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Announcements / Re: GLBasic is 15!
« Last post by r0ber7 on 2018-Sep-12 »
Long live GLBasic.  <3
When Apple removes OpenGL, I hope there're some wrapper available as a SDK or Library available.
Methal is the Apple's "DirectX", like Microsoft did some years ago deprecating OpenGL in Windows. In windows you don't have OpenGL, but the graphics card driver installs for you. Apple systems are a closed ecosystem, and they make all the hardware and the all the drivers. I think you can install OpenGL libraries when they remove them, but they are not in the system. Then your game or app must to install another package or request the user to install first.

Apple is not interested in OpenGL or OpenGL-ES, because the main responsible of OpenGL for Mac was assigned for improving Methal some years ago. Apple says that Methal improve the graphics performance and saves battery, because it's a modern and efficient API, but it's a library only for Apple hardware and it isn't available for other systems.

I think they don't remove OpenGL in next year, because many Steam and Appstore games are using, but they are saying "we can remove in any time, you are warned". Is like the "Rossetta" case, there was a transition period for old apps for some years, but they removed the support years later in Yosemite. They will remove from the system sooner or later.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« Last post by dreamerman on 2018-Sep-09 »
What's current status on compiling for MacOS and publishing such game on Steam? Any special requirements like in Linux version (for libraries) or that is all-in-one package? Don't have any experience with that OS but as additional or rather complementary market would be nice.
Your welcome Mentalthink!  :)
Announcements / Re: GLBasic is 15!
« Last post by mentalthink on 2018-Sep-06 »
Felicidades GLbasic!!!

Thanks to this maginific soft I learn more I thought never, now I understand C++ and another languajes like Python , thanks a lot, you open me a door to antoher level.

WOW !!! I think this need GLBasic , very good 3D... I think we can do very impressive 3D games for PC. Thanks a lot for this work...
Announcements / Re: GLBasic is 15!
« Last post by bigsofty on 2018-Sep-04 »
Now that’s developer dedication, thanks Gernot!   :good:
GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« Last post by bigsofty on 2018-Sep-04 »
The C++ compiler can be updated by yourself. I did it a few years ago to try and get another source lib working (OpenB3D). IIRC you simply download MinGW, locate the folders that contain the same file in the GLBasic Windows compiler directory and replace them from the MinGW distro.

I must stress though, I could be completely wrong in this description, it was a long time ago. So back up the GLBasic dir if you try it!:P
Thanks Dreamerman. Yup, GLBasic is very fast, I actually develop in an old pentium dual core(I was getting increasingly worried about optimisation on my big rig with a GTX1080 in it) Lenovo M73 Tiny desktop, it has 4 gigs with intel on board GPU. My game runs at a steady 60hz on it with space to spare. This is definitely down to how well GLBasic has been optimised, even on a single thread GLBasic is blisteringly fast!
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