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Portrait games is a nogo on steam trailers as such. But it's OK for me to use a portrait game with a border to fill a full HD resolutions. Many of the videos was also in too low bit rate as well...

I'm do happy to show more games througt.

I'm also got one key requests. Currecrly I'm can do nothing since I'm have no permission to request them and I'm should also not get the permissions as well.this gernot product.

Also my  self I'm can't repurchase my self, since I'm was allready a owner and a go developer so I'm could help him with the steam release. Howover some assets should been updated me thinks, but I'm did a shorter trailer.

I'm did wanted to add some Ian price games. Found Blox, but require a update to the code.

Just bought and working fine, under Vmware with Windows 10... Runs fine I test the 3d Torus with reflection and I had 500 FPS. :-*

But i see the platforms for compile and I only see Windows and DLL, we don't have more Android Linux or another thing will not be Windows?¿, I read something about Apple, but I don't have nothing of interest in Apple.

Apple have depreacted OpenGL (Yes, quite vital), so all Apple platforms is no longer possible :-(, Apple did it that for you!

Google is not much better, they have pretty much depreacted many of standalone Android SDK stuff, in that way, they are no longer possible to been used for newer Android versions, which force us to move to Android Studio. Also with 64bit requirements around in the corner as well (glbasic its self works fine in 64bit, its more the binaries its use for Android that is currectly a issue).....

This is also why im currectly is still burned off Android and iOS stuff for the above reasons (its was more me that more or less maintain those platforms, which im cant no longer do it alone). Im did tried to port it to Android Studio, but is still not succesfull, but might trying again after the vaccation.

So this is why as im really hope we get a good JavaScript/HTML5 platform (is being worked on), which is the most combatible system out here for today devices and possible to use various wrappers! Its should been a great platform for ports (include Apple machines)!

PS. You can still download the missing targets them from the main glbasic webpage, even im/Gernot have not updated them in a while.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Vibration
« on: 2019-Jan-10 »
not official, just to been noted, you can currectly not release your game on Google Play, but you can release it on other stores. Im do cant remember on my head, because im is soon vaccation.

But all javacalls is been called to SDLActivity.Java, and if you have expirence with java, you can add it and remember to eventuelly add the permission in manifest as well.

im have tested it in steams offline mode, and its works fine.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-09 »
I'm sorry when I'm "burn out" or have overtalked too much as well have offend some. That was absolut not meant at all.

Im did actually lost interests for Android again and did got forget the project, due a spectrum next projects. But I'm is also soon to a ski vacation, which I'm will been offline next week. I'm need to take a break. I'm will try again with the android studio and see can fix the c++ issues.... But I'm will Went back in about week or two.

There is no TBA on the as, due it's quite hell a big ide and many things you need to do before to work.

Personally my main target is or course Windows. The only system you can trust it in backward combatible... I'm really don't like android or Ios de software currecrly and fells I'm currecrly has burnt out and embrassed when both companies doing a totally different paths than your ground work was on.

But I'm do still sure the 3 named platforms is the way to go.

Gernot, this is your call :-). Im have also requeste large batch of keys (10000+) without problem. her you might not need to request more about 2-300 steam keys me  thinks. But you can also selling keys here on your shop if you want. here you get full cut (etc Vavle take 30% cut on steam sale as most other companies does).

Some of us want to repurchase for supporting you, but not all want to do this throught. Im would example if im could do it, but do allready own it.

Im sometimes get PM about common (im got 2 yesterday) and uncommon questions of various features, which im gonna to been a bit tired of. Im do not want to do personally support and use my time on that. Thanks. Im perfer using the forum than the pms and reply here.

or even selling them, if he want to do. Im do have no permissions to request them.

Howover we got a nice review in chineses.

Its a minor update really and Windows 64bit is a new target.

The main advancemts its more behind in the hood. Etc adminstration is quite easier, since all licenses, purchasing and updates is now more automatic and Gernot does not need to activate them manual anymore. All those is handed by steam!

Updates is only required to update the changed files and is also no longer require to upload the whole thing again and again. This is the part im really like Steam. That is the maintain is simply just easier.

Currecrly me and Gernot can update files.

You can fully still use glbasic 15 if you want to do that. No problems. Im hopefully Gernot does request keys to you that want it. But this is not my job, that is Gernot really.

first at all we need to get Gernot to request those keys. Im personly would have repurchased it for supporting, but im cant do that due im is set as developer here (even im is just a advanced developer). This is property will take some days. But in first place im wanted this got released. Rest can follow. That include demo and all.

You can still use v14 and v15 long time me thinks, and some of my games still use v14 (but is compiled with v15 now).

with a surprice discount :-D

do a annoce about your game in the annonce forum. Looks great.

its a quite minor version, only updated compilers and windows 64bit as a target. Easy to been done. But im do have added a notice about the version 14 demo in the forum. This give the possible to testing it. A demo should tell a lots.

Im do pretty much guess, pretty much all graphics card that support OpenGL should do, OpenGL is quite old too. OpenGL is actuelly begin to been depreacted as well. Vulcan is the future. But many does still like OpenGL due easy port to various platforms, while Vulcan and Metal is still quite limited.

Im did asked him to lower the price and he did it. AppGameKit is better (howover im have not tested it at all). Im only want to write what it can and not what it not can (and steam uses a lesser font). Glbasic is a bit old throught, but still fun with this kind of lanugage.

Also damn, im have forgot all about the free 2d version completly. If you ask me, this should have been stayed (why was im not noticed its some time earlier? my fart). Its a bit very late now, but im will ask Gernot, so a failed license check simply should simplt just turns glbasic into the demo as its was before. Sorry, im have simply completly forgot it. You are fully completly right!

Im will promote the demo (that one you can download, that one should been free anyway) now in the forum and we should do a new demo, direction on steam. but a proper demo would been nice (etc when a license failed, then its a demo).

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