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GLBasic - en / Mouseaxis on WebOS
« on: 2011-Apr-19 »
Can anyone confirm that Mouseaxis commands work for them in WebOS? My Mouseaxis routines do not seem to be doing anything in WebOS.

Thanks in advance.

GLBasic - en / Question for WebOS apps
« on: 2011-Apr-15 »
For those of you that submitted apps for Webos to their App Store, did you have to support the pixi resolution? I thought I read that they wanted the app to support both. I would rather not have to worry about supporting the 2 resolutions.

I did not get a chance the other evening to mess with the WebOS and MP3s not playing so I plan on doing that tonight. Only some seem to be playing for me. They all work on iOS, but not Palm.

Thanks in advance


I compiled all of my games for WebOS and everything seems to work except the music. Sound effects are fine but music does not work on any of them. Just silent. I used MP3s. Is there somethign I am missing for WebOS? I did some searching on the forums and could not find anything on this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


GLBasic - en / In App Purchases
« on: 2010-Nov-10 »
Does GLBasic support in app purchases? I searched through the threads and could not find anything on it.

Thanks in advance,

GLBasic - en / Question on app for sale..
« on: 2010-Oct-20 »
Please do not take this as me pushing my game. I have a game called Hairy Legs that has been in the app store for exactly 4 weeks now. It is my first game and I have learned a ton in the process. One of the surprising things I find is how few people leave reviews. For this game every 1 person leaves feedback for 16 sales. I have gotten 2 feedbacks now mentioning crashing. I am asking if any of you have the game and are having problems? For all the sales and for only 2 people to say about it I can't believe it is too relevent, but non the less I want to find out what is going on. I believe they simply have too much running and the iOS is closing it down. I've noticed on my own testing once I get about 12-15 apps running it will not start up, but I am able to do that with any number of other apps I have. So if any of you have the game, I only ask because I did post about it in the app section, please let me know if you are having issues or not.

Here is something I did find out that surprised me. I work at a small school in a small town. I know exactly 13 people who have iPhones or iPod touches. All 13 of these iDevices can multitask. All 13 owners were clueless on how multitask works. When I showed them there was a huge amount of apps running on them. My game would not run along with many other apps the had. They would get frustrated and just not try anymore. Now things work great for these 13 people. Any suggestions on how to deal with that would be more than welcome. You can get bad rating simply because they do not know what is going on with their device. I debating putting an info page after load screens that mentions that. I guess as techie typer people we tend to assume the average person know how to use these things and I was stunned to find out not one person did. Two of the people were big time Apple geeks and principals at the school. Even the kids were clueless on multitask. Many didn't know it even had the ability.

Thanks for any input,
Gary Gindlesperger

First off I need to give a big thanks to all the people who have helped out on these boards. A big thanks to Gernot for a quality product. I really appreciate the help and quick responses I have received on these boards. OK..the thank yous may not be appropriate for this forum so I will get to the part that is :)

Myself and some friends put together a game called Hairy Legs. I know it sounds gross but is fun and addicting if you get caught up in the whole high score thing. We initially released it 3 weeks ago without global scores. In the time it took to approves it, I managed to get global high scores working. On Tuesday of this week the update was approved. I know in a post I started awhile back about this topic some folks wondered if they would approve the app sending and receiving using PHP. That is exactly what this does. In a nutshell here is what happens.

You go into scores and it checks for an Internet connection. If you have an internet connection it enables global scores. It downloads a file with the names and scores. The PHP server handles the arrannging of the scores. If you want to submit your local scores you go to Options and press Submit. It then uses Netwebget to submit all 5 local scores. The server reads them and compares to see if and where you should be in the ratings. The server does any rearranging of names and scores and then rewrites the file with the updated data. On the iDevice it reloads the file to reflect the changes the server made so you can immediately see the results. That is how it works and it is approved and up for sale. Another little trick I added was that every high score submitted is texted to my cell phone so if anything in inappropriate is sent I can change it or delete it. This is handled through the server and not the iDevice. I do not know if that helped in approval or not. One other thing it does is I have a text file it loads and scrolls across the top of the global  scores screen. This way I can get messages to the player about events or changes. I have the PHP server doing all the work. All the iDevice is does is read the files and submits the scores and names. This way I can make changes without needing to update the version of the game.

Thanks again,

GLBasic - en / Sleep problem
« on: 2010-Sep-26 »
Is there any known Sleep command problem when compiling for iPhone? I don't remember having issues with it in the past, but I have not tried using it since I have the latest build of GLBasic. Now it does not seem to work at all on the iPhone/iPod. When I compile and run within the IDE it works just like it should, but when I send it to the iPod there is no pause at all rather I make it Sleep 200 or Sleep 2000.

Any thoughts on this? Been trying different situations and sleep seems to always work in the IDE, but never on the iPhone/iPod anymore.

Thanks Much,

GLBasic - en / Apple iOS 4.X
« on: 2010-Sep-14 »
If this has been answered before I appologize. I have read over various posts and am unsure of where GLBasic stands with iOS4. I read that the Pause and Resume functions fixed it, but then I believe I read somewhere other issues cropped up. I have been compiling on iOS4 for a few weeks and I have been using the UIApplicationOnExitSuspend to disable multitasking and I get mixed results. Sometimes when you start the App back up it just hangs at a blankscreen. Last time I tried using Pause and Resume I always crashed, BUT then I was probably doing something wrong.

I would like to hear from someone who is better at this than me say if it is working good or not yet.

Thanks so much

GLBasic - en / Memory Leaks ??
« on: 2010-Sep-08 »
Sorry to to be so naive on this. I am learning as I go here. I have been working on a simple game. I tried running it with the memory leak test in Xcode. It reports I have 4 after letting it run for 2 minutes. My question is what causes them in GLBasic? If I know wheat causes them I can probably figure out how to fix it. I've been trying to erase sprite and sound data after they are used and reload when needed. The app runs fine with no problems, but I do not fully understand how a memory leak happens more or less how it happens in GLBasic.

Thanks so much in advance,

GLBasic - en / Latest Version
« on: 2010-Sep-08 »
Ok this sounds stupid, but what is the latest version? I have 8.085 installed but the forums says 8.078. Im asking out of concern that 8.085 may of had a problem and was taken down after I installed it. Seems the versions have been updating often and I want to make sure I have the most stable. I am having a bad time with IOS 4.02. I thought you could easily disable multitasking and it seemed to work, but now that I updated to 8.085 the game seems to crash and not want to start again. Trying to figure this out.

I have been trying to get an iPhone app to talk over the Internet to a high score server. I've tried various tutorials and examples from the forums and the GLBasic tutorials and projects include in the SDK download. I seem to be able to get things to work when I build and run from the SDK, but I get nothing once it is installed on the iPhone. I do have access to my own web server, but I am a novice and PHP. I've done some things in PHP, but not sure how I would get this to interact with an iPhone.

Basically I want the iPhone to access the high scores from a server on the Internet and if the player gets a high score I want it to submit that to the server and the server to update accordingly. I've been working at this and had no luck on iPhone. I was beginning to wonder if maybe GLBasic will not do this on the iphone. I seem to have some success modifying tutorials and samples in Windows, but when I compile for iPhone I get text and graphics but not network things I expected. I guess I need some help on the iPhone and server end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

GLBasic - en / Is it possible ?
« on: 2010-Aug-30 »

     I have been experimenting with trying to get a file or data over the internet onto the iPhone with GLBasic. The end goal is to have the high score list on a server on the Internet. In trying to figure it out I attempted getting a simple picture displayed that it pulled off the Internet. I used save_config$=PLATFORMINFO$("DOCUMENTS")+"/test.png" along with the code from the NetGetWeb sample code. I was able to put a small pic on the server called test.png and display it when I compile and run from GLBasic. How I did it was use the LOADSPRITE"save_config$",1 and then display the sprite. This worked fine and I thought I had it until I actually put it on an iPod. Then it did not work. Just a blank screen. What would be the best way to do this or can you even do it on the iPhone with GLBasic?

Thanks in advance..

GLBasic - en / How do I remove underscore?
« on: 2010-Aug-28 »
Well this is probably very simple, but I can not seem to find the solution. How do I remove the underscore on an app with a space in the name. Example Space Invaders looks like Space_Invaders on the iPhone/iPod. I've tried changing it everwhere I can find in settings and things, but when I send it to the iPod it has the underscore.

Thanks much for any help.

GLBasic - en / Just want to make sure.
« on: 2010-Jul-24 »
Is everything still OK with using GLBasic to put apps on the App Store? I know I read something about an earlier version of the iPhone OS and GLBasic being ok. I just wanted to make sure that what I create can still be put on the App Store with the new OS 4.

Thanks Much,

GLBasic - en / Creating a save game file
« on: 2010-Jul-12 »
I am a little stuck on saving data from a game on the iPhone. I really only want to save 3 variable...score, high score, and level. All of them integers. I believe I understand openfile and I am aware of SUB GLB_ON_QUIT to save date on a sudden quit. My problem is I do not know how you create the file in the first place to write too. Is it as simple as creating a file in your working directory for your project, or does it have to be a certain name or place on the iPhone. Any help or code on how to create the file, write to the file, and later read from the file would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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