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Off Topic / need help in a python script ....
« on: 2017-Jan-25 »
if anyone will help  please write me a PM.

phyton 2.7  on rpi   ,only a few lines for the help  :nw:

Bug Reports / v14 bugs ?
« on: 2017-Jan-25 »
i install the last 14.00100  then i update glb to 14.40100

missing mfc140.dll , installing the dll but nothing runs.

any help?

GLBasic - de / ipv6 und udp broadcasting...
« on: 2017-Jan-02 »
zur ermittlung eines Gerätes im eigenen Netz hatte Gernot mal eine coole Methode gezeigt die per UDP broadcast dieses Problem löste.

ist das jetzt noch möglich ?

Iirc Android can replay mod files out of the box ?! ( Amiga songs).

iam right?


Hi , i have a nice idea for a new project .
for ios i have no idea if i can load a pic from the camerafolder .
or is it possible to get an image direct from the camera


GLBasic - en / how to convert 4 bytes to
« on: 2015-Oct-27 »
a float ?  can anyone help?

has anyone ever use the serial port with usb?

]after some fighting with the printer   i/we are satisfied with the quality .

protos v3 , dualextruder fast and slow quality.

if anybody need something .... send me an pm

Off Topic / gr
« on: 2015-Feb-15 »

GLBasic - en / raspberry pi 2
« on: 2015-Feb-02 »
hi , i bought a pi2 from pollin in the hope we can finally run glb projects on this plattform.
maybe we can use the software rasterizer on one core ?
what do you think ?

all my test on the old rpi are failed  :S

GLBasic - en / Android playmusic/playsound
« on: 2015-Jan-13 »
After a test i found i cant play some music or sound
on Android with Glb standard version.
Iirc i need to use Android extra for this.
But iirc i need to declare/preload the sound
If i use android extra.
Now my question:

How to play a mp3/ or other sound file whitch
I get over tcp/ip or udp ?
I mean not streaming ala shoutcast i mean
I get a full file, store this and play now.


GLBasic - en / i need to know ...
« on: 2015-Jan-10 »
hi ,

where is the standard smalfont in the glb distribution locatet ?

and how to disable the adb call at the end from compiling for android ?

i need to skip the install on emu ore device because it hangs everytime on my win7 pro 64 bit.
and i hate the really small font and will it replace with my own without using the fontcreator all the time.

thx for help

GLBasic - en / Compiling for Android ...
« on: 2015-Jan-09 »
Bought a new Laptop , install the latest Glb but
what sdk / java is the best atm.

What are you using ?



has anyone a hint to get the desktop as a image (windows) ?

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