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Off Topic / Re: Sequencer Software
« Last post by bigsofty on Yesterday at 11:10 pm »
Yeah, music is a good way to chill. It's important not to concentrate all your efforts towards one thing I feel. I love programming but I don't want to get bored with it by letting it consume all my free time and in-turn slow my output. Burnout is something most coders suffer from but most are unaware of it at the time.

The Guitar is a great instrument, my brother plays it and I'm continuously envious of his ability. I tried to learn it but I never really got past the 'sore fingers' stage.  :P I would agree with you Erico that Bass, whether it be via bass guitar or via another bass instrument is the basic starting point of composition for most modern form of music.

Trackers are an interesting breed, many big name groups have used then and are still using them. Here's a Aphex Twin for example...
Bug Reports / Re: GLBasic 15.004 bug and solution
« Last post by Schranz0r on 2017-Oct-20 »
Never run into this error :D

My Types start normal with variables and then Functions  :x
So, is this a bug or a feature? ;)
Bug Reports / Re: GLBasic 15.004 bug and solution
« Last post by erico on 2017-Oct-19 »
Hi hardyx,
I´d like to help but the level of the problem you seem to have is beyond my skills.
Bug Reports / Re: GLBasic 15.004 bug and solution
« Last post by hardyx on 2017-Oct-19 »
No replies :'(  :'(
Off Topic / Re: Sequencer Software
« Last post by erico on 2017-Oct-19 »
I know what you mean, I have an acoustic guitar around here for the very same reason.
Still, I only go to it when I want to play something I heard, almost only to check if I can solve it by listening, very similar to my will to the trackers.
Of course once resolved, I memorize it.
Some stuff with multiple notes are very hard to get going.
I still have to practice drum and bass, bass seems to be the way to start a self created song, but I´m not sure yet. ;)
In my case i was calling 2 joypads but had only one connected.
I had this issue on my Zombie shooter game... if gamepad was removed or connected after loading... etc.
Off Topic / Re: Sequencer Software
« Last post by bigsofty on 2017-Oct-17 »
Nothing to show Erico but I have found it to be very relaxing to mess around with. I really took it up find an alternative to computing, which takes up my daytime(work) and hobby time. I still code as a hobby though, I’ve still a game to finish but having a complete alternative to concentrate is my way of avoiding burnout. So far I feel it’s working.  ;)

Oh, I also built one of these... since I had an old Cade lying about. Seriously great little project, why is no one selling these pre-built?!?
GLBasic - en / Re: MacOSx broken?
« Last post by erico on 2017-Oct-17 »
I wonder if their swift movement ain´t going to break stuff in the future too, but who knows.
Yep I have a glb v10 here to attend the mac stuff, but it is hard to care for that platform.
Like I said, I will have access to a nice pro mac soon, if I can be of any help on that front, let me know.
I will be mostly checking a GLB compilation that works for it and what has to be different.
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