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GLBasic - en / Re: Visual Studio Code possible?
« Last post by dreamerman on Yesterday at 10:33 pm »
Not me :p Generally I see that now VisualStudio has options to use custom languages, yet most important questions is that all language features could be implemented in this way? All syntax stuff, compilation and debug.. As for now my editor is sufficient for me. But if GLB would go to Steam then VS as default IDE would be really nice.
GLBasic - en / Re: Stopping iOS and Android support from me.
« Last post by dreamerman on Yesterday at 09:08 pm »
Sad :'( Thank You for your work on features for both mobile platforms, I just hope that if it would be needed someone will be able to pick where you finished (if possible). Mobile markets are different beast but can also give some $$, don't need extra stuff, just base GLB code working 100%.
Long live GLB! :-)
Generally it depends for what you need it, both JS and C# have different purposes, but both are usefully.
JS web apps, scripts, but also for normal apps when used with something like phonegap.
C# can be called successor of C++, cross platform native development like Xamarin, Mono.
Yet there is still PHP, Ruby, Python, and so on...
GLBasic - en / Re: STDOUT does not working?
« Last post by dreamerman on Yesterday at 05:38 pm »
Never tried STDOUT in console app but it should work, despite that some time ago I noticed that GLB closes out buffer (or whatever it's called) only after app ends. So to catch STDOUT in my editor I use this work-around:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
                extern "C" {
                        #include <cstdio>
        namespace __GLBASIC__ {

FUNCTION stdout_fix:
                setbuf(stdout, NULL);
Don't put this into main source file, call 'stdout_fix()' after load/init, and should work, also for bat files, so you can do 'path/app.exe >> out.txt' in cmd.
GLBasic - en / Re: STDOUT does not working?
« Last post by bigsofty on Yesterday at 05:38 pm »
I’m still on 14.x and it works fine for me on Windows & Android. Have you tried it via inline? It may be redirected to a debug log?
GLBasic - en / STDOUT does not working?
« Last post by spacefractal on Yesterday at 03:28 pm »
Im a doing a little pixel palette application to convert images to Spectrum Next, so im need the graphics video. but when that is used, then STDOUT does NOT work at all. Its does nothing at all, and im have no idea how to declare __AllocConsole() to been send to the commandpromth when running from there or from a bat file.
As I'm wrote, I'm want happy to help a release on steam. They liked it when I'm wrote about it.

I'm have just focus on other thing now today. Currently glbasic do still works on current platform, but I'm want to take a break etc.

For me steam was the platform I'm got success on.

And I'm still monitor this forum yet, I'm leave iOS and Android by now, but I'm stay here.

I'm have even pulled my own apps out from Android, and also on iOS later this year.

- Steam
- Full open Source
- let it die, and don't give a *PIEP*

The Community was such a great one, nowadays the Community is dead...
A lot of people, like you spacefractal, put a lot of time into GLBasic to push it forward!
And now we let it die like this?  :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:
That makes me sad...
Steam is "basically" a altermative Windows Store, but with a great userbase. So a glbasic release on steam, should get a least Windows as well Linux version working as the main focus. There is issues with the Linux version, but its howover only optional throught.

Im want to help if Gernot dedicate to release glbasic on steam. Just let me now. Im do thinks the main focus on first release would been desktop platforms.
Thank for you good job porting iOS to 64 bit and improve iOS and Android modules.
I hope you have good luck in Steam and keep contributing to GLB community.
:nw: :good:
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