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Re: Red Wizard Island
« Reply #375 on: 2017-Jun-19 »
I just hope that in final version graphic will be more consistent.

Thanks for your reply dreamerman. The consistency is a point I've heard before, which is probably caused by the assets having been made over a 7 year time period. Thanks also for the suggestions on gameplay, it will be more of a "mixed action rpg" as you described it, although some parts are pretty heavy on the action. It's not a bullet hell.

Finally if you like, consider subscribing to the mailinglist if you want to receive updates on release.  :good:

The map screen reminded me of Loom and Monkey Island right alway! :)
Maybe a Golden Axe kind of map could also fit fine. :booze:

Haha, it kinda does. Both games I absolutely love, but for this map I was inspired more by the Heimdall 2 map:

Heimdall 2 is one of my favorite old time Amiga games. :)

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Re: Red Wizard Island
« Reply #376 on: 2017-Jun-19 »
Oh my, how could I forget Heimdall, the chase the pig game! :D
Great reference!