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ok now you often speak javascript and html but you noticed that from version GLB 12 onwards Html5 no longer works
The latest working version is GLBasic Version: 11.559
Is it only my problem?

GLBasic - en / Re: Blur effect in real time
« on: 2018-Sep-22 »
I did not explain well.
I did not ask how to get the blur effect in real time but instead I showed how to get it.

GLBasic - en / Re: Blur effect in real time
« on: 2018-Sep-17 »
Did you try the program or saw the source?
Without using photoscop it does Glbasic

GLBasic - en / Blur effect in real time
« on: 2018-Sep-16 »
Blur effect in real time on sprite with transparent background (color 128,0,255).
Let me know.

Change KONV in KONV$ (2 places).
The second \ disappears because \ is a special character and works in tandem with the next

2D-snippets / Re: Fill Fast Line algorithm
« on: 2018-Aug-17 »
dreamerman, I searched the internet for the best filling algorithm and implemented it in GLB. I do not think there are others, but I can be wrong.
At the beginning I was very doubtful about the efficiency of DIMPUSH / DELETE and the FOREACH / NEXT cycle but I have to say that I'm not a real bottleneck. To get rid of all doubts it would be interesting to implement it in c ++ but for the moment I am satisfied with this version.

2D-snippets / Fill Fast Line algorithm
« on: 2018-Aug-10 »
After i have grabbing with both hands in the forum a small summer gift (I hope it will be appreciated).
You find the scanline floodfill algorithm using stack instead of recursion.
I converted the version I found in internet from C++ to GlBasic.
Compared to the standard version this is much faster about 10-15 times.
When you start the program for the first 10 seconds, the standard (more slow) version is executed and  after the scanline version.
The program uses my FASTMEM2SPRITE version (which you already sent a while ago and which I have now improved), but you can comment the command and activate the standard MEM2SPRITE to appreciate even more the change of speed.
Let me know

2D-snippets / Re: TTF - True Type Fonts
« on: 2018-Jul-10 »
It does not work.
I think it depends on how the font was triagolarized previously in the glbvf file

2D-snippets / Re: TTF - True Type Fonts
« on: 2018-Jul-07 »
Thanks Gernot for this font engine.
I ask you if you can increase the font resolution that seems very low as you can see from the image. For example, the letter "g" is not rounded as it should be. Is it possible to work on generating the glbvf file?

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic line continuation?
« on: 2018-Feb-24 »
_ Work perfectly in IDE 15.089

Hi  mentalthink,
I love GLB but also I'm looking around since it is not updating as it should and I found interesting Xamarin (Microsoft) in C# and now also in VB.Net that deliver native Android, iOS, and Windows apps. There is also support for 3D with UrhoSharp that is a cross-platform high-level 3D and 2D engine.

sorry but two things I did not understand:
1) @spacefractal: there is a limit of 4096 colors for android?
2) @Kitty Hello: What do you mean by "option is to use mem2sprite and do a 1x1 pixel sprite" about DRAWRECT?

Code Snippets / Re: FASTMEM2SPRITE
« on: 2017-Nov-25 »
Thank you dreamerman for trying FASTMEM2SPRITE.
I have made new and more precise benchmarks and these results for 50 cycles:

 MEM2SPRITE 17000 millisec
 FASTMEM2SPRITE 500 millisec
 ratio 34

Android 6.0:
 MEM2SPRITE 27000 millisec
 FASTMEM2SPRITE 270 millisec
 ratio 100

Unexpected FASTMEM2SPRITE  in Android is faster than in Win.

Code Snippets / FASTMEM2SPRITE
« on: 2017-Nov-11 »
For my application I found a certain slowness with MEM2SPRITE so I searched in the GLBASIC forum for a solution to this problem without finding anything.
So I wrote FASTMEM2SPRITE using the OpenGL routines. The result it is very fast and in some conditions, in high sprite resolution, even a 6X ratio on my computer. In Android, the increase is even slightly higher. The syntax is the same, obviously by adding FAST to the command. The only difference is that to draw the sprite because of the different coordinates of the OpenGL screen (bottom / left) you have to use the ZOOMSPRITE nsprite, 0,0, 1, -1 (vertical mirror).
Tried on Win and Android.
If you have better solution then you will be happy to receive your jobs.
Use it freely and let me know.

Bug Reports / Re: GLB 15.004 DO NOT COMPILE
« on: 2017-Sep-09 »
The debugger 15.004 don't work with array type.
With the following code:
 in debugging (wrong):
while must be (exact):
     AnimationG.AnimationData[0].NameSubAnim$="Animation G[0]"
     AnimationG.AnimationData[1].NameSubAnim$="Animation G[1]"

Any idea?

Code: GLBasic [Select]
TYPE TAnimationData

TYPE TAnimationList
        AnimationData[2] AS TAnimationData
        FUNCTION GetAnim% : pos%,name$,par1%,par2%
                self.AnimationData[pos].NameSubAnim$= name$
                self.AnimationData[pos].TimeDraw[0]= par1
                self.AnimationData[pos].TimeDraw[1]= par2


GLOBAL AnimationG AS TAnimationList

AnimationG.GetAnim(0,"Animation G[0]",2,3)
AnimationG.GetAnim(1,"Animation G[1]",4,5)

DEBUG AnimationG.AnimationData[0].NameSubAnim$+","+AnimationG.AnimationData[0].TimeDraw[0]+","+AnimationG.AnimationData[0].TimeDraw[1]+"\n"
DEBUG AnimationG.AnimationData[1].NameSubAnim$+","+AnimationG.AnimationData[1].TimeDraw[0]+","+AnimationG.AnimationData[1].TimeDraw[1]+"\n"

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