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Touchpad WebOS app always starts upside down in portrait mode and does not respond to manually setting the orientation with the SETORIENTATION command. Any ideas?


Just a quick announcement that I have (finally) just released Quixotic, a retro-arcade shooter for the HP Touchpad. It is available now in the HP App Catalog. Coming soon for iPad and Android. Hope you like it!

From the app description:

Quixotic (Quick-Sotic) Take command of Earth's last remaining line of defense against the sinister shenanigans of the accursed Beta-8 Alliance. You command the last remaining orbiting defense platform QXC-01, better know as the "Quixotic" defense station. Outfitted with an 8-way laser cannon system, the QXC-01 is capable of impressive firepower. Power-ups will beam to your area from time to time to increase the capabilities of the mighty QXC-01... supercannon, lasersaw, and lightning nuke are but a few of the special weapons that will become available to you during your magnificent resistance. The enemy is merciless, the onslaught is intense. The fleet you face is varied... ramships, bombers, fighters, fast scout ships, sniper ships, and the awe-inspiring firepower of the wicked Girtan Gunship.. not to mention the appearance of those dastardly Beta-8 Generals including that nasty little taunting germ-thing in a diaper. The survival of the people of Earth hangs in the balance! Features: Intuitive 8-Way laser cannon system to defend the Quixotic station! Retro-inspired intensely addictive gameplay! Responsive left or right handed touch-screen controls! (however, we suggest you use both hands.. seriously) Power-ups, bonus-points, and hull-healing warp cores! Excellent arcade-type sound effects and music! A veritable potpourri of stylish enemies with varied attack strategies! Bone cracking boss battles! Retro-inspired HD graphics & cool special fx! We find ourselves in this hopeless but glorious battle, fight on as long as you can! Good luck, Commander!

Thanks for all the help guys, especially to Kitty!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Okay, well this is rather fun. I have finished  my game, compiled it for HP Touchpad and tested (submitted to the store as well)... has never crashed on that platform once. Very stable. Compiled it for Kindle Fire... runs good... no crashes or anything like that. Tested on Android, a little slow but stable... no crashes. Now today I compile it for my iPad2 and it runs for a about 30 seconds then crashes each and every time. Same code, nothing has changed at all between my Touchpad (never crashes) build and my iPad build (crashes every time). XCode is kind enough to report back the following:

0x00007630  <+0000>  push   {r4, r7, lr}
0x00007634  <+0004>  mov   r12, r0
0x00007638  <+0008>  ldr   r0, [pc, #60]   ; 0x767c <_ZN11__GLBASIC__7SPRCOLLEiiiiii+76>
0x0000763c  <+0012>  add   r7, sp, #4   ; 0x4
0x00007640  <+0016>  sub   sp, sp, #12   ; 0xc
0x00007644  <+0020>  add   lr, pc, r0
0x00007648  <+0024>  ldr   r0, [lr]
0x0000764c  <+0028>  mov   r4, r1
0x00007650  <+0032>  str   r2, [sp]
0x00007654  <+0036>  ldr   r1, [sp, #28]
0x00007658  <+0040>  ldr   r2, [sp, #24]
0x0000765c  <+0044>  str   r1, [sp, #8]
0x00007660  <+0048>  str   r2, [sp, #4]
0x00007664  <+0052>  mov   r1, r12
0x00007668  <+0056>  mov   r2, r3
0x0000766c  <+0060>  mov   r3, r4
0x00007670  <+0064>  bl   0x21ec4 <_ZN14OpenGLRainbows15SpriteCollisionEiiiiii>
0x00007674  <+0068>  sub   sp, r7, #4   ; 0x4
0x00007678  <+0072>  pop   {r4, r7, pc}
0x0000767c  <+0076>  andeq   r3, sp, r12, asr r7

I ran into this issue several months ago with a completely different build (I rewrote it to avoid using anim-to-nonanim sprite collisions checking) but have focused on porting over to Android and now I am back to iPad and am trying to build my game for submission to the appstore. Obviously, this is a show stopper.

Trying to develop a game in GLB to work on Android has been a horror story. I think I am finally at the end of my rope. The performance is terrible, you have to use polys to get anything near acceptable speed, not using createscreen crashes the app and more fun stuff. The only device (HTC Flyer) that I have that did have acceptable performance now runs half the speed it did before the 2.3.4 update making the game totally unplayable now. Yay.  Glad I spent the last 3 months on the Android port just to end up here.  Wonderful. :rant:

Had some time today to play with the Kindle Fire and found an interesting issue. The actual screen resolution is 600x1024 but GETSCREENSIZE returns 600x964. The screen does reserve 20 pixels at the bottom for it's hidden button menu and the graphics are pushed up 20 pixels so the top is cut-off. The strange thing is that the mouse coordinates are off by 40 pixels on the Y axis.

This is from the Kindle Fire Dev FAQ:

"*Note: The device will reserve 20px to display a soft key menu, making the effective portrait resolution 1004px high x 600px wide and the effective landscape resolution 580px high x 1024px wide "

Seems the actual display is 1004 but GLB thinks it is 964 so that seems to account for the offset of 40 pixels in the mouse coordinates.  :noggin:

I have noticed that my sounds are screwy on my Tegra-2 tablets. Both my Toshiba Thrive and now my Amazon Kindle Fire. The graphics are now working good after the last update (albeit still slow but working at least now) but the sound is really screwy. The wav files seem to play slow and only a couple of sounds can play at a time and the samples just sound bad. The music seems to play fine. Working fine on my PC, HTC Flyer, and both iPads. Any ideas?


Print text using Polyvector

PrintPoly(text$, x, y, fontsprite, color, centered)
centered=1, not centered=0

Hope somebody finds this useful.
Please feel free to make comments/suggestions. :)

Code: GLBasic [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: PolyFont BY GulfRacer
// Start: Sunday, October 16, 2011
// IDE Version: 10.106

LOCAL screen_x, screen_y
GETSCREENSIZE screen_x, screen_y



PrintPoly("** This is a PrintPoly test! **",screen_x/2, 100, 1000, RGB(255,0,0),1) // WARNING: USE COLOR RGB(255,255,255) FOR MOBILE DEVICES
PrintPoly("This text is centered!",screen_x/2,150,1000, RGB(0,255,0),1)
PrintPoly("This text is not!",screen_x/2,200,1000, RGB(0,0,255),0)


FUNCTION PrintPoly: text$, x, y, font, color, center
LOCAL font_sizex, font_sizey, char_row, char_col, text_length
LOCAL loop_foo, cur_char$, cur_char_code
LOCAL texture_x, texture_y, cols, rows, center_x=0


IF text_length>0

        GETSPRITESIZE font,font_sizex,font_sizey
        cols=font_sizex/16 // GET THE COLUMN SIZE IN PIXELS
        rows=font_sizey/8 // GET THE ROW SIZE IN PIXELS

        IF center=1 THEN center_x=text_length*cols/2
        FOR loop_foo=0 TO text_length-1
                cur_char$=MID$(text$,loop_foo,1) // GET THE CURRENT CHARACTER          
                cur_char_code=ASC(cur_char$) // GET THE CURRENT CHARACTER CODE         
                char_row=INTEGER(cur_char_code/16) // FIND THE ROW IN THE FONT MATRIX THE CHARACTER BELONGS TO         
                char_col=INTEGER(MOD(cur_char_code,char_row*16)) // FIND THE COLUMN IN THE FONT MATRIX THE CHARACTER BELONGS TO                
                texture_x=char_col*cols // LOCATE THE TEXTURE PIXEL X LOCATION IN THE FONT MATRIX              
                texture_y=char_row*rows // LOCATE THE TEXTURE PIXEL y LOCATION IN THE FONT MATRIX
                STARTPOLY font         
                POLYVECTOR x-center_x+(loop_foo*cols),y,texture_x,texture_y,color
                POLYVECTOR x-center_x+(loop_foo*cols),y+rows,texture_x,texture_y+rows,color
                POLYVECTOR x-center_x+(loop_foo*cols)+cols,y+rows,texture_x+cols,texture_y+rows,color
                POLYVECTOR x-center_x+(loop_foo*cols)+cols,y,texture_x+cols,texture_y,color



GLBasic - en / Help with Polyvector animation
« on: 2011-Oct-15 »
Going through the forum, I think I have the hang of drawing sprites using polyvector but I am having difficulty figuring out how to draw animated sprites.
I am looking at replacing this:

LOADANIM "explosions.png",150,50,50
DRAWANIM 150, anim_frame, x, y

With a method that uses polyvector.

GLBasic - en / Playmusic on Android?
« on: 2011-Oct-04 »

I am having trouble getting the PLAYMUSIC command on my HTC Flyer Android tablet. I've tried both MP4 and OGG formats but haven't had any luck getting it to work. Any ideas?

Thank you.

GLBasic - en / Android debug?
« on: 2011-Oct-03 »

I noticed that GLB is building a "debug" apk file and installing it on my HTC Flyer. Can this be changed to build a "release" version or does it matter? Seems to be a bit slow as is.


Reposting from the GLBasic - en forum...

It seems I am having an issue with GLB_ON_QUIT not being called in my iPhone app. I have fast task-switching enabled (GLB_ON_PAUSE/GLB_ON_RESUME) and working good but the program just won't run the GLB_ON_QUIT subroutine when I exiting the program (killing it while paused from the fast-task switch panel). However GLB_ON_QUIT seems to be executing on Windows Ok.

I have ALLOWESCAPE FALSE and AUTOPAUSE TRUE at the top of my code and my main loop is setup this way:



Is this enough or do I need to add something else or is this a bug? I am stumped.
Thank you.

GLBasic - en / GLB_ON_QUIT?
« on: 2011-May-15 »
It seems I am having an issue with GLB_ON_QUIT not being called in my iPhone app. I have fast task-switching enabled (GLB_ON_PAUSE/GLB_ON_RESUME) and working good but the program just won't run the GLB_ON_QUIT subroutine when I exiting the program (killing it while paused from the fast-task switch panel).

I have ALLOWESCAPE FALSE and AUTOPAUSE TRUE at the top of my code and my main loop is setup this way:



Is this enough or do I need to add something else? I am stumped.
Thank you.

GLBasic - en / More iOS issues
« on: 2011-May-12 »

I have an app running perfectly on my PC but have run into a couple of snafus when running it on my iPhone.
I am using the following code to try and load the previously used settings:


IF file_exist
   INIOPEN file$
   Ffx_mode=INIGET$("Main", "fx_mode")
   Fselect=INIGET$("Main", "select")
   Fvisible=INIGET$("Main", "visible")
   Fcolor=INIGET$("Main", "color")
   Fmute=INIGET$("Main", "mute")

and here is the code I am using on GLB_ON_QUIT:

   IF file_exist THEN KILLFILE file$
   INIOPEN file$
   INIPUT "Main", "fx_mode", Ffx_mode
   INIPUT "Main", "select",Fselect
   INIPUT "Main", "visible", Fvisible
   INIPUT "Main", "color", Fcolor
   INIPUT "Main", "mute", Fmute

Works as expected on my PC but broken on the iPhone.

The next problem involves the SOUNDPLAYING command. I want to loop a sound
and since there is no built-in command to do this, I've done it this way:

IF Fmute=0 AND SOUNDPLAYING(sound_channel)=0 THEN sound_channel=PLAYSOUND(703,0.0,1)

This works fine on the PC but on the iphone, the return value of SOUNDPLAYING seems
to always return 0 so it restarts the sound each loop resulting in an annoying humming noise.

This also works as expected on my PC but is broken on the iPhone.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Bug Reports / iPad app keeps crashing
« on: 2011-Apr-04 »
So, this is lovely. After spending pretty much every spare moment I have had this past month, my iPad game is finally around 95% complete. So I load it up in xcode to test it, install it on both of my iPads and it runs great... except for some random crashing that is. Every time I play it, it will crash.. eventually.  It is rock solid in Windows, runs with no problems at all. It uses the same game routines all throughout but for whatever reason, it just chokes.. sometimes after playing for 2 minutes, sometimes after 10 minutes. There is no pattern to it that I can see. I load all my graphics, sound, etc at the beginning. I'm using types for enemies, explosions, bullets, etc. I am also using an mp4 background music track, wav files for sound effects, and png files for graphics. I have been through the code several times and just don't see any issues with how the code is working. Are there any known issues that I should be aware of?

Thanks.  :rant:


I try this code:

DIM enemy_ID[7]

and receive this result:

*** Configuration: WIN32 ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.7.861 SN:741e258f - 3D, NET
Wordcount:2 commands
C:\Users\test\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_temp0.cpp: In function `int __GLBASIC__::__MainGameSub_()':
C:\Users\test\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_temp0.cpp:49: error: no matching function for call to `DIM(DGInt&, int)'
C:/Coding/GLBasic/Compiler/platform/Include/glb.h:861: note: candidates are: void __GLBASIC__::DIM(__GLBASIC__::DGIntArray&, DGNat, DGNat, DGNat, DGNat)
C:/Coding/GLBasic/Compiler/platform/Include/glb.h:862: note:                 void __GLBASIC__::DIM(__GLBASIC__::DGNatArray&, DGNat, DGNat, DGNat, DGNat)
C:\Users\test\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_temp0.cpp:53: error: `__GLBASIC__::enemy_ID' cannot be used as a function
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 1.1 sec. Time: 00:51
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***

What am I doing wrong?

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