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GLBasic - en / Re: What is HTML5 and what can I do?
« Last post by spacefractal on 2018-Nov-10 »
the best for glbasic in future is really to do a good html5 javascript port, which can been base for ports for various platforms. The reason is native code has been quite annoying to meanstream and cause a lots of annoying updates to catch up the changes.

html5 could been a good platform as base for ports to extracty iOS, Android and other platforms. The platform here should been much better than its have been in recent years as well we have much better performing platforms as well.

Howover with HTML5 in mind, newer Android versions would been required, property Android 5 or 6 and up.
we allready using NDK in years, but in a bit older version of the NDK, but glbasic is still require some Java code that cant been avoided, like the SDLActivity.Java thing.

*.SO is a precompiled C++ libs. There is various of them in the current build, but im cant do and will no longer use any SO files that is not from Google or such company. The only exception is Ouya eventuelly. The console dosent get a new version anyway.

Currecty im wont try to get it compiled, not now. But its a quite bigger project, and im is not even sure how sld really works. Im simply not have that time right now. My focus is currectly to get Steam working and a least should run on all major desktop machines or a great HTML5 port at least. HTML5 have been a much improvements in the recent years and much more possible to port to various platforms.

So its not that really simply. Im can simply not use any precompiled files. They will simple get various issues each times thing changes. Etc next year 64bit is required.... While glbasic DOES work in 64bit (iOS prove it), then Android cannot due those libs.

Im do was lucky im did iOS running, because its extractly that im need for iOS, which was all required code in source code form, so its possible to do iOS. Im should go back to iOS really. yes OpenGL is depreacted, but its wont been removed in near future anyway (that would breaks a LOTS of games), and there is a OpenGL wrapper as well.
Announcements / Re: Burger Lord Released
« Last post by spacefractal on 2018-Nov-10 »
you might want to contact otakumaker... they publish all my games. Im guess they would like

And its a shame Google ditched backward combatible and want to remove the thing we currectly was used. The vital punch was they even removed android.bat, which glbasic uses for compile to Android..... You cant do that anymore.

But there is still Amazon Appstore as well the samsung one.
Announcements / Re: Burger Lord Released
« Last post by erico on 2018-Nov-09 »
I guess the avocado one would do better, I did compile the burger game for android and made adjustable touch controls.
Problem was it was running a bit slow on my galaxy note 2 and I would probably have to revise the drawing routines to figure out what was going on.
I did work though, but the touch controls were a bit of pain to play with.
Announcements / Re: Burger Lord Released
« Last post by MrPlow on 2018-Nov-09 »
its a shame about the android thing...Burger Lord would be a hit on Mobile for sure!

I mostly make from adverts - I just released a Centiplode sequel a few hours before the deadline! Milliplode so maybe that'll do well too
Centiplode passed 100,000 downloads on playstore and many more outside of playstore - (based on the ad revenue)

Announcements / Re: Burger Lord Released
« Last post by erico on 2018-Nov-09 »
Yep, I will probably try steam with it too.
Itchio is also a store I want to have it available. I could sell an android version there too.

I made the itchio burger page already, it is just not yet released there, probably next monday.

It is a very easy and well done store system to work with IMHO but probably not as pop as Steam, but if steam does not sell, I´d prefer to release it only on itchio while I build users.
Announcements / Re: Burger Lord Released
« Last post by spacefractal on 2018-Nov-09 »
Currectly Android with glbasic is impossible today, sorry. Both Google and Apple have been annoying in the late and hence im lost interests. But there is also Amazon and other service to been checked out. Amazon still use Android 5.X and property newer update it, because its simple not required fo them at all. Its all the frontend they using and not the system behind it.

So checkout Amazon.

But anyway Steam is still a good platform, that is incude Avocade. Avocade is a great Time Killers" game. You should just to make sure you can play the game in both fullscreen and in windored mode, since many property might want to play this game in Windowered mode.

PS. Im have even the two small games, CatchOut and SpotRace on steam. Released extractly as a "Time Killers" game.
Its was the main plan, but its not that easy at all and can take a lots of time to do that, and since im lost interests for the platform yet (all my games is Steam only now). The platform need to start from beginning, since not much can been used for the current version.

Etc before im can do anything with Android Studio is all SO libs that is used (except OUYA and GOOGLE) need to been go. The SDL libraries that is used is still 32bit only support and compiled for arm6. Those can been also issues for crashes for newer devices.

So by now im still wont come back to mobile development, and im have not even a iPhone anymore (but im do have 2 iPads).

GLBasic - en / Re: Nintendo switch compiling
« Last post by spacefractal on 2018-Nov-09 »
could been a nice platform, but not checked at all.
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