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Link to Sprytile:

A free blender plugin for making models using tilesets as textures.
I didn't use Blender for a long while tho, however I'm interested to try it.

Demo Video:

Off Topic / Modernize GLBasic?
« on: 2015-Sep-29 »
I'm still using GLBasic for some hobby and simple projects, but I feel it's getting old, however I understand the corss-compiling capabilities of GLBasic is still some very advanced concept.

However, if there're some changes to happen I think GLBaic can do better:

1.Removal dead platforms to save space and don't have to care too much about limited platforms.

2.A more advanced IDE, maybe based on Atom/VSCode or some open source products.

3.Unicode support, I think this need some internal change but many platforms are now Unicode based.

BTW I'm also a Monkey-X user, I think GLBasic works better in regards of 2D and 3D suport, but I think it's not something bad to make GLBasic looks cool.

GLBasic - en / How to draw CJK/Unicode fonts?
« on: 2014-May-24 »

I'm looking for a simpler way to use CJK/Unicode fonts in my game, but  after lookingh at the Hangul example, I found it's not that easy, for example, the Japanese character contains kana and kanji, which is thousands of words than just a few symbol of Hangul, or Chinese contains even more characters.

As I know some system are Unicode based now like Mac/Linux/Android, however GLBasic uses Ansi character, is there any way to do this?

Paid solution is OK, but i can't find one yet.

!! This is freeware, you don't have to pay any $$ unless you want buy their protector (protect, anti-crack, online-activation) !!

From the developer site:
Application virtualization system for Windows. Enigma Virtual Box enables application files and registry to be consolidated in a single executable file, without loss of efficiency and without virtualized files having to be extracted to the HDD. Enigma Virtual Box is a free application that supports both x86 and x64 binaries.


It can do more like:
1. Compress resource to reduce file size.
2. Can use seperate packs as expansion/upgrade etc.
3. Register COM or media filter without installation.

A few warning though:
1. Slightly reduce file seeking speed with many(1000+) files.
2. Streaming(if you use any music/video) doesn't work, but you can put the media along with exes.
3. It's not meant for protection, just packing
4. It's a packer, some nervous anti-virus will have false positive(rare case, and you can report if it really happens).
5. Win32 only(obviously...).

Before Engima VirtualBox 6.90, it doesn't work with GLBasic, so I sent the examples to them and they published
a new version that work with GLBasic, this tool should be easy enough to use, if you got some incompatibilities,
please report to the developer.

I'm a happy registered user since GLB V8 and now the V11 is coming, however for such a long time there're some question I want to know, so I type it down....

1. What's the backbone API of GLB? It seems Android port uses SDL, but Win32 port isn't (for example, audio format support etc).

2. How do I remove unused platfrom compiler to save spaces? (What folder/file to remove etc). Will it cause update error.

Off Topic / YDP-G16 Android Game Console
« on: 2012-Apr-02 »
The Yinlip YDP-G16 is an Android Game Console should come around April 2012...

Look this video...

From the video it seems not bad for a China made ones,
We have a thread about such device not along ago, but this one has
*Not-so-clone looking, although still based on PSP
*A 4.3 inch display
*Boxchip A10 CPU
*L/R shoulder buttons

Personally I want one, at least for an emulator device or give it to kids.

It still has no L2/R2 buttons, which is bad for PSX emulation....

Before Xperia PLAY 2 appear(which might be NEVER), this should be good if anyone missed Xperia PLAY, which has been discontinued.

Off Topic / Eee PC and GLBasic
« on: 2010-Oct-10 »
I'm using GLBasic on my Eee PC (1002HA), and it works reasonably well, after test some other netbooks, I think it's worth post some info here:

First, this is the Intel Chipsets info on Wiki:

Many Eee PC family use Mobile Intel 945 Express, it's OpenGL support is implemented upto 1.4. most GLBasic commands are working, at least shouldn't affect normal using or playing compiled games, the netbook are hardware limited, but still does the job.

Since Intel implements OpenGL on those cards (seems to somehow) properly during late 2008, drivers or Eee PC purchases after 2009 should have that, if not you should consider find the new driver and install it.

Those who can't still have proper OpenGL support may take a look at GLDirect, it's freeware now and even have opensource version, which can translate DX to OpenGL upto 1.5.

Just a few cents, if you have better info, please share, thanks!


I'm thinking if there's a way to play module music (.mod , .xm) natively, I don't mind paying for this.

Fmod is OK, but no Wiz port etc.

Maybe LibMikmod or DUMB can be implemented? or possible way to write a native one for GLBasic?

Well, now there're some fun finally.

Anyone preordered it?

I'm on line 3700 so there's still looong way for me, but finally we can start to do something (like  :booze:) now.

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