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Off Topic / Re: Revival
« on: 2018-Oct-17 »
Congrats!!! Looks fab!
I played it at Revival - Good control feel :)

GLBasic - en / Re: Android query
« on: 2018-Oct-15 »
Thanks SF,

Good suggestions I will look into those!

GLBasic - en / Android query
« on: 2018-Oct-12 »
Hi Guys

I have a couple of apps that are reporting Background Partial Stuck Wake Locks for 3% of sessions of late.
It doesn't sound a lot but Google guidelines are to aim for less than <1%

one culprit is Audiomix and the Android os version involved is 8.0+ but wondering if anyone else fixed this issue in the past?
In the meantime I will try to find the cause before the novemeber update deadline.

Babylon looks nice

Announcements / Re: Zen Blocks on Steam
« on: 2018-Oct-08 »

No, it seems not to be.
I was mainly concerned with the gameplay instructions...I know I probably should have translated the other parts and had their been more Chinese interest I might have done an update.

6 is my favourite chinese number as it looks like a little guy!

Hi Ampos

For something like what you just linked to GLB is not ideal for it and neither are most other HTML5 game engines.

You can do that with HTML, Javascript and JQuery or JQuery mobile (or other javascript frameworks)

You can perform your testing on localpages or using something like - which I use a fair bit.

You most likely need to learn javascript or jquery (easier)

Hope this helps...

Announcements / Re: Zen Blocks on Steam
« on: 2018-Oct-02 »
I will give it a punt, when my internet is back on. I'm on terrible 3G(Screen shots take an age to show, vids are outa the question) at the moment, been waiting for 3 weeks for an engineer to come out here. :(

GL with the release Mr. Plow.

Thanks a lot!! Hope your Internet gets sorted soon! Nothing worse that a slow connection!

Announcements / Re: Zen Blocks on Steam
« on: 2018-Oct-01 »
Thanks SF

I will check that out.

Announcements / Re: Zen Blocks on Steam
« on: 2018-Sep-30 »
Yes, I might look to update with Trading Cards....has anyone else implemented them using GLB?

Announcements / Zen Blocks on Steam
« on: 2018-Sep-30 »
I am hoping my little game will be sleeper and will get some xmas downloads :)

So far people like it, and got a couple of reviews but because they were given free copies the reviews don't show on the stats :(

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I anyone GLB users wants to try it - I would rather send you paypal and re-imburse u instead giving free keys :)
That way any review u do will count :)

Thanks for that!

Updated now!
Also took note and changed Enter Commands to < Add Commands - with EMPTY showing before any commands are used...
should make it more user-friendly now :)

Thanks again!

Thanks a lot !!!

The nunber 8 had a wrong setting and was behaving like a command word!

That is now fixed thanks to you!
V1.15 will updated shortly

Can't download it, I've got info that 'Product is unavailable in your country.' (I'm from Poland)
Not sure, but this may be something with developer mode that I've unlocked on my phone, will need to check this, later.

OMG! Thanks for the spot - I don't know what happened but it seems my app was not setup to publish in all countries.
Can't remember why I would do this - something to do my my beta release version.

Anyway you should be able to install now or within the hour :)

Hi Guys

Wondering if a couple of you could install and test that the turtle performs as it should.
Getting a few 1 stars from people saying Turtle wont accept commands...but it works for me just fine.

Appreciate the feedback - thanks!

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