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its untested and havent tested it under my apss or something like that, just some java code here. The main issue is how the main activty works and the admon works as its should pause the main activty before shows the ads.

You do should get some logs if you have called it correct.

GLBasic - en / Re: Compiling to html5?
« on: 2019-Nov-28 »
V16 does a good job for me. GACK compiles and runs fine.

its isent released. plan to release a beta. Steam has a beta labal to do it. Im wish how well its compile Greedy Mouse, which use a lots of Polyvectors in that game.

Does a something anti virus or like that block reg write?

or has you got it fixed. Its a area im cant do anything, except Gernot. so you might need to pm him here.

property happens when im did updated the file a little bit. fixed.

ah, ok. howover xbox and x-box was not included in the standard and should been added in the next version.

Here is a another version you can try out, which is howover untested for java integration:

Here in strings.xml has been used to set ads appid and the unitid. Im have not did that for the manifest yet as im should have do that as its possible to do.

Also there is 3 glbasic calls you can do "ads_load", "ads_status" and "ads_show". Remember its might take time for the ads to load, so if you call show too early, then nothing is shown as the ads wasent loaded. here is what the ads_status is for.

There was some bits missing to the grandle file you have forgot, other its cant import the required files.

please note, the stick order in x-box controllers does NOT follow the google standard, more precision the triggers and the right stick. Im thinks you can add this is line around 557 to perform a auto remapping, im should have do that long time ago:

Code: GLBasic [Select]
        if (SDLGlbasic.LastJoyname.contains("ouya")) { remapping = "0:1:4:2:3:5:9:9:9:9:"; }
        if (SDLGlbasic.JoyMicrosoftProfile.contains("xbox")) { remapping = "0:1:4:2:3:5:9:9:9:9:"; }
        if (SDLGlbasic.JoyMicrosoftProfile.contains("x-box")) { remapping = "0:1:4:2:3:5:9:9:9:9:"; }

Etc seach after the ouya one as its used the same order as the x-box one as you can see.

btw give me the java file, and im is happy to include and send it to Gernot!

The above is why you should include a remapping, mostly if you want to use theright stick and a triggers. if you only use left stick/dpad and the face buttons, then there should not been in any conflict at all! They does follow  the Google standard quite well, but not allways throught (Ouya example). But most of time they do.

just to been noticed, you are risk to get your account banned to show ads in app enter and app exit. This is not a good user experience anyway at all. Use a Java call. etc do something like this (this is not a real code, but give you idea as not checked my self, all java calls from glbasic is called to glb_JAVACALL in

Code: GLBasic [Select]
        // === SHOW A ADS ===
        if (tokens[0].equals("Interstitial")) {
            return result;

adb.exe used when you launch your emulator and install on your phone. no idea how its works instance wice.

im experirede that very early as well in Greedy Mouse. So......

what im did as im remember was just make sure samples is about 2 secs in length. if they are shorter, just add empty bit too it. Im are not sure how short they can been unclipped.

Soundpool from AndroidExtras does not have this issue.

im cant give steam away. The steam version have 32/64 bit Windows. But we dont really need the 64bit on Windows yet or forced right now (This is on the Mac and iOS), but nice to have for sure for the future! Also you also get Android Studio version of Android platform.

You can ask Gernot, but glbasic on steam is cheaper.

You are under risk to get your admob account disabled by using ads this way. do newer ever use ads on a app exit (people can report it, and then you might get its disable if that happens):

Also when a ads show, the previous activty (your game) is got paused and then resumed.

For  the javacall from glbasic, its is sent to public static String glb_JAVACALL(String url) in SLDGlbasic.Java. The Android Extras Java calls should still works. Its hasent changed at all here.

Howover long time ago im checked this last time really.

Im auto remapped few controllers which works out of box with the JOY commands (also routed to KEY() as well), but you can also require to add the remapping feature using KEY(), if you want to support most different controllers out here.

Im must admist: Im HATE that shitty system on Android and was newer designed with gamecontrollers in mind and no where to tell how a android controller should remap to. Its a Area IOS was much much better on.

The major issue is the right stick and triggers often conflict with various controllers and there is no defaults how they mappen. Yes, Google have choosen one, but you cant garantee they follow it at all.

btw howover, If you only uses the face 4 buttons and one stick (using both dpad and stick as same control), then most major controllers do should works out of the box. but make sure to also checking the hat as well. But im can not even garantee it at all, but this is most default im do have seen.

This is why, remapping is VERY important on android! People that does negative review due this, you cant do anything with it. This is just how game controllers works on Android: They are threated as a KEYBOARD!

For remapping, just use the KEY() command, but howover you can not do that for multiple players yet. Also some gamecontrollers might return two values, use the lowerst based one (or both).

PS. A PS4 controller do fellows the Google Standard, so you can use that as the default mapping. Im do cant remember all KEY() values, but you can see on the source code.

tried to delete the temp folder? Sometimes im have seen it mixed with othre projects.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-13 »
we let see what happens, its would been cool :-).

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-13 »
currectly im heard he is more focus on the HTML5/Javascript port, which is ace. Its a platform that got more more supported by various devices. Etc easier to ports really.

Currectly im did not do so much glbasic or used a competer. Has been focus on various Spectrum Next projects such,

please note:

Android 5.X and below is not supported for Android Studio version of glbasic. The app can run, but you can run into issues. Etc PNG, JPG and SOUND is not working for those platforms. This is property due change of a newer compiler. Im have not seen issues with Android 6 throught, but if you see glbasic bugs in those Android versions, submit them :-).

API 23 is required.

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