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2D-snippets / TTF - True Type Fonts
« on: 2018-Mar-24 »
The attached library can load converted TTF fonts and render them in real time. This gives the option to dynamically scale fonts and use colours.
I've not done any performance tests on mobile devices, yet.

I also attached a tiny command line program that generates the font from your installed ttf files in windows.
Just run:
TTF-create.exe arial
and it will create an arial.glbvf file (GLBasic Vector Font).
Characters 33 to 255 are supported. The font must be available as C:\Windows\Fonts\****.ttf

Another option is to use mem2sprite and do a 1x1 pixel sprite. Use smoothshading false!

Code Snippets / Re: FASTMEM2SPRITE
« on: 2017-Nov-25 »
Oooh!  =D. What crap did I program, then!?

Take care of the inc file. Its written omly once before compiling.
For osx we should make a xcode project, but using the one cpp file I sent you, that combines all glb source files. It might not compile, so I have to change some things at this file.

I didnt upload the xour e, yet. Only the update.

Cleaning temp is quite an issue. I also am very afraid of removing a folder.
Can you use an IDE macro, please?

Can you post code? I can't reproduce it.

Fixed in next update.

It's a bug in the MS runtimes that were shipped with Windows 7. The bug is fixed in Win 10 with a windows update, but NOT in Windows 7. What a coincidence!?  :sick:

Fixed in next update.

Bug Reports / Re: GLB 15.004 DO NOT COMPILE
« on: 2017-Oct-26 »
Fixed in next update.

Doh! Fixed in next update hopefully. The joystick was unaquired, the pointer was null -> I tried to poll it with some very ancient NT joystick code.
I think I'd better remove this code at all one day, because it's very very old APIs that are used.

I put some changes into the code. I have no idea if it's fixed. Will update soon.

Announcements / Re: GLBasic v15
« on: 2017-Aug-20 »
...after pausing it show error "Out of memory" and doesn't show any variable info...

Try menu Project/Options. Here set the size of debug arrays to .. 10? Does it help?

GLBasic - de / Re: Ältere GLBasic Version
« on: 2017-Aug-04 »
Alte Versionen findest Du hier:

Versuche doch mal die neue v15.

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