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Off Topic / 3d Modeler OpenSource Dust 3D
« on: 2018-May-15 »
Hey guys, if you need a 3d modeler easy?¿, I only see a couple of videos but seems easy to use.

Perhaps for do something with GLbasic comes well.

Off Topic / Oculus GO?¿
« on: 2018-May-02 »
What do you think about this device?¿, will be finally the VR for all people or is another device for launch to the trash,,,

Hi guys, new game from EspSoft for CPC... Really awesome graphics and music...

Hey guys I don't want say I leave 100% GLbasic (I continue using...), but for learn another languaje I like to know what your use, or waht you think is interesting to learn...

For now I understand more or less good C++, and Python , I'm not sure if learn C# or JS... I read in a lot of webs JavaScript is really the king in work demand...

Thanks for yours councils... ;)

Off Topic / Mecanography for programmers
« on: 2018-Jan-06 »
Hi guys I'm sure about you pick veery faster code, but if you want improve your skills with some popular languajes take a look to this page.

Hey guys happy next 2018 year, and happy Christmas.

Off Topic / Free nice and cool 3d objects
« on: 2017-Nov-03 »

I think this web is new... I do only a simple search I'm not sure if all models are for free, but I see free and nice quality. Take a look because are in .obj and can be used gith Glbasic.

Hi guys I found this course in Udemy (I did another courses and always have a good quality).

I don't see to much but if someone don't have any idea to do GFX, let code for a time and put to practice to do GFX.*k&siteID=p4oHS4cJv.k-i3QNqeGDmbpO92nA0UfSkQ&siteID=p4oHS4cJv.k-y8_.TZOsfEjMfPfxBSXPXg

GLBasic - es / #ifdef #endif C++
« on: 2017-Jul-18 »
Hola Compañeros, quería haceros una pregunta del pre-Procesador para C++, aunque supongo que en GLbasic será más o menos igual.
Code: GLBasic [Select]
void show_configuration()
std::cout <<
#ifdef _DEBUG
<< std::endl;

Estoy haciendo esté código en CodeBloks, y no me funciona, lo que no se es si yo estoy confundido con el funcionamiento que tiene que hacer, me explico:
Si yo le digo al IDE que compile en modo DEBUG, el programa sabe que está en DEBUG?¿, o tengo que asociarle algún valor como 1 o 0?¿.

Un saludo y gracias como siempre por vuestro tiempo. Saludotes.

Off Topic / New Atari Console...
« on: 2017-Jun-16 »

You can contact with them ... Dev button. Or work  :good:


Hola compis como va eso,  :good:

Os quería comentar esto, aunque supongo que ya lo sabreís , pero a mi me resulto interesante cuando lo probé... El asunto es que ando aprendiendo C++, y seguramente como sabéis permite devolver cualquier tipo de valor, en el código que he puesto, aunque es un poco flipe, porque dudo mucho que sea nivel de ASM un Constructor y un Destructor, en el Main podeis ver como puedes devolver valores de las funciones miembro... Fuera de una Strctura no funciona, solo se puede con INT, String o lo que sea...

Solo lo quería comentar por mera curiosidad, no es que venga a dar lecciones de conocimientos a nadie, pero me ha parecido curioso que GLbasic a parte de esta tenga tantas similitudes directas con C++, no como AGK que la verdad me recuerda un poco a JAVA, algo dónde está todo metido con cientos y cientos de comandos.

Bueno pues solo eso, y de paso saludar... que no decís ni mu.

Code: GLBasic [Select]
TYPE tParticle

        axis[3] AS int

        FUNCTION tParticleConstructor AS tParticle:
                DEBUG "Constructor: " + "\n"

        FUNCTION tParticleDestructor  AS tParticle:
                DIM self.axis[0]
                DEBUG "Memory Free: " + "\n"
                DEBUG "LEN        : " + LEN(self.axis) + "\n"

        LOCAL myParticle AS tParticle



Tutorials / Nice 3d and Simple 3d
« on: 2017-May-13 »
Hi guys, I find this tutorial for do this kind of 3d , I think GLbasic can do something similar, and seems now is a mode using Unity, perhaps GLbasic can shading or do very high quality 3d, but this kind of graphics shows interesting, and is really very low poly.

Ei guys nobody comment nothing about this film...Sure you like the "Alien".
I think is the best desing of a monster in all history of movies .
OK, Predator is cool too, but don't arrives to this level.

I hope will be better than the previous, not is bad in all but is like a remix of anothers previous films. ( I don't remind the name of the film)
I only like Alien 8, and Alien II (with Marines) the others are really bad.

Hi guys, I really don't play too much games, the last I bought was Metro 2033 and I don't play practically nothing... Some month ago I bought another, WolfEnstein the new Order and I like a lot.

In steam you can find it, if you use Linux don't worry, I have working with wine 1.7.33 and runs really good (you have tutos in youtube how done).

Another really good is Grid AutoSport, I bought because runs in native Linux, and is awesome is really really fun!!!


Grid AutoSports

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