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Title: DDgui with proportional fonts
Post by: Moru on 2008-Aug-18
Finaly made it to convert DDgui to proportional fonts, download on my homepage including source for Bitmap fonts.
Usage is just like the old DDgui, only the font and widths has changed. Let me know if you find something strange since I don't realy know how to use much of it, just know that the example is working fine what I can see.
Known problems include the select text and type text into textboxes. You don't have a cursor but it still works :-)

DDgui (
Update 2008-08-18: it can now handle \n in text strings, you get a proper line-break now.
Title: Re: DDgui with proportional fonts
Post by: Quentin on 2008-Aug-18
looks great! Thx for sharing.