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GLBasic - en / Re: Audio Pitch?
« Last post by Schranz0r on Today at 10:05 am »
You can use SDL to pitch and slow down & speed up...
GLBasic - en / Re: Audio Pitch?
« Last post by Jayenkai on Today at 12:13 am »
So.. No, then.
OK, thanks, guys.
GLBasic - en / Re: Audio Pitch?
« Last post by erico on Yesterday at 08:42 pm »
Which is pretty much what I do.
If sound pitch control is so important as the OP said it is for him, then one could look into wrapping a different sound engine.

Is there a coding way to convert sound to data? Like an image to an array or spritemem?
If so, then one could build a function with sound pitch control as much as one would create a function that scales images.
GLBasic - en / Re: Proguard
« Last post by MrPlow on Yesterday at 07:06 pm »
Bit of both...removing logical function names etc...

Maybe the end java is already using other function names that differ? Not sure.

Just want to make changing the app as awkward as possible...
GLBasic - en / Re: Audio Pitch?
« Last post by MrPlow on Yesterday at 06:58 pm »
Not sure but I think someone else was looking at this too...

But if the pitch is just slight then as a workaround  - create 3 versions of your firing sounds and choose them randomly :)

Then together with the volume control you can have low - med - high versions of each too.

GLBasic - en / Audio Pitch?
« Last post by Jayenkai on Yesterday at 12:04 pm »
About 5 or so years ago, (*checks*...2011!) I purchased GLBasic, but then found out it didn't have Audio Pitching.
Since my sounds are fairly repetitive, I find that Audio Pitching is essential.
Bullets going "Peow Peow Peow Peow" over and over, sound much less annoying when there's an ounce of variety in the pitch.

On the day I realised there was a lack of audio pitch, I stopped trying, and moved on to other unnamed language.

Now that other unnamed language is coming to a close, I'm rummaging around to try and decide what language to use next.

It's brought me back here, and I'm wondering..
..  Did this problem (And, to me, this IS a fairly major problem) ever get fixed?!

Can I return to GLBasic, yet, or should I look elsewhere?

other unnamed language 2 is probably the only other choice on the horizon, right now, but it doesn't half end up with big .exes!
5Mb just for hello world!? And a whole bunch of extra .dlls and stuff in the folder, too!?! Yikes!!
GLBasic - en / Re: Older version download
« Last post by bigsofty on 2017-Jun-24 »
Hi Darmakwolf, good to see you!   ;)

Can't help you with that link though.  :(
GLBasic - en / Older version download
« Last post by Darmakwolf on 2017-Jun-24 »
Hey guys! (I'm still alive!) I have a request. I tried downloading GLBasic Version 9 to try compiling a game for my PowerPC Mac (G5, OSX Leopard 10.5.8) and found:

Which appears to link to V9 that was the last to have PPC Mac compiler working. Can anyone link me to that SDK please? I'd really appreciate it.
GLBasic - en / Re: Proguard
« Last post by dreamerman on 2017-Jun-23 »
Isn't that particular obfuscator only for Java apps? GLB produces native code and Java part is only used as the basis for app and for wrapping native system functions from what I understand. So code protection is such an issue? Or you intended to use it for minimazing code size.
GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic News?
« Last post by Slydog on 2017-Jun-23 »
Ya, I pretty much learned the UI over the years.  I still use it to handle audio and graphics (images, shaders, materials, etc).  I gave up on using it for the game GUI, as I kept making changes that I'd have to change in every menu.  So I designed a Style (skinning) library, and UI library, so one line of code can place a stylized button on the screen, and handle the different resolutions and aspect ratios.  It all depends on the game type, mine is fully dynamic, so mostly through code makes sense.  But there's still no option to whip you to keep you motivated!   :whip:
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