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GLBasic - en / Re: World Editor "Modex"
« on: 2012-Jul-28 »
some more questions:
how to load a texture with a mask as on a screenshot?
how to make translucent model as on a screenshot?
why shadows so are buggy? what do I do incorrectly? it is possible to look at a source code in archive above.
when there will be already a support of DDS of textures and format B3D? when I use textures PNG, objects aren't displayed, but the shadow from them falls.

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GLBasic - en / Re: World Editor "Modex"
« on: 2012-Jul-25 »
new demo with shadows - at me they are buggy.
I will repeat - where I can find a source code for export to a DDA format? the specification is written not so clearly.

GLBasic - en / Re: World Editor "Modex"
« on: 2012-Jul-16 »
Kitty Hello - yes, the version the last.
Albert - thanks for a source code with shadows!

I have some questions:

1) how to me to make analog of the ScaleTexture team (Blitz3d) in Gl Basic?
it will be necessary to use shaders or there are other options?

2) where I can find a source code of export to a DDA format on GLB?

3) why in GLB lighting doesn't affect the created objects?
look at the picture above - the cylinder completely black...

GLBasic - en / Re: World Editor "Modex"
« on: 2012-Jul-05 »
language very perspective and quite good, but it needs completion.
glBASIC - the name speaks for itself, that is it should be as
it is simple as well as any other BASIC! but isn't present - here I faced such problems,
what wasn't when studying QBasic, PureBasic, Blitz3d...
it is visible that language still "crude" - many mistakes and up to the end it is not thought over.

here the source code with an example is everything that to me managed to achieve at present :(

GLBasic - en / World Editor "Modex"
« on: 2012-Jul-04 »
I am the author of the editor of the worlds whom I wrote on blitz3d. now I try to write the loader for glbasic,
but there were many problems... I will begin with that the development environment - mistakes very strongly is buggy so many that I wouldn't like at all from here to write, because I think the author and itself about them knows :-)
further there were problems of other plan - there is no similar team as in blitz3d - "scaletexture"
there is no team of rotation of a texture - "rotatetexture"
there is no team of range of distribution of a light source - "lightrange"
well and still there are a lot of small and irritating mistakes :(

well, and how to make water with reflection, as on these screenshots?
and how to make blur shadows?

soon I am going to write the loader for gl basic that there was a possibility to create levels in my editor of the worlds of Modex and then directly to load into language.

screenshots are available to the address:

Beta Tests / Re: Rapid Pak 3
« on: 2012-Apr-19 »
Excuse, I from Russia. In archive there is my first library for glbasic.

Beta Tests / Rapid Pak 3
« on: 2012-Apr-19 »
Please, test... :)

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