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GLBasic - en / Re: GameInput
« on: 2018-Jun-16 »
but gameinput also works fine for Windows (both keyboard and joypad), iOS, Android and Pandora (without tested it throught). Only Android might require remapping.

GLBasic - en / Re: GameInput
« on: 2018-Jun-15 »
Here is the lastet code im uses in Greedy Mouse. Its all based on Android.Scancode() and KEY().

android.Scancode() (if im remember the correct one), is same as KEY(), but its return a float, rather than a int. Analoge buttons returns anything from 0-1 (so make sure you set a deadzone).

Since Android controllers is not implemented to joy commands is simple because…. its 100% impossible to do. that is due they are seen as a keyboard and there is really no mapping standard.

The only quite standard one is one stick/dpad (make sure to checks both) and the 4 face buttons. Rest does not follow a standard at all (unlike Windows)!

GameInput does also have a remapping, but mightbeen a little bit compliced one. In PowerUp Elevation im did even not choice to use this one this time.

But you are very wellcome to use GameInput :-).

im was just used the Xbox gamehub recorder software, built into Windows 10. its does howover run 30fps rather than 60fps, but did not do frameskips throught. Im was also played it in a window, using the game native resolution.

When first configurated (not sure what happens if not), then you can press Windows-G to bring it up.

GLBasic - en / Re: inApp issues
« on: 2018-Jun-11 »
you might have init it wrong as well, etc item list march worng. you can log it out in the code. But again its some time ago, and cant revist it by now at all.

GLBasic - en / Re: inApp issues
« on: 2018-Jun-11 »
check in the function its self. There was bug in one of the versions, that just returned true (or was its false)? Not remember. But currectly im have no clue and also cannot checkitout as well.

its can also been a issue in the init as well (etc dev key is not set in strings.xml example). But its some time ago im did this one.

GLBasic - en / Re: inApp issues
« on: 2018-Jun-11 »
How often do you check. This command is asyscroll and can take some secs or such after a app launch.

hehe yes, levels after that got a big use of the VVVVVV style gravity. You do need to get that item first in each level……

Still yet to upload on youtube or such, but here is what the game is looks and play as:

The game would been a Steam Exclusive game with possible a day port to Amazon Fire. Im do have no plans to do either iOS or regular Android version.

Its might works when compiled with api23. But the java call back diddent work with Android 7.0 last time im checked. But should recheck again a day. But currectly all those requirements is a quite annoying.

But im do still recommend to by now recolate all paths to use that one used by Android Studio (both NDK and SDK). That should also means a much much smaller download for Android in the end.

For iOS and other systems (Windows include) in far future we move it to only supports Vulcan and OpenGL and not other closed source api (Vulcan CAN been used and remapped to Metal using a wrapper).

But again: iOS12 and MacOs 10.14 can still been supported, but its uncontain with the future after that. But its will not been removed in near future anyway, but more in far future.

Off Topic / Re: Revival
« on: 2018-Jun-06 »
Its lobo,  the graphican for this game as well Warhawk (and Poweup elevation). :-), and me behind the music (created in a PC application, named Vortex).

Off Topic / Re: Revival
« on: 2018-Jun-06 »
they are do really happy with the 4th general place (as well 3nd for the retro one) they got for BIS :-).

Today im did found a crash in it, and that should just got fixed. When a game crash (should newer been happens of course), its can look something like this one. Even Micheal Ware posted that screen in the Spectrum Next facebook group….

yes, its shown (C)1982 here. The top score panel is of course some Layer 2 graphics, which got corrupted.

And yes, they have both been coders since the very old days. Jim is even one of the inverter of Spectrum Next.

Also in the other side, Apple deprecated Carbon, back in 2012..... and its still works, but will howover soon remove after 10.14 throught (since no 32bit support). About 6-7 years after.

So there can still been some years, before its finally got removed (or by requirement), so there is no reason to not support it as long its works, despite deprecated.

MacOS10.14 is also the last 32bit support as well. here its a very diffrent issue. But iOS64 bit does work, so its should not really been a big issue (other we also need to move the project as a xCode project rather than using costume compilers).

Same with Android. SDK Manager got deprecated as well, but as im wrote we can relocate the path used by Android Studio and simply use from there.

Also we do use few deprecated features in glbasic, im still yet to get removed. One of them is in a Audio Driver file, that got deprecated since iOS8, but still works (me thinks). But im do have no clue what that function really does, if used at all.

Off Topic / Re: Revival
« on: 2018-Jun-06 »
im ask Micheal Ware about.....

Its Micheal Ware that code the main game, but many codebase and help is from Jim, so its a joint here (both is credited as coder). But the engine have been improvede since very much by Micheal. originally BIS was originally a little techincal jetpac demo, only for me (so im could look on code and turns into Space Taxi), but instead its expanded to been a commercial game.

But im do admit, im love the game and love the controls, and did have some improve since the party. Include a nice Level Complete screen.

If you also completed the game. The ending music was from Space Taxi, hehe. Im did a lots of Space Taxi tunes for fun.

Also do you wonder, which person you playing in this game? Of course, its Jim him self :D.

Im have edited this a lots and just searched around. Here is what im have checked.

By now Apple have deprecated OpenGl, its very sad move. But when that is said, OpenGL will still been included in a least 10.14 and all tools using it is still included in xCode with both a least iOS12 and Mac 10.14. By now its only deprecated, but does not removing it.

Im just not hope they remove it completly, since its will breaks a LOTS of apps, and many will consider not develop to iOS and MacOS anymore, and they have been heavy critised about that, that even they do not have touched OpenGL in years.

Here is a nice article about OpenGL on Mac:

What about Vulcan?
If you ask me for the best general move for glbasic. We should add a VULCAN render support. VULCAN supports by all/most system, that include even systems like Nintendo Switch. VULCAN is not supported native by Apple, but exists a nice workarounds. So hence im would perfer move it to VULCAN for best multiplatform suppot.

its pretty much the same SDK they using, but is "hidden" in the AppData folder. So its a idea Gernot and/or im a day should look to and relocate the path to using it (asume Android Studio is allways installed in the default path for easist configuration). Howovoer currectly its does only use api-27, which >might< breaks the admob throught.

But its a clearly a idea we can use as a alternative soulution.

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