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Competitions / Re: Hello World - Contest
« on: 2019-Mar-14 »
Here is my little code... Hope you like it  =D

Code: GLBasic [Select]


        PRINT getOutput$("a547b28e9c95036c97e1369efc64d7216b9af46ed24e5cbcb6d81c6984d3c1f4f5b5e31aff81c6261cae7d0bab45346d76910dbfc04691c8fc0a8b46ab9a8c14127fc443ec71175cdf24375f8d71780f"), 0, 0


FUNCTION getOutput$: info$
LOCAL decrypted$, binaryLines$[], loop, pos, sum, digit, output$

        DIM binaryLines$[11]

        // String decryption
        decrypted$ = DECRYPT$("GlbasicRocks", info$)

        // Here I'm spliting the whole binary string into 11 parts of 7 "letters"
        FOR loop = 0 TO 10
                binaryLines$[loop] = MID$(decrypted$, 0 + (loop * 7), 7)

        // A little binary check
        FOREACH b$ IN binaryLines$[]
                sum = 0
                FOR pos = 0 TO 6
                        // converts binary in decimal
                        digit = MID$(b$, pos, 1)
                        IF digit = 1 AND pos = 0 THEN INC sum, 64
                        IF digit = 1 AND pos = 1 THEN INC sum, 32
                        IF digit = 1 AND pos = 2 THEN INC sum, 16
                        IF digit = 1 AND pos = 3 THEN INC sum, 8
                        IF digit = 1 AND pos = 4 THEN INC sum, 4
                        IF digit = 1 AND pos = 5 THEN INC sum, 2
                        IF digit = 1 AND pos = 6 THEN INC sum, 1

                // and decimal to ascii
                output$ = output$ + CHR$(sum)

        RETURN output$ 


Competitions / Re: Hello World - Contest
« on: 2019-Mar-13 »
Awesome! I'm still working on my version...  :D

Competitions / Hello World - Contest
« on: 2019-Mar-12 »

it's time for a new contest and it's time for a little action in the forum.

Here we go:


Write a hello world program in GLBasic as complicated as possible!!!


  • Write the whole program only in GLBasic
  • no third party libraries
  • Don't use unnecessary code lines (like 1000 loops)
  • Don't copy from an already published code


The output on the screen is black and it says "Hello World" and that's it. No Action, no fancy backgrounds, only a black screen with a few nice letters.  =D


Just post your code here in a codeblock, so everybody can study your awesome work.


This is a fun contest and there is nothing to win... Nevertheless, together we can choose a winner...

Good luck and have fun.

GLBasic - de / Re: Valentines Destroyer
« on: 2018-Feb-19 »
at the moment you only can upgrade the "time" of the wizard spawns.

If you change the heroTimerAdd from

heroTimerAdd = 5000


heroTimerAdd = 50

then you can finish the game in arround 1 minute.

It was only a small project without a good idea!  :D

GLBasic - de / Valentines Destroyer
« on: 2018-Feb-14 »

ja, mir war langweilig, also hab ich ein kleines Projekt gebastelt. Also heute Vormittag...

Ist ein kleiner Idler für den Valentinstag, incl. Siegesbedingung und Upgrademöglichkeit.

Der Code liegt dabei, falls jemand daran weiter basteln möchte.

Viel Spaß und einen schönen Valentinstag euch allen.  :booze:



GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic and RaspberryPi
« on: 2017-Jul-17 »
not really. I guess you are right.

I should set "AUTOPAUSE FALSE", perhaps that could fix the problem.

I also will test an other thing I found in an other forum:

Set the "Lines" mode to "full" (screen) and the video mode to "full" or "refresh" to play video full screen and not inside the window. These settings can be pre-configured. The window covers the whole screen and contact to keyboard commands cannot be lost.

With this two changes it should work

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic and RaspberryPi
« on: 2017-Jul-17 »

That isn't my biggest issue.

The bigger problem is, that I try to fix the focus. I start the program on the linux desktop (raspbian). Now I can see the program running, but the input is still on the desktop. So I try to move the mouse but I'm starting things in the background. The program is fullscreen but the input isn't there.

And atm I'm not able to start it via console because I've troubles with the touchscreen input in the console.  :D

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic and RaspberryPi
« on: 2017-Jul-16 »
I've got big troubles with GLBasic on Raspbian.

The fullscreen window is losing focus, so the input is running in the background, it isn't possible to us the PRINT - command, because the positioning isn't working, so every single text is in the upper left corner, the texts are yellow and changing their colors, drawrect isn't working and if it works (50% chance) the colors are inverted...

I'm not sure if I'm possible to finish a bigger project with all this troubles.

GLBasic - de / Re: Verzögerung Input
« on: 2017-Jul-11 »
Dann kann ich es wohl auf den Editor beschränken.

Sobald dieser offen ist (unabhängig ob Debug Modus an oder nicht) verzögert sich die Eingabe.

Scheinbar funktioniert das Endprodukt dann dennoch.

Damit kann ich leben. Danke dir!

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic and RaspberryPi
« on: 2017-Jul-10 »
Here is the first screenshot

It will take a few days to make more, but at the moment this works fine

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic and RaspberryPi
« on: 2017-Jul-10 »
I fixed the problem.

There was an driver issue and also a problem with the media path. Now it works.

I try to make an mobile tamagotchi for my girlfriend. Battery pack, a raspberry pi 3 b and a 3.5" tft and it works now.

GLBasic - en / GLBasic and RaspberryPi
« on: 2017-Jul-10 »

I'm working on a little program for my girlfriend, so I built up a Raspberry PI with a 3.5" TFT.

Now I tried to start the software but I only get a yellow display (the background should be white) on the Raspberry.

Pictures are not working, text is working.

Do you have any experience with something like this?


GLBasic - de / Re: Verzögerung Input
« on: 2017-Jul-10 »

könnt ihr euch das bitte mal ansehen? Ich hab euch mal das File meines aktuellen Projekts angehängt.

Ich habe bei der Keyboard - Eingabe Verzögerungen.

Sobald ich auf eine Taste drücke, bewegt sich die Map mit bis zu einer halben Sekunde Verzögerung.

Aktuell sind die Tasten W & S, F1 und F2 eingebunden.

Das selbe gilt für alle anderen Tasten incl. ESC.



GLBasic - de / Re: Verzögerung Input
« on: 2017-Jul-05 »
Hat sich gerade erledigt. Es dürfte ein kleiner Bug sein, der mit der FPS - Rate zusammen hängt.

Stelle ich max. Framerate auf -1 läuft der Input wieder korrekt.

Ich lasse das mal hier stehen, falls noch jemand den Fehler haben sollte.

GLBasic - de / Verzögerung Input
« on: 2017-Jul-05 »

hat jemand ähnliche Probleme mit Input  - Verzögerungen wie ich?

Teilweise dauert die Reaktion auf einen Tastendruck bis zu einer Sekunde.

Gilt allgemein, auch für ESC oder normale KEY() - Abfragen.



PS.: bevor jemand fragt --> ich hab das selbe Phänomen auf 3 Rechnern  =D

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