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GLBasic - en / Problem with SETSHOEBOX
« on: 2015-Sep-08 »
Hi Guys,
I have a problem with my Media Folder!

My Media folders it's to big to put it inside the app (105 MB).

If I leave the Media folder, inside the app, the game does not install and crashes!

But with external Media Folder the game start fine, but  appear all images in the gallery in Android phone (over 1.000 images, it's horrible  >:D)

I use SHOEBOX, for hide all Image files on Android phone, but in my Zopo ZP 900 it works well, but in my Samsung Note 4 the App crash (don't start).


I use for test the same APK and the same data.sbx!

when I read one pixel of a sprite with this system:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
        LOADSPRITEMEM("1.png", w2%, h2%, pixels[])
        FOREACH pix IN pixels[]
                FOR x% = 0 TO value_palette
                        IF pix = memo[x][0]
                                pix =  memo[x][1]

the var pix return this value: -5462343
I have to convert in Hex (Exmple: #000301), it's possible?

GLBasic - en / Shader Info
« on: 2014-Oct-29 »

I test this example of shader (C64colorshader):

Code: GLBasic [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: C64izer
// Start: Tuesday, March 25, 2008
// IDE Version: 5.212

LOADBMP "test.png"
X_LOADSHADER(0, "", "C64izer.frag")

DRAWRECT 0,0,64,64,RGB(0,255,0)
DRAWRECT 0,0,32,32,RGB(0,0,255)
DRAWRECT 32,32,32,32,RGB(255,255,255)
PRINT "C64", 8,8
GRABSPRITE 0,0,0,64,64

// C64izeOld()



        // Grab the 320x240 image from screen
        GRABSPRITE 1000, 0,0, 320,240

        // Make smooth downscaling for better quality

        // Set the C64 color shader
        X_SETSHADER 0

        // draw the sprite 160x240 with C64 colors
        STRETCHSPRITE 1000, 0,0,160,240
        // unlink the shader - we're done
        X_SETSHADER -1

        // grab the image 160x240
        GRABSPRITE 1000, 0,0,160,240

        // make hard pixels for final output
        // stretch by factors 4x2 -> C64 has 2 neighbored pixels of same color
        STRETCHSPRITE 1000,0,0,640,480

But if i delete all shader command the result it's the same, it's the STRETCHSPRITE command which has the effect C64 style!

I test with other .frag but the result don't change.

I would like to get the 2D effects (on sprites) as:
- Black / White (greyscale)
- Distortion

It's possible? and how?

GLBasic - en / Little question for Gif File
« on: 2014-Oct-03 »
GL_B support Animated Gif?

I found this
but not work on Android (i not test on iphone).

Gif is great for create animated presentation (example for Logo).

Thanks for help  ;)

GLBasic - en / Collisions Question
« on: 2014-Sep-23 »
Hi Guys!
I want to give you a few questions on collisions!

there is a function to calculate the collision between two triangles??

there is a function to calculate the collision between two rotated rectangles?

and if I want to use the shape collisions?

Thanks for help!


The problem is the black line that is created when approached two tile that are not Px2 Texture.

Code: GLBasic [Select]
IMPORT "C" void __stdcall glTexParameteri(unsigned int flag0, unsigned int flag1, unsigned int flag2);
GLOBAL GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE%                                   = 0x812F
GLOBAL GL_TEXTURE_2D%                                      = 0x0DE1
GLOBAL GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S%                                  = 0x2802
GLOBAL GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_T%                                  = 0x2803

FUNCTION z_drawstage: num%,x%,y%

        STARTPOLY num
                glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S, GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE);// Changed \\
                glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_T, GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE);// Changed \\
                POLYVECTOR x1,y1,0,0,color
                POLYVECTOR x1,y1+y2,0,sy,color
                POLYVECTOR x1+x2,y1+y2,sx,sy,color
                POLYVECTOR x1+x2,y1,sx,0,color


GLBasic - en / Problem Audio - OSX
« on: 2014-Aug-29 »
Other problem in Mac
1) if ISMUSICPLAYING() = TRUE then STOPMUSIC  the music dosn't stop!
2) MUSICVOLUME  don't work!
3) PLAYSOUND(num%, pan#, volume#) with WAV don't work, what format should I use?

GLBasic - en / Problem Screen Landscape - IOS
« on: 2014-Aug-29 »
 test with:
- SETSCREEN 480,320,TRUE (and False)
- SETSCREEN 960,640,TRUE (and False)
- SETSCREEN 9999,9998,TRUE (and FALSE)
and i test with resolution from Option -> Resolution  (On Gl_B IDE Menu)

But the game run i portrait ... WHY?

Other info:
i use xcode 5.1 and ipod 4th gen with ios 6.0.1

GLBasic - en / Error with Mac APP
« on: 2014-Aug-25 »
I compiled my game for Mac (both X86 and uni) and after 1 Month of Test I have always the same error.....
In Win 7/8/8.1 and Android the game work fine.

This is my configuration:
osx Mavericks 10.9.4 Niresh
Processore Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM di 3a gen. with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
Hard disk 500 GB
4,096 (1x) MB, DDR3 RAM (1,600 MHz)
AMD Radeon HD 7670M (2GB memory)

I test with game downloaded from iTunes, and all game works fine!
I test a simple demo of GLB and work fine.

I have in my code:
- Z Project - universal screen size scaling system
- This Code
Code: GLBasic [Select]
IMPORT "C" void __stdcall glTexParameteri(unsigned int flag0, unsigned int flag1, unsigned int flag2);
GLOBAL GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE%                                   = 0x812F
GLOBAL GL_TEXTURE_2D%                                      = 0x0DE1
GLOBAL GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S%                                  = 0x2802
GLOBAL GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_T%                                  = 0x2803

This is the Mac report error

Code: GLBasic [Select]

GLBasic - en / Gl_B 12.243 What's new?
« on: 2014-Aug-19 »
What's new in version 12.243 ?
I can not update directly from the IDE of glb!
There are bugs in the new version?
There is a thread that talks about this update?
Thanks  :booze:

GLBasic - en / Problem ENCRYPT$
« on: 2014-Aug-01 »
when I use the command ENCRYPT$ if the value is:

Code: GLBasic [Select]

it is possible that the hex is:

Code: GLBasic [Select]

It's very strange result, i think the "|" separator lock the encrypt conversion!

GLBasic - en / Help with SETSHOEBOX
« on: 2014-Jul-31 »
Since I have not found a easy way to shrink graphics and audio, I decided to use the command: SETSHOEBOX

But when i use a file .sbx and start the game, the problem is seems not erase from memory the last file loaded!

For example:
Start Logo splash - Work Fine
Start Menu - Work Fine
Start Map - Above the map puts the background of the Menu
Loading - Don't see any background
Game Loop - Almost all the sprites are unpacked, taken from other image files (also deleted from memory with command LOADSPRITE "", num_image)
All Musics and Sounds Work Fine

If I use the folder (without command SETSHOEBOX) all Work Fine!

Why?  :giveup:

I have to Pack all File (images and Music) Plese Help me!  :nw:

GLBasic - en / Gl_B Updates info
« on: 2014-Jul-06 »
Sorry for stupid question, but I read in a post that Gl_B has been updated to version: 12.243
It's true or it's an error????

GLBasic - en / Read file error
« on: 2014-May-29 »
I use this simple code:

Code: GLBasic [Select]
SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // go to media files


        //SETSCREEN 9999,9998,FALSE
        SETSCREEN 440,700,FALSE

        int_sd$ = PLATFORMINFO$("APPDATA")
        ext_sd$ = PLATFORMINFO$("DOCUMENTS")


        PRINT "Int_sd: " + int_sd$, 0, 10
        PRINT "Ext_sd: " + ext_sd$, 0, 20

        PRINT "Path: " + GETCURRENTDIR$(), 0, 30
        PRINT "**************2", 0, 50

        OPENFILE(1,"1.txt", TRUE)
        READLINE 1, nome$
        PRINT "1 : " + nome$,0 ,70
        CLOSEFILE 1

In Windows work fine but in Android Crash...
I use DOESFILEEXIST() but it tells me that the file does not exist.

I test a various option:
OPENFILE(1,"Media/1.txt", TRUE)
OPENFILE(1,"Media\1.txt", TRUE)

but the file not found!

GLBasic - en / Mac Compile error
« on: 2014-May-28 »
I compile for Mac, and GL_B create a folder
I copy in my Mac, but when i run don't start ...

I tried to use the two compilers:
- OS_X X86
- OS_X Uni

But the game don't start.
I have Mac Mini (i7 core) with Maverick (10.9.3)

On Win Vista-7-8 and 8.1 and Android the game run fine!


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