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GLBasic - en / Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Aug-01 »
im do fear and see glbasic v15 mightbeen the last version. Gernot have wrote basic on those date have lost its purpose and people even write phyton or such language instead. Even glbasic competer, darkbasic and blitzmax/blitz basic is gone.

But yes, he is right on this point. but we also talked about a steam release as well property to ditch all platforms, except Windows and HTML5. HTML5 had a quite nice progressing, which would been possible to use that in the future, and then example use PhoneGab to wrap the code into app for Android, Ios, Mac as well eventuelly Linux.

So if you ask me, glbasic 15 could property been the last version you will see from us. Basic is gonna to been outdated , sadly. Im did also like glbasic my self.

But if we countinue to Work with glbasic, its could been under a new name, and then focus 100% only to Windows and HTML5 and steam. Rest will simply just been ditched. HTML5 have simply have been approve very much since some of the last years.

While im polish my new games (its pretty much ready for release), im have seen AUTUOPAUSE TRUE does not work at all on Windows 10. Sound is disabled/enabled as intended, but the sub rutines is newer called.

Since Lobo suddently jims in and want to do some graphics for the game (first time that happens), then im have went back to a project im scrapped for some years ago (hence the source code for the prototype is currectly removed). Its a fun game to get back too. Later its can being a Spectrum Next game? We let see. A version to C64 could been fun too. But for now its a Windows game :-). Im have currectly no plans to release the game to mobile platforms.

Here is a early look of that game...<

Yes, the graphics have been in much better since that. Currectly im have graphics for 5 Worlds.

This topic has been moved to Bug Reports.

This is really more a bug. so moved to there.

GLBasic - en / STDOUT does not working?
« on: 2018-Jan-18 »
Im a doing a little pixel palette application to convert images to Spectrum Next, so im need the graphics video. but when that is used, then STDOUT does NOT work at all. Its does nothing at all, and im have no idea how to declare __AllocConsole() to been send to the commandpromth when running from there or from a bat file.

Today I'm have dedicated I'm will leave both iOS and Android market. The reason is im fell the mobile market is not what its have been before at all... and im have not earn a cliam in the last two year at all. Steam have totally overtake the market for me.

The maintain of the mobileplatforms seens to been pretty much none fune and annoying and sometimes they also breaks compatible with no reasons at all.

Now example, Apple have dedicated to obsolute my mac (last year thought), which im now have sold, and im did newer really go back again to a virtual system, due updates, updates and another updates and upgrades. Its take hell of time.

Google is also NOT that much better. They have own issues and recently require the project move to Android Studio. its a bout a least 2-3gb download and im newer got into that system at all.... just to support few thing with newer platforms. Its no fun for me and im fell im used too much time with no gain at all.

Even some major company in Denmark does not like them anymore, last time im have heard, due heavy none seance maintime of apps.

So Android and iOS is simply not that cool anymore and im not even played very much mobile game generally. Im could today use both Android and iOS as main phone (or even Windows Phone) if im wish.

So from today im will not or will not fix any issues with Android and iOS anymore, due im are quite tired against those platforms.

Im do still stay here. Windows is really all that fine and should focus on desktop again.

Off Topic / Spectrum Next
« on: 2017-Dec-07 »
Yes im not and newer have been fan of the Spectrum machines and have newer really been that. Howover im have do some spectrum port projects etc.

Spectrum Next which some people just have got the dev boards have got arrived, so its seen that kick start project is one of them that dont go wrong. Spectrum Next does have some extended modes, which im actuelly like, example trible AY chips as well a FM chip. The sid chip is howover gone, which is good. Spectrum using Sid would fell very weird anyway. But doing Dual AY tunes is actuelly fun.

Howover im also got asked to write some music to a Spectrum Next game. Its a port from the Nintendo DS with new fancy graphics, found the Atari 800 tune of the original, which im approvede to use Dual AY and much more. Im guess many of you know Warhawk :-).

Also im have done few tunes for fun in either Dual or Single AY. Im post them later when converted and uploaded in the Spectrum section on my homepage.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

PS. Its based on the Atari 800 version, but im approvede and extended it.

GLBasic - en / MacOSx broken?
« on: 2017-Oct-16 »
with glbasic 14, MacOS platform is completly broken and correctly have no idea why.

First at all im get permission errors for chd every time. But after copy to the virtual mac, then its wont launch at all (im have no longer a real mac) with no errors at all (not even a GateKeeper issue, which im do did get permission for this app using terminal).

Im will testing with glbasic 15.

As with iOS, Mac version should have been ported to xCode project, just like the iOS. Future versions of MacOS would also been 64bit only. Currectly its dosent work.

Also ANDROID def is present for the MacOSX compiler, which its should NOT do that. Im was need to do a undef to get to get past Android Java fatal errors.

PS. Also im also diddent get it to work on SteamOS at all too (but this is a debate to a another thread).

the fix to the issue is more simple than excepted and took 15 min to fix:

When GETJOYNAME$(x)="" then the JOY command should not been called at all (for all JOY command).

That it.

GETJOYNAME$() is NOT one of the commands that slowdown.

The most stupid issue and im newer noticed it before today.

This is quite annoying, which means you cannot set a costume text.... because glbasic want to change it by its self when you resume it, dispite AUTOPAUSE was set to FALSE.....

Nice bug. Its should not change the title at all, if that was set to FALSE, only when its was set to TRUE.


Im just came to purchase this game. While the background is a bit simply, then that game have a excellent use of the Commodore 64 mulitiplexed Sprites and cool use of them, and its run very smooth.

Its the same publisher that will release the long dev Journey C64 game, Sam's Journey.

If there is a space before any commands, then its cause a very strange syntax error..... That should not been happens and glbasic should have auto trimmed its first per line.

After checking how to integrate newer version of Google Play Services. That is now impossible, so new featues is impossible without Android Studio and just using the compilers the glbasic use (which is still using the old arm6 code). That mean im will leave the current version of Android and im will no longer update it for now.

The whole Android platform is simply needs to been moved to Android Studio as same way as im did with iOS and the xCode Project.

This is only way to do future Android projects and might take some time. That means you need to compile your Android project manually in Android Studio in the future. Its CANNOT been avoid at all.

Im sometimes hate when big company force thing down on us.... Damn.

Since Android Studio is A 2gb download. its would newer been a glbasic download file. so im need to do same thing as im did with xCode. That it. Howover the glbasic android package would been much less, since the SDK and more is no longer require for that part (since its included in the big download). Just like im did with xCode for iOS. Its would been same here now.

What that could been a possible problem is finding and getting the SLD2 as well the Sound Mixer code to working, because im really want to have source code to been compiled from and not just the third party SO. The reason is Android would sooner and later require us to compile it to 64bit as well native Intel CPU. That is impossible now.

The another reason im want to do that is.... Debugger. YES, Debugger! Which is pretty much none for Android version. Here since im used full source for xCode, its was much easier.

On Android we cant use DRAWRECT and other commands. Its might fails on some devices and this will NOT been fixed at all. Its impossible.

But we can use POLYVECTOR, which works fine on Android. Here is a possible work around:

Code: GLBasic [Select]

        LOCAL ww, hh
        GETSPRITESIZE imageID, ww, hh
        IF ww=0 THEN RETURN

        STARTPOLY imageID, 2;

FUNCTION PaintColorRectRGB: x, y, w, h, rr%, gg%, bb%, id=0
        //IF x>ScreenWidth THEN RETURN
        //IF y>ScreenHeight THEN RETURN

        IF IS24BIT=FALSE

                LOCAL xx%=rr*64+gg*4
                LOCAL yy%=bb*4

                IF xx>512
                IF xx>512
                POLYVECTOR x, y, xx+1, yy
                POLYVECTOR x, y+h, xx+1, yy+1
                POLYVECTOR x+w, y, xx+1, yy
                POLYVECTOR x+w, y+h, xx+1, yy+1
                DRAWRECT x, y, w, h, RGB(rr, gg, bb)


This code can been little bit slower, but better alternative.

This code was used in CatchOut to avoid DRAWRECT on Android, which can fails on some devices and even crash out.

The limit here is you can only use a palette from 4096 colors.

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