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Off Topic / Re: Iphone SDK on Windows
« on: 2011-Jan-12 »
Thanks all I will have a look into second hand macs again. Maybe I didn't dig deep enough last time :)

No prob :) I am gonna take a stab at the hackintosh later and see if I can get it to work =D Like you I have no other need for a mac. I have been looking at second hand Macs but even those can be expensive :O

Some interesting info I found that might help people who cant afford a Mac. You may wanna read the full page. I fany of you know a better way then please let me know here. Cheers :)

Off Topic / Iphone SDK on Windows
« on: 2011-Jan-12 »
Anyone using this? its not just the SDK I am interested in its the fact they build your iphone apps for you. For a price ofcourse:( I might get it. I dont have a Mac so no Iphone for me unless I use something like this:P Anyone got a better way to get games onto the Iphone?

GLBasic - en / Re: Programmers resources.
« on: 2011-Jan-10 »
No prob enjoy =D

GLBasic - en / Programmers resources.
« on: 2011-Jan-09 »
The link below will take you to an english college website. Its got a wealth of knowledge from encryption to optimizing for intel chips and a host of ebooks on certain programming languages. If you have something similar to share then please add it to this thread. Cheers:)

Beta Tests / Bump mapping test
« on: 2010-Dec-30 »
Messing around with the 3D functions in GLBasic. Heres a simple bump mapped box. You can move the box with the mouse and turn it with the mouse wheel. Press space to quit the program.

Thanks all :) I got the ebooks which are great for noobs like myself.

Thank you both:) I will definitely get the ebooks they sound just right! MrTAToad any chance of you doing a video training course for GLBasic with vtc or any of the other training sites? It is always good to have both books and videos:P

Hey all,

Just bought GLBasic over the xmass and I am really loving it at the moment. I was using Darkbasic for the last while but had to find something better before I quit programming all together because of it. It is such an inconsistent language when it comes to getting your programs running on other peoples machines. So here I am :enc:

My goals are to make games for children with Autism and Aspergers. They will be simple to start with but will hopefully get better and more focused as my skills increase. Also I would like to create applications for myself and for sale.


In relation to help and training is there any dedicated ebooks or training videos to GLBasic that I can purchase? I have looked at the help and a few youtube vids but was looking for material with a more professional touch.

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