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Off Topic / Re: BASIC for the Sega Genesis
« on: 2018-Jun-15 »
I saw some tube tutorial about it dated aug 17 so I believe it should be working fine.

Off Topic / BASIC for the Sega Genesis
« on: 2018-May-25 »
Just found out about this, interesting read so far.

Announcements / Re: Retro to the max...
« on: 2018-May-23 » confused! :-[

Announcements / Re: Retro to the max...
« on: 2018-May-22 »
Music didn´t play on my end.

Works fine here, but I don´t seem to be getting music.

For such a campaign, I wonder, what would the game be about and what would one have to do?

Off Topic / Re: 3d Modeler OpenSource Dust 3D
« on: 2018-May-18 »
Very interesting, will give a try.
Always interesting to see different modeling approaches.

No experience with kickstarter here (they don´t accept projects from where I live).
But the project is great, you´d have to check how to promote the campaign.

FAQ / Re: Forum Access Password
« on: 2018-May-06 »

Nice presentation, the in game visuals are superb.
I tried it with my joypad using JOYTOKEY and it also worked nicely.

It sure has the art style Lobo is advancing! Looks pretty neat! How far into gameplay do you have it going?

Yep this looks really great and the video is awesome! I really enjoyed the details like the bullets hitting the water.
I first thought it was more like an Operation Wolf type game. :-[

Well done, let a demo loose at some point! :good:

Great come back! :enc:

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-17 »
Yep he is excellent, but there are a lot of movie musicians I enjoy, James Horner being one of them too (commando soundtrack for example).

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-16 »
Nice, that is exactly it, I never thought it would be possible, though I should know better when it gets global.
I guess the imperial march is like a "can it play doom" thing when it comes to music. :D

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