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GLBasic - en / Re: What is HTML5 and what can I do?
« Last post by dreamerman on 2018-Oct-14 »
In general HTML5 is just next iteration of standards for web development in browser based environment (end client). Previously many advanced features like video playback, 2d/3d graphic, audio needed external plugins (Flash/Java) or browser specific extensions/coding, so that complicated cross platform app/page coding. Now with standards brought by HTML5 and it support from all web browser developers you can use one code base to have you site with same features on all modern browsers. Like for example Canvas for 2d graphics or WebGL for 3d stuff. It’s up to browser devs to have all such features to work properly.
Taking that into consideration, as MrPlow already specified, you should use JavaScript and one of many popular JS libs like Jquery, that have many webpage / app features already built-in. There is really ton of it, but I’m not an expert so can’t advise what would best fit your needs.
As development tools you can use for example VS Code / Brackets as editor, Xampp for server.

Bug Reports / Re: 14.003 HTML5 / WEBGL compilation
« Last post by dreamerman on 2018-Oct-14 »
Hm.. If I remember correctly some basic apps where compiled to HTML5 without problems on latest GLB, but there were issues with something more advanced. Now as I messed up some Java stuff for android building I'm not sure if it's that or something else, multiple warnings during compilation, and final project doesn't work - even simple ones like template for testing array speed. But I'm not concerned with that. That HTML5 target would be usefully with full support for PolyVector and all such commands, and that never worked for me. Still it would be nice to have that working even with some restrictions.
Bug Reports / Re: 14.003 HTML5 / WEBGL compilation
« Last post by Qedo on 2018-Oct-14 »
ok now you often speak javascript and html but you noticed that from version GLB 12 onwards Html5 no longer works
The latest working version is GLBasic Version: 11.559
Is it only my problem?
GLBasic - en / Re: Android query
« Last post by spacefractal on 2018-Oct-14 »
im havent touch mobile dev in quite a long time, since as you know im have stopped it now. But Its property a SLDActivity.Java issue here, not in the c++ code at all.

Im guess, you should try to remove  this code from OnCreate:


FLAG_KEEP_SCREEN_ON needs property being turned off when the app is paused, but that is not happens.

There is a Android.ScreenLock(FALSE/TRUE) in Android Extras as well. Standard is TRUE.
Announcements / Re: Reggie World ( Pandora , PC )
« Last post by nabz32 on 2018-Oct-13 »
Sorry for the late reply, I just installed GLBasic  v15,
compiled my code without problems.

I finished my bachelors thesis this year and now I have a job as a software engineer,

also I could become a father in about 7 months, if all goes well.

Of course you can take screenshots to promote glbasic, kitty hello.

Just posting here so you know that I am back on this project, really missed working on this and
doing some conversation with you guys.

Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« Last post by erico on 2018-Oct-13 »
If you plug a psx pad on a win 7, it downloads sony drivers and its button mappings conflict a bit with xbox/pc pads.
So if you play with an xbox controller, the intended pad/joy and buttons work fine, but if I press other non-used buttons, it responds as actions mapped towards the psx.

I could get the joy name and work from there, but how about the millions of joy clones? would they get same system name?

I could leave the control code as it is since it works, but it might get confusing for the less computer neard.

On another subject, I think the game is pretty much done.
Since it is a multiplayer game, it is hard to test for everything, so, should one go for early access to iron possible deal breaker bugs?
Or just release the game normally and patch should something arise?

EDIT: I think I got the controls all fine now.

GLBasic - en / Android query
« Last post by MrPlow on 2018-Oct-12 »
Hi Guys

I have a couple of apps that are reporting Background Partial Stuck Wake Locks for 3% of sessions of late.
It doesn't sound a lot but Google guidelines are to aim for less than <1%

one culprit is Audiomix and the Android os version involved is 8.0+ but wondering if anyone else fixed this issue in the past?
In the meantime I will try to find the cause before the novemeber update deadline.

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« Last post by dreamerman on 2018-Oct-12 »
Ah, yeah early access is a little different story, will need to read about it later..
You are planning to release it as English only game or to support those most populars languages on Steam?
I think that at least store page should be translated, even if you would use a Google translator for it :d
Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« Last post by dreamerman on 2018-Oct-12 »
I though that basic joypad input should be same for all gamepads. Does button numbers (are mapped differently) on PS3/4 pads differs from those on Xbox pads or its something else?
Or maybe this are issues with JoyState only?
As Xbox controllers have more than 60% of Steam market it still would be good to support the rest of possible gamepads, specially in such kind of game. On other hand GetJoy should also work with those pads without problems hm..
Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« Last post by erico on 2018-Oct-12 »
Thank you all for the help! :good:

I added a total of 64 stages and added an extra enemy, a sushi.
All in hope to be able to charge 9.99 while offering more content to boot.

I ended up forking for a xbox one controller, which in brazil, comes as cheap as 100 dollars :(
All working on this front but... it all conflicts a bit with the code-read I did to use psx3 and psx4 joypads.

I´m not in a position to remake the control system and I´m willing to drop psx pads support altogether.
It seems by the latest steam pool not many people use their psx pads to play on PC.

What do you guys think about it?
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