Dec-06 »
Hola a todos,

Quería presentarles nuestro último juego " Food & Cows. Brain Game ". Food & Cows está inspirado en el clásico y tradicional juego Bull & Cows, con más 100 años de antiguedad. Ese mismo juego posiblemente inspiró a los creadores de Mastermind y Code Breaker. ¡Esta es nuestra alocada versión!

Está disponible para las siguientes plataformas:

Windows Phone:

¡Espero que os guste!

Un saludo de todo el equipo

Hola a todos,

Quería presentaros nuestro último juego " Super Arcade Tabletop ". Por el momento disponible para webOS.

El juego recupera el espiritu de las antiguas consolas de juego ( gakken, coleco, game & watch). "Super Arcade Tabletop" rememora los divertidos juegos de leds que hacian volar nuestra imaginación a principos de los años 80.

Descarga para Android:

Descarga para webOS:

Saludos de todo el equipo de Tagoror y Timeinvaders

GLBasic - en / Load remote sprites
« on: 2012-May-12 »

It's possible to load a remote sprite from a webserver from GLBasic?

With NETWEBGET$ I can load remote content, but I don't know if I can do it with remote images to use it as sprites.




We have a problem with the screen orientation on HP Touchpad. Our resolution game is 768x1024 but TouchPad don't handle this screen size. The native screen size is 1024x768. The solution is rotate manually the screen to work in portrait mode. How can we do this? At this moment
our game doesn't fit well the Touchpad screen ...

Our game is in 2D and the compilation was created with GLBasic 10.0.57.

Maybe GLBasic doesn't support directly the HP Touchpad.

For now the game is available for Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Veer, Palm Pre2, HP Pre3.




Today i started to play with a Android devide, i installed the SDK and i build a test with GLBasic for Android, but still i don't know how build an application package (.apk file) to can install the application on the device.

Can GLBasic create the .apk file? or how i can build it?



GLBasic - en / Screen Resolutions
« on: 2011-Aug-16 »
I had a problem submitting our game to HP App Catalog for a screen resolution problem. The app does not fill the entire screen in HP Pre 3 and for HP Veer parts of the app are cut off due to the small screen size.

We can prepare the graphics and adapt the game for several screen sizes. I checked GLBasic allow me to detect the desktop size with " GETDESKTOPSIZE ", but there are any way to work with only one set of graphics? I would like to avoid to prepare multiple versions of the graphics for the same game.

Our game is in 2D. Any idea?

Regards and thank you,


FAQ / Problems with Windows 7
« on: 2011-Aug-09 »

I'm trying to test GLBasic, but allways i try to run a source code, GLBasic simply hangs. If i try to compile, just i get a dialog box asking for a name for the project, even if the project is already saved.

Trying to find a solution, i reinstalled GLBasic in a different folder, and also i tried to run it as Administrador and in Windows XP mode, but nothing change.

I tried in two differents laptops, one with Windows 7 64Bits and in other with Windows 7 32Bits, and in both i have the same problem.

As i read in this forum I've installed Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable

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