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Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« Last post by erico on Today at 05:58 am »
GLBasic - en / Re: Blur effect in real time
« Last post by erico on Today at 05:57 am »
ahhhh! :-[

I thought it was a question, will download and check it out now. Thanks for sharing, I use pink transparency a lot, it could be handy! :good:
Great stuff! Keep us updated on how you get on with Trading Cards!
Yes puzzle games are niche on Steam, and without really original concept or design it's hard to got attention. On other hand many people may think that paying more that couple bucks for puzzle game is to much so I'm aiming at low price and hope to get that $1000 limit and add Trading Cards later as this also can ramp up sales a little. Next projects are action/arcade puzzle game, second is 'lite' strategy, so I will see how it will go with them.

All that stuff with app ids, packages, content packs or whatever it's called can be misleading some times, specially that some tutorials on YT presents older submitting process from what I see. But for such small games it isn't hard if You don't plan to add DLC, create separate packs for testers and so on..

TY, it will be needed! :d

Best thing is that now I'm focused only on GLBasic stuff, no more any hmtl5/JS porting, testing and so on, and Android SDK is awful when compared to VS...
PS. I hope to see 'Red Wizard Island' and 'PMS' soon on Steam! ;]
Good luck with your Steam releases Dreamerman!  :good:
Nice! How was your experience using the Steam publishing platform? I sometimes find the web interface a bit confusing...
Good stuff Dreamerman!
I did the same with Zen Blocks (puzzle game also) -started just publishing due to being the most PC like of my mobile titles and ended up redoing a lot of it for higher PC resolution and extra features / modes etc.

Learned a lot from it and next game will be much different.

Look very nice! Puzzle category is niche on steam and the category doesn't get lot of attention unless some super viral new puzzle game is created.

I learned that majority of PC Steam users are not Puzzle-heads...but they do like Strategy.

 :good: Good Luck with it!!!!
Finally after long time my first finished GLBasic game is comming to Steam (currently only for Windows).
Nothing special, more as a test that I can do it and finish work on that project, generally it's a bundle/pack of few logical/puzzle games.

Little back story: some games started as Symbian OS projects years ago, coded with QML/JS and released on official Nokia/Ovi store, remade later in GLBasic and enchanced.
Games are 'inspired' by already available titles, nothing original just done in the way that I like it.
At first I was aiming to release all games seperately (with in-app advertising) yet during to long developement time and possible Steam release I choosed to bundle them.

Technical stuff:
At beggining I wanted to use GLBasic as ultimate tool, yet as we know future Android/iOS platform status makes this hard/impossible, despite this I wanted to at least check other platforms, so I ported game to pure HTML5/JS with Canvas based drawing.
HTML5/JS port is used on Android (with Cordova), Windows Store (desktop and phones), LG TV, Vewd and possible others.
Steam version is made with GLBasic, it has gui with fancy transition animations and this will be main version to add possible enchantements, additional games or whatever.
As You may surely assume, I don't have any special / big expectations for this release, just to pave the way, enter this market and see how all things like project management in store are done.

Next in line are two GLBasic games, that are already waiting from some time, target platform is also Steam.

Steam link
YouTube video
#Invalid YouTube Link# For some reason YT video doesn't work.. hm..

PS. other versions links:
Android, Windows Store, LG TV Store...
Vewd / Opera TV platform is still waiting for approval...

ps2. Maybe it would be better to have some kind of 'Steam Thread' to post all GLB projects available there in that topic, for such small releases it would be better.
GLBasic - en / Re: Blur effect in real time
« Last post by Qedo on 2018-Sep-22 »
I did not explain well.
I did not ask how to get the blur effect in real time but instead I showed how to get it.
GLBasic - de / Re: eine Frage zu make
« Last post by Heiko on 2018-Sep-19 »
Ja ich hab hier immer mal wieder reingeschaut.Aber eben nur gelesen.Es wurde ja immer weniger was es zu lesen gab.
Ich hab inzwischen sogar nen halben Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwickler Abschluss, halb weil kein Praktikumsplatz zu finden was...würg.Da gabs aber eben nur kurz C und dann ausführlich C#.
Und ich mach aber in C++ weiter...eine dll zu kompilieren ist eigentlich recht einfach, aber ich bastel grad an einer fremden source rum um dabei was zu lernen und da gibts massig cflags die mir da noch kopfschmerzen bereiten da die quellen c sind und ich nach c++ umschreib.
Und ich will eben auch soweit mir nach aktuellem Kenntnisstand möglich gleich standard c++17 verwenden.
Aber ich find da schon nen weg, wenns was größeres zu berichten gibt, mach ich das.
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