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Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2018-Sep-18 »
Might be cool. I'll try to put GLBasic on STEAM...


Announcements / Re: PMS
« on: 2018-Sep-16 »
Very impressive! :o
I loved everything, reminds me of a KentaCho shmup (Torus Trooper), the only bit that got me a little confused was the instant ship flip.

Thanks Erico, much appreciated! I’ll need to look up KentaCho.

I know what you mean, originally I had a nice handbrake spinning turn with the camera rotating around the player but I found that you could get killed in the time this animation took place. To make things worse I didn’t want to allow the player to shoot while spinning, as it was against the gameplay design, so you were not able to defend yourself while this was happening. So I just used a flip instead. I may add some sort of visual indication to make it more clear that you have done a 180 flip. 

Your welcome Mentalthink!  :)

Announcements / Re: GLBasic is 15!
« on: 2018-Sep-04 »
Now that’s developer dedication, thanks Gernot!   :good:

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Sep-04 »
The C++ compiler can be updated by yourself. I did it a few years ago to try and get another source lib working (OpenB3D). IIRC you simply download MinGW, locate the folders that contain the same file in the GLBasic Windows compiler directory and replace them from the MinGW distro.

I must stress though, I could be completely wrong in this description, it was a long time ago. So back up the GLBasic dir if you try it!:P

Thanks Dreamerman. Yup, GLBasic is very fast, I actually develop in an old pentium dual core(I was getting increasingly worried about optimisation on my big rig with a GTX1080 in it) Lenovo M73 Tiny desktop, it has 4 gigs with intel on board GPU. My game runs at a steady 60hz on it with space to spare. This is definitely down to how well GLBasic has been optimised, even on a single thread GLBasic is blisteringly fast!

Thanks Mr Plow. TBH I would imagine that to really take advantage of the new extensions, you would need to use them in code. Be that in the GLBasic compiler source or within your own inline code. There is a list of extensions within the GLee ZIP file. There are a vast amount of them, most will be ways to do things that either were not possible or are a simply much faster way of doing OpenGL 1.1 things. A small example would be, there is support for mesh instancing in OpenGL 2.0, that is to cache your mesh in graphics memory, rather than transfer it to graphics memory each time you draw a mesh. This can allow you to have thousands rather than hundreds of meshes on screen at ounce without any loss of speed.

You still need to dip into inline C a bit to take advantage though as this isn't a new engine, it just allows access to a better OpenGL API within your inline C.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Sep-03 »
I'm not sure a tilemap editor is needed. It would be a lot of work and never be as good as the freely available
 ones. Take "Tiled" for example, , it's been worked on for years, you can download and use it today. All you need is a little GLBasic importing code for the file format.

I quite like the IDE myself, I've kinda got used to its quirks of design. I always feel a good IDE is one that you can forget it's actually there, it just becomes second nature and it fits into your coding flow. The current GLBasic IDE definitely does that for me.

Thanks Ian. There's no reason why this couldn't be incorporated into the compile chain AFAIK. The only thing to remember that anyone using this needs to link into this library BEFORE "gl.h". You can keep "gl.h" if you like but it serves no purpose after this library as GLee already incorporates the base "gl.h" definition in it's own header definition as well as the extra OpenGL 1-3+ extensions.

Why? GLBasic uses the default OpenGL 1.1 headers for it's OpenGL. These are functional but lack a lot of features. Advanced blending modes, shaders with decent features etc. need GL 3.0+
To add OpenGL functionality to your project I use GLee (GL Easy Extension library), see here...

To use it within your projects all the hard work is done within the project options dialog. I used the GCC command line option to pre-empt the GLBasic linking process.

Before that though, I need a folder, within my games ("PMS") project folder to hold the GLee.h and GLee.c library files. See attached archive.

STEP 1: Create a container folder and copy the GLee files into it

For my PMS game, its in "MyC", within the PMS game project folder...

Code: GLBasic [Select]
"C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC"

Obviously change the "C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\" bit to match your own projects path.

Once that has been created. Extract the files mentioned above into the "MyC" folder.

STEP 2: Include the header and link it's library file in the project options

Open your project options dialog ( In the GLB IDE Menu - "Project" then "Options" )

An on your "cmp" (Compiler command line options) and "lnk" (Linker command line options) add these two lines (keep the quotes BTW)

In "cmp" ...
Code: GLBasic [Select]
-I"C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC" -include GLee.h

In "lnk" ...
Code: GLBasic [Select]
"C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC\GLee.c"

Save and exit.

Thats it!

Here's a very quick test for OpenGL 3.0 support ...

Code: GLBasic [Select]
                if (GLEE_VERSION_3_0)
                  //OpenGL 3.0 is supported (Minimum)
                  DEBUG( (DGStr)" OpenGL 3.0+ supported " );
                glClampColor(GL_CLAMP_READ_COLOR, GL_FALSE); // Quick usless OpenGL 3.0 only command
                                                // to show that its working. Remove in final game!
                                                // There should be NO compile errors if GLBasic accepts
                                                // it as a valid inline command.

Check for errors. The above should be at the beginning of any program that uses this lib as it's a good check for older unsupported cards too.

A couple of tips.

Changing the linked library("lnk") "C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC\GLee.c" to ""C:\Coding Folder\Projects\GLBasic\PMS\MyC\GLee.a" allows for static linking of GLee and therefore much quicker compiles. But you will need to recompile (GLee.c & GLee.h into GLee.a) for any other platform other than Windows to staticly link it for another platform. There is a Windows "GLee.a" in the "" within the main archive. This is what I actually use.

Once the library is installed, you now have full OpenGL inline support using DGInt, DGNat, DGStr etc. This is VERY handy once you get comfortable with mixing inline GL code with normal GLBasic. It's also very easy to wrap the new GL commands.

Are there good alternatives for glee because there is no download possible.
Would test it in the next days. (or you make an attachment) ;)

No problem, as it's a bit off topic I'll make a quick tutorial on a new thread for this.

Hi Heiko,

No ones suggesting that GLBasic is ending, the thread title is a little misleading IMHO.

The 1.1 restriction is actually the Windows default header. You can link a gl extentions header via the project linker fields, I’ve linked to GLee( ) in my game, which ads all the extensions for OpenGL 3.0. This for all intents and purposes is a quick GL upgrade to 3.0.


OpenGL support on iOS is depreciated it hasn’t been removed. There is an important semantic difference here. When Apple announced this in July, there was quite a backlash in the Apple dev community, many threatening to leave the Apple dev ecosystem for good. I think Apple has taken heed, most people recon that GL will be supported, in its current form for at least the next 5 years. This is how long is took Apple to remove Carbon once it was declared depreciated(2012-2017).

That said, I don’t develop for Apple, this "my way or the highway" attitude towards its dev community annoys me no end. That and the App Store is a mess of Chinese crapware or giant corporations consistently hitting the top of the App Store search engine. I would personally not mind if GLBasic committed 100% to desktop. ESP. to Steam as a target.


Good to see the gang coming together again on this thread! :D

More portable C++ output would be great IMHO!  :good:

Announcements / Re: PMS
« on: 2018-Aug-22 »
Thanks Sly! Ha, no real reason for PMS, although currently it could start for Perpetual Motion Sickness!  :D

2D-snippets / Re: Fill Fast Line algorithm
« on: 2018-Aug-10 »
Cool, thanks Qedo!  :good:

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