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GLBasic - en / Re: GLB V14.497 Internet update
« Last post by yoxola on Yesterday at 04:05 pm »
I'm using GLBasic  in a locked down desktop which I don't have the access to install updates.
After update GLB stop working due to the new required runtime.

The method I use to deal with it is to download all required files from other sites and put them into GLB folder, includes:
api-ms-win-*.dll (check the error message)

Otherwise, the compiled game doesn't need the runtime tho.
GLBasic - en / Re: Day/night cycle using shaders?
« Last post by mentalthink on Yesterday at 02:49 pm »
I'm not sure how done with Shaders (perhaps you have to take a look to Complete Screen Shaders, in Leadwerks you can use this, and can apply an Shader to all complete Screen).

But if you use a Ligth, only is change the Color and Intensity, remind you have the OpenGL Port in Sample Folder, you can handle more things than the simple 3d in GLbasic.
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor version
« Last post by dreamerman on 2017-Mar-26 »
Compiling for Win32 works ok, other platforms should also work as IDE reads 'platform.ini' files, but generally i test everything on windows. All information / features / issues you can find in mentioned topic, as I would prefer to keep all questions about it in one place :)
GLBasic - es / Dinamic FX se "desangra" Segunda parte
« Last post by JeffreyErymn on 2017-Mar-26 »
Hola de nuevo,Mejor la segunda, ahora es mas facil centrase enel ojo a foco.Saludos,Pere
GLBasic - en / Re: Day/night cycle using shaders?
« Last post by MrPlow on 2017-Mar-26 »
You could turn on a transparent png and stagger the alpha setting over time?
Not sure how CPU intensive this option would be...
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor version
« Last post by MrPlow on 2017-Mar-26 »
Thanks Dreamerman does your IDE compile etc?
Off Topic / Re: Monetize your game (youtube video)
« Last post by mentalthink on 2017-Mar-25 »
Thanks r0ber7, I will take a look.
Off Topic / Re: Monetize your game (youtube video)
« Last post by r0ber7 on 2017-Mar-24 »
Thanks, I have been viewing many talks at the GDC.

Some of my favourites:

How to Make and Self-Publish a Game in 12 Months

Leading a Creative Life in the Land of "No"

Empowering the Player: Level Design in N++

How Cameras in Side-Scrollers Work

GLBasic - en / Re: Requesting help updating from GLBASIC 8
« Last post by r0ber7 on 2017-Mar-24 »
Welcome back!


Thanks! It's good to be back. I kept missing my little GLBasic experiments.... but where did the time go? V 14? Seriously????  :S



Same here. I was on 11 I think, before. Then  :bed:
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