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Announcements / Re: Started to developing new Sprite Scaling game
« Last post by bigsofty on Yesterday at 02:25 am »
Fair enough, that's a nice game too BTW!  ;)
Announcements / Re: Retro to the max...
« Last post by erico on Yesterday at 02:22 am » confused! :-[
;.). Im saw some pictures from the event. yep and improvede and fixed the music for Warhawk as well from the Atari 800 original (missing some parts from the C64 original, today im could have do my complete own version if im wish, now im have quite more experience with Vortex today). Boss music etc is also from me too.

Baggers in space was originally a little demo for me for a different game, but now turns to been a full release. Currectly im have about 5 ingame tunes for the game. All Single AY (only main title can use dual AY).
Hey - did you do that music too, for baggers in space?

I met your warhawk dev mate Rusty Pixel and Jim Bagley at Revival :)
Announcements / Re: Wumbo's Adventure for Android
« Last post by spacefractal on 2018-May-22 »
full path is still property required on Android for some reasons.
Announcements / Re: Wumbo's Adventure for Android
« Last post by Ian Price on 2018-May-22 »
I tried it on two Android devices - phone and tablet. Both worked, but I didn't get sound or music. Also the on-screen help text is tiny and unreadable to my aged eyes.

I also notice that there appeared to be something behind the countdown timer - maybe it's a graphic, but again, to my eyes it just looked like a corrupted square image. And the time text is small too.

Played OK though. :)
I did a very basic scanline shader already with ALPHAMODE. But at the moment this has no priority. But at the end  it should look similar to "Super Hydorah"
For now I'm working on soundFX and first level BGM.
Announcements / Re: Retro to the max...
« Last post by MrPlow on 2018-May-22 »
Hi Erico

I dont have music in the game - the music he means is SpaceFractals music that he linked in a previous reply...

Music didnĀ“t play on my end.

Announcements / Re: Wumbo's Adventure for Android
« Last post by Paul Smith on 2018-May-22 »
I get this on certain android OSs if I try to use media that has not loaded. That's if it is that

I normally stick to this rule on Android

BTW to stop your CRT filter from dimming your display, you could overlay an additive transparent  alphamode (ALPHAMODE) white line over your existing(looks like ever 2nd line) to brighten the line up. Also, using the same idea but dimming (subtractive alpha blending) for your darker lines, rather than removing them altogether would achieve a better CRT effect.
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