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GLBasic - en / Re: GLB versions confusion
« on: 2018-Dec-04 »
I updated the news-field in the top right corner of the forum. It's manually updated when someone remembers :-)

If you have installed version 15 you can easilly update from the menu anyway, it always gets whatever is latest in the same version branch so when 16 comes around you have to redownload.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Aug-31 »
I do not see an end for Basic the language. Sure, python and other things are cool right now but they will dwindle with time. They will get more and more complicated to do something simple, using more resources. Sooner or later we are at the end of what the cpu can handle or we suddenly get something new and cool that has a much smaller CPU and memory (Remember the first iPhone? :-)

Basic will come back, people are already looking for easier ways and what can be easier than Basic? The drag 'n' drop programming mentality of today has it's limits still. If you can make whatever game in a drag 'n' drop environment you will have such a mastodont project that it would be easier to just throw something together in Basic.

I'm happy to see that we're not giving up on GLBasic, it represents a lot of work and optimisations!

If you haven't set the headers at all, they can change because of webserver updates changing the default compression/encoding.

Off Topic / Discord - Multiplayer join games
« on: 2017-Nov-11 »
Discord seems to have some way to integrate games with game lobby functionality now. Mabe worth a look for multiplayer games too?

Rich Presence allows you to leverage the totally overhauled "Now Playing" section in a Discord user's profile to help people play your game together. Rich game data—including duration, score, current boss or map, and so much more—lives inside Discord. You can spectate a friend's game directly from their profile popout, or party up via beautiful chat embeds with real-time information about open party slots and the party's in-game status. No more exchanging usernames and friend codes, or wondering if there's room for you to join. Rich Presence is a living invitation to play together, or to watch your friends kick butt.

Every time I come back just to do something simple in GLBasic I get hit on the head by an array or something else simple... :-)

Off Topic / Re: CRPG Book
« on: 2017-Jun-12 »
There was a multiplayer game graphicly similar to hired guns for Atari ST. I think it was called Substation but the only information I can find is that it was published 1995. It was networked with MIDI-cables, not sure how many players though.

Looks like a very interesting book, thanks for the link!

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic News?
« on: 2017-Jun-06 »
Why is always the solution: "Rewrite from scratch to get rid of all bugs!" ?

If you rewrite from scratch you throw away all knowledge and fixes to problems and have to do it all from the start again :-)

Obligatory xkcd:

Off Topic / Re: Forum spams my email inbox
« on: 2017-May-21 »
This is most likely if you have your personal email registered as sender for mail from the boards.

So ever time a spammer registers an account with a fake email adress, the forum uses your email to send them an activation mail that bounces back to you. Set up a new "" email adress and use that one instead, should take care of it.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android screen orientation
« on: 2017-Apr-26 »
That's a good idea, does anyone have time to put together a "Best practises coding guide" for Android and iOS? I think that would be incredible useful to get started with those platforms. There seems to be all sorts of edge cases that needs special treatment and a lot of compile/upload/test-cycles to get working right.

I know I would love such a guide :-)

Off Topic / Re: GLB with portable c64?
« on: 2017-Apr-04 »
That c64 had more limitations than just 16 colors, You could only use 4 in the same 4x8 square or 8x8 in high-res mode. I never had a c64 but friends did :-)

The wonders artists did with those limitations... aligning features of the images so you don't even notice that it's built up on 4x8 pixel blocks of colour...

Love that portable c64 port, would have been great to have that portable computer on the long bus-rides to school... :-)

I tested registering a user and I needed four attempts to get it right, I think it's hard enough as it is, we don't want to make it too hard for real users too...

You can implement activation by email.

We have that already, there is about 1 or two per week that does *not* manage to get past this stage, the rest has no problems getting past it. Activation by email is easy enough to automate.

Editing forum code makes problem when updating.

Oh, and 3+7=? (or even 3 plús 7) doesn't work since the ones getting through is often real humans working as account-creators in some office. There is even homepages that display the captcha from a totally different page to users. They are defeating the captcha of another page to be able to access a porn page for example.

We have tried all those things, it's all broken already. Only thing that works is the "Bad behaviour" mod and the "Stop Forum Spam" thing that keeps global records of ip-numbers, usernames and email adresses. Now and then there is a new ip block that gets through but usually gets banned within a few hours. I don't think everyone can access the global banning function though.

Blocking links in the signature should really be a function in the forum software, it's the easiest way of blocking the main reason they create users. Noone will notice them if they don't post anything but the link still exists on the homepage so google can find it. But we haven't found such a setting yet unfortunately.

We have two spamblockers that block *a lot* of spam already. You should see how it looks without them... Thousands of users every day. This month has been more because I haven't been around taking care of the reporting of new ip-numbers since I was on vacation. Recaptcha does not really work because people get payed to register accounts and spam. Nothing beats real people... All we can do is keep banning on IP-number (make sure you ban them with Stop Forum Spam so they get banned globally, not just on

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