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GLBasic - en / Re: Android 6 Crashing
« Last post by spacefractal on Today at 12:08 am »
the crash bug in the Ios 64 bit was fixed in glbasic compression file, which was not there the debugger was pointed, so its was a nice fix by HeadKaze.

Im have not yet and still to update to newer Android SDK. But im will been sure to remove all Google Play Service, until im a day get it updated to use Android Studio. You should also remove eventuelly OUYA stuff in OnCreate() for better compatible, which also can crash out on some devices. That stuff was added before v2.9. Its was fixed in v3 by simple remove Ouya stuff shop when not used.

the older stuff might work, but can been depreacted in newer devices, and sometimes Android is very pisky and crappy annoying to do work with. For me Android is quite worse than iOS. Yes really. Im could not get the older google play SDK to work with newer SDK example (the newest separated SDK im could find), the ads was loaded, but then nothing then was happens at all (the callback did nothing at all as its should). That hence im remove it instead, due Google's requirements.

But.... im will also look to possible to open a webpage inside the app (as a dialog), which can been used for ads and news purpose instead, which can been a nice alternative. Since its open a webpage inside the app, then you could use pretty much anything really. The best alternative im will do when im went back again. That seens to been possible, but might require a newer Android for some features.

So lso Im will also no longer support Android 2.x and Android 3.x devices at all in the future.... even its might work. also im hate to support older versions. Remember on Ios, im cannot even support iOS 7 and below..... Apple wont accept that at all anymore.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android 6 Crashing
« Last post by MrPlow on Yesterday at 03:43 pm »
Thanks SF!

I can still side load my older projects and keep them using inapp and admob with older framework.

But if I am doing any stuff for free or a paid app I could do that in the new version :)

TBH - Although Google reports crashing - i do not get many bad reviews about crashing - i would expect I would be getting a few every week....but none at not sure I fully trust the Google crash stats are accurate. :)

P.s. If you get a chance try my new app in Beta Test section.
Beta Tests / new pinball type
« Last post by MrPlow on Yesterday at 12:56 pm »

Casual clicker style pinball-type
Click the score panel to release balls

Now sure about whether to keep the cutesy balls or go minimalist with just clean circles?
(edit: I have since removed the cute faces and gone with flat circle balls...makes for less distraction while playing)

Still to come...
- Aimed at mobile
- Extra bonus scoring rules
- Special table items
- Possible in-app purchase

BTW - Guys,
I think beta section should be like the Bonus section - hidden from public.
Off Topic / Re: Amiga Fans: Kick Off Revival on Steam (15% off)
« Last post by bigsofty on Yesterday at 03:02 am »
Ooh, this looks good, thanks for the heads up!  =D
there was something bad reviers about this game ealier, but its seen its not a issue anymore at all. Moved to offtypic.
Announcements / Re: Turtle for Android
« Last post by MrPlow on 2017-Sep-15 »
Thanks! - getting a few downloads...maybe it'll get seen more after a week or two.
Very relevant in my opinion. :good:
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